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All truth about laziness of

We got used to consider laziness as a shortcoming. “It is such lazy!“, “What to do to me with my laziness, she before me was born...“, “He does not want to do homework - is lazy!“

Many of us would like to get rid of this “shortcoming“ and to teach same the children - not to be lazy, and to work. But whether it is worth doing it?

laziness plays very important role in our life. It as the litmus piece of paper, shows what we want to do and that we do with a great effort, forcing itself. As far as it is effective? Than the knowledge of all truth of laziness can help us? Let`s understand.


It is known that the concept “laziness“ of our society is not welcomed. We use this word if we want to estimate low efficiency of the person, to scarify it, and even to offend. And the famous dictionary of Dahl defines this quality so:“ Laziness - a reluctance to work, disgust from work, from business, occupations; bent to idleness, to parasitism“. It would seem, time Dahl says so about laziness, what can be added about “mother of all defects“? Really something kind and light?

we Suggest to begin

with classification. Laziness as, however, and any other quality, has the mass of versions. whether

laziness Classification to

Laziness as the progress engine


you Know to

, dear readers that lazy person thought up all that allows to spend forces and time rationally? From a notorious wheel to the same Internet. Unless we can call the inventor - the person capable to pore for years over implementation of the dream - an idler? It is unlikely. More likely, it is not laziness, but desire to find shorter way to a solution, to solve it in the most effective way.


how often we in life face people who, having received a task, do not hurry to carry out it. Unless from laziness? Just in the beginning they want to choose the most productive way of performance, and then already to start actions. It about them is told by a proverb:“ Long harnesses and quickly goes“.

Laziness as protective reaction of an organism

Sometimes unwillingness something to do


happens result of a physical or intellectual overwork. The one who long works very hard does not find in himself elementary forces once - the organism just refuses to submit to it. It, alas, occurs today pretty often.

Suddenly, in time, unplanned for rest, in the heat of the working day, begins wildly to be wanted to roll about on a sofa with the book, to chat with friends by phone and it is as a last resort simple to have a sleep. Those whom it is accepted to call “workaholics“ suffer from such “laziness“ most often, - for any of several reasons they work, as they say, 25 hours a day. And when the organism begins to be protected from such activity, to revolt, fail, demanding a necessary respite, the workaholic speaks to himself:“ Something I grew very lazy now, it is bad“.

is come to the rescue Then by sense of guilt. The hard worker just is not able to afford to be lazy! But organism not rubber. He finds the optimal solution to cease to work - an illness.

you think that your school students are ill so often because they are overcome by viruses and infections? It is not excluded. But look narrowly attentively: what loadings on “school production“ how often the child has reddened eyes, exhaustion and huge desire to put aside even favourite objects? Perhaps, beyond its powers to make that quantity of tasks which is set at school. And “laziness“ can be just a respite which the children`s organism tries to declare.

In some degree overfatigue is the cornerstone of “laziness“ of our many seniors. They as though very much try to shirk occupations and household chores, and are actually madly overstrained and with the last bit of strength “pull“ loadings, excessive and for most of adults. Their working day, real, but not formally declared, lasts not less than fifteen hours (eight - ten lessons, plus homeworks, plus tutors or training courses).

Laziness as absence of motivation

As a rule, and not absolutely that does this consequence of unconscious resistance of the person who at heart suddenly begins to feel that he it seems as not absolutely there goes. In such cases begin to accuse him of laziness people around - in particular, those for whom it is necessary that he performed work which he does not want to do. For example, we, dear parents.

We begin to complain of the lazy child who does not help us, does not want to study, to go to the developing and sports classes on which we with such work carry it. But let`s understand: and the person needs that work which him is forced to do? Whether will tell the child for the help at least simple thanks? Whether the teenager why personally he should study understands, or does it from - under sticks only for parents? Whether often you ask the children: for whom he studies and goes to classes for whom he tides up the room? Ask. You will be surprised and perhaps upset from the fact that you will hear: “How it for whom? Of course, for you, parents!“

I it is a high time for p to reflect here: if the child studies and everything does only for you, from - under sticks whether then he in life will learn to do something for himself? Whether will be able, being an adult, to separate the desires from strangers? Or and will remain the performer of foreign dreams? It is worth thinking of it today? How you think, dear parents?

Laziness as benefit

We often do not want to change

that it is favorable to us. And we are covered with laziness as a board which in society though will condemn, but will accept unconditionally, will understand. What can it be? We do not want to be engaged in the health and to lose weight. But actually then we will not be able to complain of bad doctors, this cruel world, products - mutants and ecology in general. It is more favorable to child to tell:“ To me laziness to go for training“, than to admit that yesterday he fought with boys and now is afraid to go there.

Laziness of the parasite


I, at last, that notorious laziness of the parasite which is expressed in a saying “Who is ready to be done, will do also on us“. Why something to do if constantly there is the one who will make it for you, from you for it without asking anything? Of course, in this case the person will hardly develop and will become the interesting personality. But will learn to find the active people ready to live life for it in any situation. Well, it to whom what is pleasant more. As the striking animation example illustrating it laziness type we suggest to remember Antoshka whom children called potatoes to dig. And there were hands on replacement! However, Antoshka “thanks to“ the laziness could be left not only without work, but also without lunch.

But if to speak about laziness as about defect, then, perhaps, its most terrible version is a laziness of mind.

When simply laziness to think - what, as well as you will do why. In this case the person slides on life by inertia even if his way of life already became unpleasant to it. But that to change it, it is necessary to attend to it, - and to think to it laziness.

For example, the woman can automatically be engaged in a household, and hated and desperately criticize all in the house for the fact that they do not help it. But to think how to motivate house to help it, - laziness. Then it is necessary to look for separate approach to each family member, learns to be understanding, to watch the one to whom also that is interesting. And it to do laziness...

Very often intellectual laziness is shown by

in the relations between the husband and the wife. To each of them laziness to think what the partner would like. It is easier to demand, to criticize, humiliate, even to blackmail. On it the huge number of forces leaves. But, probably, on putting itself to the place of the partner, to feel him, to see the reasons of his acts, it is required sincere forces even more. And it is already laziness of soul...

As a rule, suffering from such kind of laziness, do not consider themselves as idlers at all. More likely, the role of the victim at which all scoff is closer to them and do not understand - from the small child to the state in general.

Motivation as a way to understand and overcome laziness

we Hope that now it is clear that laziness is not a so standard problem which can be solved at one stroke. Even to give advice “how to get rid of laziness most or to relieve of it someone another“ it is necessary to look for the true reasons of laziness. And them as we already found out, it can appear much - from unwillingness to execute orders to a banal overload.

Any person will not do to

that it is unpleasant to it, is not necessary or unprofitable. Even if the person anyway we depend on you - the child, the subordinate - it is more reasonable not to force him, namely to motivate, cause interest in this or that work (and not always and not only material). At the same time, as a rule, work will be made not only in time, but also is more better. And if it seems to you that you and so motivated him enough, and he all the same is lazy, - means, the motivation or is insufficient, or for this personality is irrelevant.

the Banal example - motivation money. Even “gold mountains“ are not capable to force to communicate actively the closed introvert with people. It will be a burden on it and it will have either a nervous breakdown, or an illness soon, or you will find the notice of resignation thrown on a table.

If you apply so-called motivation by means of fear, keep in mind that it is not always effective, and at times can cause the return reaction. When you speak to the teenager:“ Immediately do what I tell you! Otherwise I will not buy (I will not talk, I will not let home etc.)“, it can quite turn out that you will be forced to act this way, but will be strongly sorry about the told threats. The matured children hardly maintain pressure of parents. Sometimes they need the most insignificant occasion that with words: “Well and let! Well it is also not necessary!“ to leave in a huff.


to Whom needs laziness?

In general, beginning “to fight against laziness“ (not very well, against the or about others), it is necessary to define what its nature. But not only. It makes sense will decide on that whose problem in a concrete case is laziness - yours or your relatives? Whom does it stir, who should attend to that to eliminate it?

  1. of the Complaint to own laziness - the first sign of the “workaholic“ needing rest. The person steeping in work for whom there are practically no days off, it is very difficult to convince that he needs rest. Why? Because such person, as a rule, sublimates - redirects - the energy on the solution of working tasks not to be engaged, for example, in the solution of problems in private life. And, nevertheless, rest is necessary also to it. Such argument will be suitable for it: work after Wick - an enda will go better and twice more effectively! Therefore it is necessary to allow “to be too lazy“ - to have a sleep, esteem, etc.
    Unlike adults, workaholism is not peculiar to children. Complaining that something to do laziness to them, they show that pressure from parents or teachers, already overstepped the admissible limits. And the illness can appear the following stage if pressure to proceed. As the only “lawful“ way not to carry out others instructions.

  2. of the Complaint to children`s laziness - one of the most frequent with which concerned parents address for consultation children`s psychiatrists and psychologists. Young family members, in turn, declare that seniors excessively carp at them. So which of them is right?
    is Very frequent the parents showing to the son or the daughter of a claim concerning laziness, do not pay attention that the child who is not interested, say, in study, all ways shirking lessons, just has no own motivation to this rather labor-consuming business. He sincerely does not understand why it - that needs it. Agree, simple desire to please parents obviously insufficiently. Especially if requirements of seniors are overestimated and do not correspond to its opportunities, abilities and in addition instead of praises and understanding its all the time is abused by parents and teachers.

In this situation the label of “idler“ becomes very attractive to the child. Perhaps, at least with this “title“ he will be left alone, all the same surrounding with it are dissatisfied. What can be made in this situation? Whether it is worth indulging children`s laziness? Or it is necessary to prove, demand persistently that the teenager, at last, “became reasonable“?

the Solution in that, the child himself understood that it does and what it needs it for. Look for that sense for the sake of which he will aspire in school. It is quite possible that it will be only communication with peers. But also for the sake of it it can want to go to school. As soon as the child begins to be engaged in the fact that it is interesting to him that to it it is important and valuable, laziness will disappear, there will be forces, estimates will improve.

the Lazy childhood

Sometimes ourselves accustom children to be lazy, excessively limiting their activity at early age (more often with it mothers and grandmothers sin).“ Let me help“, - seniors constantly go on and clean for the kid of a toy, feed him, dress, doing all necessary much quicker and more accurately. But, unfortunately, in such a way they quite often extinguish the child`s initiative, developing at him a habit to expect that for it everything someone will make another.

Many vigorous, active people are not able to understand

that not all are capable to keep up with them. Especially children. We often demand: “Yes when you will put on?! When you, at last, make lessons!“, running around the child, hurrying and fingering him.

If your child treats disturbing people with hypersensibility, it is necessary to it especially hard. He will consider himself in guilty, all ways to try “to conform“ to impracticable requirements. Certainly, results will worsen each time.

Let`s try to present to

what occurs at this moment in the head of the kid.“ I am bad. I am sluggish. Mother is not happy with me. I am not pleasant to it. She does not love me“... You are sure that you want that such thoughts wandered in the head of your child? They, eventually, lead to an inferiority complex, depressions and diseases. If you do not want, then you learn to respect its rates of development, his temperament and even its sluggishness.

Remedy for laziness

the Most effective remedy from laziness - not mixture. And even not attempt to force, to press, demand. In the most effective way of “fight“ against laziness there is a desire to understand, “why“ and “why to he (she) laziness“ something to do laziness to me. And only when you understood the laziness reason at your child or at yourself, you will be able to correct a situation. That to you it was easier for p to find

the reason, we offer you a number of questions which you can address as yourself, and the kid:

If you are not afraid of

honestly to answer questions, then will be able to learn the true reason of laziness.