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Musicians in short panties. Part II

the Beginning

When parents is teachers

“Parents, - the famous teacher of the past Ya. A. Komensky wrote, - can teach the children to everything that are able“. For example, to sing, dance, listen to music. And the playing fathers and mothers - to play musical instruments. The family becomes the first school of kids.

In this sense parents are colleagues of teachers. There is neither irony, nor exaggeration. Another thing is that in order that it is correct to teach and raise children, parents, as well as teachers, have to study constantly. We know families where the father or mother began to learn to play this or that musical instrument then to teach children or if children attend music school, to help of


As for pupils, then their favourite game - the game “In School“. Kids look forward when they buy them a satchel, notebooks, textbooks, and some also a music book and notes somewhat quicker to join a brotherhood of pupils of music school, remarkable and still mysterious for them.

are necessary for

For parents who want to teach the son or the daughter to game on that instrument which they play as we already noted, some pedagogical knowledge. In one modern fantastic story newlyweds to acquire the right to have and raise children, took examination in pedagogics. Despite all unreality of idea, some rational grain is present at it. Experience shows how difficult happens to pedagogically unprepared parents to teach preschool children to playing a musical instrument irrespective of whether those are engaged independently or only help to perform homework to the professional teacher.

Quite often after the first lessons parents disappointedly said

About psychological features of the little pupil to us that their children on whom such hopes were laid were dull. They constantly distract, do the mass of excess movements, quickly are tired and are not capable to training at all. Fortunately, actually everything appeared not absolutely so.

- Sit exactly, - mother says to the beginning pianist, - do not lower a brush! Look in notes!

Detailed squall of remarks directly - will paralyze the little musician whose attention volume (quantity of objects which he can perceive at the same time) is extremely small.

the Attention of the preschool child has involuntary character and, figuratively speaking flits as a butterfly. Here the kid builds a sand house. Suddenly saw that other children play a ball. The house is abandoned - the child rushes to a ball. The kid is attracted by all new, interesting. The six-year-old violinist, performing at the concert in the Recreation center hall, incidentally darted a glance behind the scenes and could not come off any more. There were scenery to a performance - against a raging sea yacht sails shot up. In the hall laughed, and it looked at the picture which struck it again and again.

also the fact that the preschool child during game constantly distracts Is quite natural

and does the mass of excess movements. Its huge emotionality demands an exit. If he rejoices, then squeals from delight, laughs loudly, jumps, runs on the room. If it is afflicted - loudly cries and cannot long stop. It cannot constrain either tears, or laughter, or anger. It gives it to feelings immense, sometimes an indomitable temper. Emotional excitement causes requirement of the movement in the child.

the Reason of excessive physical activity and in backwardness of processes of braking, and in desire as soon as possible to achieve the objectives. Besides, it is boring for kid to repeat one and too, and it happens it is necessary on occupations.

At children different temperament. correctly to organize house musical occupations, to parents it is necessary to try to understand the specific features of the child connected with character, tendencies, temperament. Let`s remind that the Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates allocated four temperaments: sanguine person, phlegmatic person, choleric person and melancholiac. For the sanguine person (the living, lively child) the lesson has to be various: game on the tool alternates with studying of notes, singing - with hearing of music. The phlegmatic child (quiet, with a little slowed down reaction) badly transfers frequent change of impressions. Especially carefully it is necessary to be engaged with easily vulnerable children of a melancholic warehouse at whom a lot of things depend on mood and whom overloads quickly lead to exhaustion.

to Study

, playing. Irrespective of temperament, all children are frightened by all monotonous, boring. Therefore entertaining character of a lesson, introduction to a lesson of game situations is of great importance for the little musician.

For example, invite to a lesson a doll. Ask the kid to sing a low note. If at it it turns out not really well, give it a doll - a bear and tell that the bear will have a bass. Further you will see something unexpected: the child gets into the role and he cuts“ a deep voice. In the same way the doll - a little mouse can help your child to sing a high note.

Five-year-old Yulya put

dolls on a stool and learns them to the new song. At first she patiently studies with them words, asks to repeat them. The doll Masha was too lazy and badly learned words. For it Gena`s crocodile repeats. Then all dolls together sing the song. Yulya conducts and sings both together with them, and for each doll separately.

of the Mark. to Kids likes to receive marks. Therefore it makes sense to mothers and fathers to estimate their work, having explained that “five“ - it is excellent, and “four“ - it is good. Other marks are not suitable for little musicians. The two and the three give rise to uncertainty in the forces, constraint, loss of interest in occupations at preschool children.

Create the benevolent atmosphere of a lesson. At occupations by music the atmosphere at a lesson has to be benevolent, quiet. Shouts, nervousness cause disgust both for occupations, and for the music in children.

the Parents who are constantly abusing the children - pupils, do them considerably bigger harm, than those which flatter them. Including themselves people sober, objective, they are skeptical about everything that is done by the child and by that, raise at him doubts in the opportunities.

Kids are conservatives. should be remembered it too. In the majority small children likes to arrive as arrived in the past. Any deviation from once and for all the established rules causes their displeasure. They like to sit at a table in the place, is from a certain plate, the spoon etc. It belongs also to a musical lesson. It is desirable to allocate to the kid for occupations a certain place and to conduct a lesson, whenever possible, in certain time. Many children love that lesson components (game on the tool, singing, hearing of music) followed in one, an order, habitual for them, too.

Game - need of the child.

In game children find a way out of the irrepressible imagination, huge energy, show fully the abilities.

you can repeat

without results hundred times to the little violinist or the cellist: “Conduct a bow exactly“. But tell once:“ The bow is a train. You are a driver. Watch that the train went precisely on rails. Otherwise there will be a crash“. And you will achieve interest of the child, concentration of attention and, therefore, result.

Here examples of some games which will help you with musical occupations with preschool children.


a key“. This game develops hearing. Prepare ten buttons. Let the child will turn away. And you press (it can be also a children`s piano) a key. Ask to find it. If the pupil was correct a key, the button passes to him. If it is incorrect - to you. The one who will get all buttons wins. At first the child chooses from three next keys, then from four etc.

“Learn notes“. you showed to the child as notes are written, but he has still a shaky knowledge of them. Draw on two sheets of paper on ten circles. On the first circle on both sheets put on a counter. Ask the little musician to write in a music book, say, a note “to“ the first octave. If he was mistaken, you move a counter. Wrote correctly - it moves. Who the first will reach the last circle? Thanks to this game of a note are learned by preschool children very quickly, during five - six games.

“Who is more silent than

?“ This game is pleasant to preschool children. It is better if it is played by two or three kids. At first achieve a complete silence. Now begin to listen to surrounding sounds. You speak at the same time very quietly:“ Here hours tick. Here the fly flew by. Here in the distance noise of the car or train. Here someone`s breath is heard“. And now let children will turn away and will guess what noise is: matches rub in a box, fingers knock on a palm, whisper, some other sounds. Fascinated by silence, kids begin to listen attentively to world around. They will understand how sharp noise and sounds are unpleasant. Game influences formation of musical taste of the child.

“Tap a rhythm“. Tap to the child a rhythm of a well-known song. What is the song? Ask it to make the same. Now you have to guess. Tap on a drum the rhythmic message to the neighboring African tribe. Let the child will precisely repeat. Will think up that is told in this message. Game develops rhythmic abilities of children, their imagination.

in conclusion we want to tell

about quite concrete family in which the father taught the six-year-old son to playing a violin... The author, the teacher of music school tells.

Alexander Pushkansky`s Diary

A few years ago in a class brought the seven-year-old boy by the name of Vova who was already a little able to play such difficult instrument as a violin and who was taught about about a year by the father to me. Asked the father, the engineer - the mechanic by profession who graduated music school in the childhood to tell how was trained. The father found it difficult to answer, but the next day brought the diary of occupations. I bring him in a short form and only those records which as it seems to me, are of interest to us.

on September 16. went to birthday of Alyona Yesterday. It was not dull, especially, when their family ensemble played. Alyona as always sang national songs, but now she was accompanied on a guitar not only by the husband, Victor, but also the seven-year-old daughter, Svetochka, on a piano. The girl at first studied at mother, and now goes to music school. Alyona with pride told that they rehearse every day and will even act in some whether a competition, whether a concert. And also about what Victor is going to learn on an accordion of their five-year-old son to connect it to ensemble.

I at me the mad idea appeared here. Why don`t I teach to play Vovka on a violin too? I in the childhood graduated from music school. I play seldom and almost forgot to play - that. But not only my violin, but also small - a chetvertushka remained. It hangs in the nursery on a wall. Vika told that she does not object, but is sure that Vova will not want. I am afraid of it too...

on September 19. Today Saturday. We have a holiday: Vova was six years old. Since morning got a violin, went to the nursery. Claus considered gifts which just received, and I played to him “Happy birthday to you“. Fingers badly obey, but something turned out. I try. I understand how it is important that my game was pleasant to the son. It jumped, rushed to me: “Let`s play. I want too“.

I Remove a small violin and a bow from a wall. I adjust and give to Vova. It drives a bow on strings. The sound is dreadful as a file on metal.

“It will be yours. But to play beautifully, it is necessary to study, - I look back at a door and I pass to whisper, - I have an offer. In seven months at mother birthday. Give, I will teach to play you, and you will play it a violin to birthday some song. For mother it will be the best gift. He agrees?“ Yes, he agrees, - Vova joyfully began to jump, - let`s begin now.

on November 2. we Are engaged one and a half months. For 20 minutes a day. At the son interest was reduced and my patience, frankly speaking, on an outcome. Before occupations it is necessary to persuade him. To remind of mother`s birthday, to promise that if it is well engaged then... The stock of these “then“ is small. Best of all works “then for New year we will buy you the new bicycle“.

the Sound at Vova still creaking. The neigbour from above told yesterday that she loves playing a violin, but not to such an extent.

on November 12. Thought up a novelty, and it, apparently, worked: Vova drives on open strings of “la“ or “re“, and I play a children`s song which corresponds to these notes. Game by a duet is pleasant to the son.

on November 21. I Record game of the son with the tape recorder. I say what at it turns out every day better and better though itself in it not really - that it is confident. Vova likes to listen to record more, than to play. Noticed that when Vova knows that his game is written down, he is more concentrated and plays better.

on December 10. New year Comes, and we learn “In the wood the fir-tree was born“. To us my parents are going to come to a holiday on a visit, and the first public statement of the son is planned. We already sent them invitation cards to a concert. Invited also Alyona and Victor with children. We have no piano, but Victor will bring a guitar for certain. Vova worries: yesterday even began to repeat a song. Without my reminder. It was the first time, and I was delighted.

on December 26. the Concert was successful. However, Vova for nervousness forgot all my remarks and often was mistaken, but all of us, and especially the grandmother with the grandfather, applauded and praised our performer.

on January 9. I understood that public statements help occupations, and decided to arrange them as often as possible. Today told Vova that it is time to begin to prepare for birthday of mother. It caused explosion of enthusiasm and desire to begin to prepare immediately in the son.

on February 25. At Vova the sound, in my opinion, became better. He can already play plain songs from music. But, despite it and on proximity of mother`s birthday, is engaged reluctantly. Every time a problem to drag the son from television animated cartoons, computer or some other games...

on March 11. the material incentive Tried to apply, so to speak. Began to give 1 ruble for each occupation. At first worked. But it is short. Probably, in six years the sonny is not ready yet “to perish for metal“.

on April 12. Alyona suggested to create a duet. Light (piano) - Vova (violin). The idea was pleasant. Now they meet also rehearse. Our occupations received a second wind.

on March 21. Today Vova played at the concert devoted to birthday of mother. Sveta accompanied. Guests came to birthday. A concert took place successfully. Both Vova, and Sveta went all evening proud and happy.

on May 5. Vova already sometimes is engaged independently, performing my tasks. Especially willingly plays together with Sveta or with me in two violins. I think out the second voice to plays which it plays.

on May 16. We with Vika decided to send Vova to music school. That to which Sveta goes.

Now Vova successfully continues by

training, and these records as it seems to us, can help parents with training of the children.