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Whether to children sport of

is useful to all your boy is crazy about ballroom dances, and you write down it on the box as you consider that the boy has to be able for yourself to stand. As a result at the child permanent disgust for everything develops that is connected with sport. And your kid can strongly objects against sports activities in general, and you fall into despair, and in vain - compromise can be reached always.

the Last years the idea of a healthy lifestyle became fashionable. There is a special gymnastics for newborns, a complex of the developing occupations in the pool what to speak about children is more senior, for them all range of sports occupations is presented. At the same time quite often it is necessary to hear complaints of parents to the child who refuses to play sports. Most often parents are guilty, making the choice for the kid, proceeding from the reasons. The boy has to be able to stand for himself, means has to visit section of hand-to-hand fight or any oriental martial arts. And what if the boy wants to take ballroom dances? And having even chosen a certain sport, parents lay great hopes too on the child, seeing in it future Olympic champion. They cannot really calculate load of the growing organism which is already loaded at school, and most of children in 3 - 4 years begin to study. And occupations in sports section are perceived as one more unpleasant duty. Always the child can pick up work to liking, without tormenting and without injuring it. It is only necessary to decide for himself what you want - to grow up the healthy, strong and dexterous child or to raise the professional athlete. By the way, there is nothing terrible if the child does not want to play sports at all, it is rather simple to lead a mobile life, to play with it sports or to take with it at home aerobics, sports dancing classes or something else, the main thing that you did it together with your kid. Acquisition of a children`s sports complex will become very competent way out. It develops dexterity, the child himself can dispose of the abilities and can play and develop, deriving at the same time pleasure. it is important to p to know

that you should not send children with chronic diseases to sections of karate, boxing, American soccer. With active command sports (for example, hockey) it is necessary to be accurate, the child has to be in good shape. Anyway, inspection will never prevent to take place and to consult with the doctor before making any decision. And the most important is a desire of the kid, to it has to be comfortable, ask it not about progress and achievements any more and whether to it it was cheerful that was pleasant to it and that is not present.

of Contraindication for sports activities

absolute and relative contraindications Exist. At absolute contraindications the child cannot be engaged in physical exercises. Relative contraindications allow the child to be engaged in some sports, but with certain restrictions. The doctor will help to resolve an issue of a possibility of sports activities.

to the Child cannot also be engaged in physical exercises if there are following problems:

Approximate terms of the beginning of occupations by physical exercises, after some diseases - specified the term of the beginning of occupations from the moment of recovery: