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Tasty and useful Friso - a feeding up of

the Best food for the child in the first year of life - maternal milk. This magic product not only possesses nutritious properties and promotes growth and development of the baby, but also allocates it with strong immunity.

However today many mothers for various reasons cannot nurse the child so much how many it is necessary. In this case special mixes - substitutes of breast milk come to the rescue. And in several months after the birth of the kid time to diversify its diet and to enter a so-called feeding up comes.

It is frequent parents who successfully use one of the children`s dairy mixes Friso, ask a question, what Friso porridges and from what age it is possible to offer the kid.


to mothers offered Today a wide choice of porridges. And what in general there are porridges?

Types of children`s porridges:

  1. of Grain or porridge of various producers
  2. the Demanding cookings or quick-cooking cereals - soluble
  3. Monocomponent or multicomponent
  4. Without gluten or containing gluten
  5. Nonmilk and on a dairy basis
  6. Without additives or with flavoring (or functional) additives

, What is better: of porridge of house preparation or ready? it is difficult to strong to answer this question unambiguously. Each loving mother can give the reasoned answer. Let`s try to weigh all pros and cons of that and other option.

When mother carefully cooks by
  • for the kid porridge from usual grain, it is difficult to it to consider all nuances: needs of a children`s organism for proteins and fats, vitamins, iron, zinc and other minerals.
  • Hygienic standards on safety of children`s porridges are much higher than
  • , than requirements imposed to usual grain.
  • Depending on age of the child also extent of crushing (homogenization) of products, including porridges changes. In house conditions it is very difficult to make grain crushing.
  • Modern children`s porridges are enriched necessary for the child micro - elements - iodine, iron, calcium and vitamins A, E, C, D, with vitamins of group B, PP, etc. The lack of these substances of an organism of the growing-up child can lead to very widespread diseases - anemia and rickets. Such additional vitaminization of porridges is recommended by experts of the World Health Organization (WHO). Producers of porridges consider the fact that depending on age the diet of the kid extends and replenished with additional sources of nutrients and minerals. And the grain bought in shop and which did not pass additional processing cannot provide daily need of the child for vitamins and minerals in such measure.
  • Today at mummies time worth its weight in gold. It is necessary to be in time very much! Therefore many children have deficiency of parental attention. Moreover and this continuous cooking (a squash for babies do not for all day, and every time in a new way, I skin). So there can be a time spent at a plate, it appears “pseudo - care“? Whether it is better to play and take a walk with the kid in time, free from cooking?

One more question: “What is gluten, than it can be dangerous?“

Gluten is a protein of cereal cultures (sometimes speak “wheat gluten“), which impacts to bread splendor and special relish. The majority of cereals (wheat, rye, oats and barley) contain gluten. But is also such it is not in which - it is buckwheat, rice and corn. Gluten can cause allergic reactions in some children and even such serious illness as a tseliakiya. The before glyutensoderzhashchiya the product is entered into a diet of the child having hereditary predisposition to intolerance of gluten the risk of development of an illness is higher. Therefore all grain containing gluten is given to the child not earlier 6 - ti monthly age. And doctors even ceased to recommend the cream of wheat which is so extended before as the first feeding up.


In assortment of children`s Friso porridges presented 10 types of porridges: 4 nonmilk and 6 dairy (on the basis of children`s dairy mix). The sequence of their introduction and the recommended age of the child are presented in Table 1. These data will completely be coordinated with the recommendations of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science developed for the Russian children.

of Kashi of Friso for baby food

Table 1

Nonmilk Age of Feature of structure
Buckwheat cereal Since 4 months Without gluten, without lactose, the lowered content of sugar
of Risovo - corn porridge Since 5 months Without gluten, without lactose, the lowered content of sugar
Wheat porridge with 5 fruit Since 6 months Without lactose, the lowered content of sugar
4 cereals Since 6 months Without lactose, the lowered content of sugar

of Wheat porridge
Dairy (on children`s dairy mix) Age of Feature of structure
Buckwheat cereal Since 4 months Without gluten, the lowered content of sugar
Rice porridge Since 4 months Without gluten, the lowered content of sugar
of Risovo - corn porridge Since 5 months Without gluten, the lowered content of sugar
of Risovo - banana porridge Since 6 months Without gluten, the lowered content of sugar
From 6 months the Lowered content of sugar
Wheat porridge with fruit From 6 months the Lowered content of sugar

the Volume of a portion differs with depending on age of the child. These figures are presented in Table 2.

Table 2

Age of the child the Volume of a portion
of 5 - 6 months of 150 ml
of 6 - 7 months of 160 - 170 ml
of 8 - 9 months of 170 - 180 ml
of 9 - 12 months of 180 - 200 ml

Nonmilk porridges which do not contain gluten belong to the category of hypoallergenic porridges. They can be used as one of the first types of a feeding up not only for food of healthy children, but also for children - allergic persons and children from risk group on development of food allergy. In the course of preparation of these porridges it is possible to add that mix (special or medical) which is ordered to the child (for example, Frisolak of HECTARE or Frisopep). And for the healthy, normally developing children nonmilk porridge can be made with addition of dairy mix according to age (for example, Frisolak 2).

also the third question “about milk“ concerning modern parents Is.

Whole cow`s milk has superfluous (in comparison with needs of the child) protein content and sodium and insufficient quantity of a number of vitamins and minerals therefore pediatricians do not recommend to use it for preparation of food of children 8 earlier - mi monthly age. Milk Friso porridges are made not on the basis of whole cow`s milk, and on the basis of children`s dairy mix. It does their structure more useful, providing an organism with all complex of necessary nutrients. Besides thanks to attractive flavoring scale (fruit are their part) they form the correct flavoring habits at the child.

One more useful feature children`s Friso porridges: for maintenance of immunity of the kid the complex of “threefold protection“ which includes prebiotics, selenium and zinc is entered into porridges.

Prebiotics stimulate with

growth and activity of useful intestinal microflora - bifido - and lactobacilli. And at healthy intestinal microflora digestion improves and immunity increases.

Selenium is the most important element of antioxidant protection of an organism. If it is not enough selenium, the organism of the child becomes less steady against harmful effects of environment.

Deficiency of zinc extremely adversely affects a condition of immune system. For example, T - lymphocytes - white blood cells which are urged to struggle with an infection - are not capable to function normally at low reserves of zinc in an organism. Therefore people with deficiency of zinc need more time to cope with a disease. And restoration of normal level of zinc promotes increase in quantity of immune cages and increase of their ability to struggle with an infection.

Needs only to wish

to your kid bon appetit with Friso!