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Who needs operation LAZIK?

nearly 3 million people remove Every year points thanks to this operation. However every twentieth at the same time very much risks. What, why and as to avoid it?


From 10 people who came to eksimerlazerny correction (LAZIK), three it is possible to operate at once, four at first need to receive medical treatment, and operation is contraindicated to three more in general - such figures declared at the IX International conference on catarrhal and refraction surgery. And it is almost sensation for us - not so often physicians openly declare possible complications of a popular method.

On a question: Whether “You are afraid that the flow of patients will run low?“, surgeons firmly answered:“ No. Because we know how to minimize risk of complications“. Now we also learn about it.

Full inspection before LAZIKOM

  • Determination of visual acuity in the conditions of a narrow pupil, close and with a wide pupil.
  • Determination of thickness of a cornea not only in the center, but also on the main meridians from the center to the periphery.
  • Keratotopografiya`s
  • of a cornea (definition of its form).
  • Confocal microscopy.
  • Inspection of an eye bottom in the conditions of expansion of a pupil and with survey of the periphery of a retina.
  • Determination of intraocular pressure.
  • Ultrasonic research of length of eyes.
  • Definition of a field of vision.
we Consider by


According to the international data, the level of complications after LAZIKA small - from 1 to 5%, but noticeable, considering the number of the operations performed in the world. Among the main reasons:

It is very important to li to observe all doctor`s instructions and to remember that this operation in fact cosmetic: we removed points, but an illness - did not cure that. Planned survey of times in 1 - 2 years is from now on obligatory.

of Times operation, two operation

13% of operations are carried out by

In Russia repeatedly (in 3 - 6 months). It is necessary either correct errors, or to improve result.

The worse you see

, the chance to return once again to the surgeon is higher: at short-sightedness to 3 dioptries the probability of additional operation is less than 2%; if you have more than 9 dioptries - already 12%.

Council. Before making the decision, discuss probability of repeated operation with the doctor.

of LAZIK does not suffer haste

on the other hand, it is necessary to be convinced that short-sightedness does not progress, otherwise after operation sight will start over again sitting down (so happens in 8 - 10% of cases). Perhaps, it is necessary to pass one more inspection through half a year and to perform at first operation which will stop sight easing, and only then actually LAZIK.

Council. Surely bring to the doctor results of all previous inspections and report to him about the doubts.

of Contraindication:

the Chronic inflammation of a conjunctiva, a cornea, peeling of a retina, a cataract, glaucoma, pregnancy, feeding by a breast, diabetes, a hypertension, mental deviations, age to 18 and after 45 years.

To the surgeon - only healthy

Infectious complications after LAZIK happen much less than at other operations. Even when using contact lenses risk to bring an infection above. And nevertheless at 1 person from 1000 on 2 - 3 - and days the inflammation - most often against cold, flu begins a SARS.

Council. If you feel not absolutely healthy - cold, a slight sore throat, - make secure and undergo an operation for later term.

Dryness of eyes

After operation can be felt by

dryness and fatigue of eyes. Doctor Klayes Feynbaum, the Swedish professor of optometry noticed that this effect is stronger expressed at those who used contact lenses. These consequences are remediable, though are unpleasant. If you carried lenses very long or used their cheap options, perhaps, at first it is necessary to treat several months a cornea drops.

Council. A month before LAZIKA refuse lenses and you wear glasses.


of a retina

It is complication perhaps in 1 case from 2000 if the retina initially was weak or already operated. It can occur at any time, but as Alexander Sorokin assured us, oftalmokhirurg the center of laser surgery of MNTK “Eye Microsurgery“ if after operation there passed half a year, it is possible not to worry any more.

Council. If your short-sightedness, a condition of a retina needs to be checked every year irrespective of, there was an operation or not.

of 5 useful rules

  1. If you carry contact lenses, be examined before operation especially carefully.
  2. Warn the doctor about medicine which you take. Some of them (for example, hormonal preparations) influence a condition of a cornea.
  3. do not cancel
  4. independently and do not miss reception of the drops appointed before operation for eyes.
  5. One day before and within a month after operation do not use decorative cosmetics. Its parts can get into eyes.
  6. If the doctor doubts whether to do operation - most likely, this is the good doctor, you should not look for the one who will readily tell “yes“.

to itself did much harm

Oh this carelessness! Incidentally rubbed an eye, overslept all night long on one side, but not on a back as the doctor asked, - and “lid“ on a cornea was displaced, it is necessary to run to the surgeon repeatedly it to stack... The risk is higher during the first 3 - x days, but completely the valve is replanted in 1,5 months.

Council. the First 6 weeks after LAZIKA be especially careful: you wear sunglasses, play with children and pets more accurately.

Tactics of the reasonable patient

If you reflected about LAZIKE, it is even necessary to begin not with searches of the best surgeon.

Be defined by

- for what you need this operation. Whether so a lot of inconvenience is given by lenses or points?“ People who in principle are not ready to wear glasses most often come to LAZIK. They constantly use contact lenses, and it already through 3 - 5, the maximum of 10 years leads to development of an array of problems“, - our expert Yury Kishkin says.

Find out

whether LAZIK is shown you. If you before years 10 were not at the ophthalmologist, then after only one visit it is impossible to go to the surgeon: it is necessary to be examined seriously. It is important to exclude, for example, keratokonus, - an illness which can prove nothing, but after LAZIKA will begin to progress.

Natalia Maychuk advises

of Oftalmokhirurg of the center of laser surgery of MNTK “Eye Microsurgery“ to look for the medical centers where do the latest diagnostic testing - the confocal laser scanning cornea microscopy. Under 500 - multiple increase keratokonus it is visible at the earliest stage. Besides, it is possible to estimate objectively as far as eyes suffered from contact lenses: whether nervous fibers are increased whether there are microinflammation centers.


to avoid disappointment, be not adjusted on achievement of an ideal. LAZIK is only a way to reduce dependence on points and to improve quality of life. So also you treat him.


with the doctor whether you should aspire to “unit“. Doctors noticed that if to achieve 100% sight “afar“, then it will be close visible worse, eyes will begin to be tired quickly. And if intentionally it is more convenient to leave small short-sightedness, to read though the car should be driven wearing spectacles with small dioptries.

Yury Kishkin,
the candidate of medical sciences, the manager of office of eksimerlazerny refraction surgery of MNTK “Eye Microsurgery“
Judge Patel,
professor of the Edinburgh ophthalmologic clinic (Great Britain).