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My child - a barometer of

Every tenth healthy school student when changing weather wakes up with a headache, during the day quickly is tired, is nervous, quarrels with parents and friends. It occurs from - for failure of adaptation reactions of an organism when various vital processes are broken.

the cold


the Cold atmospheric front negatively affects, first of all, immune system of the school student. On supervision of scientists, in blood of children activity of protective cages - lymphocytes falls and the content of protective proteins - the immunoglobulins interfering causative agents of respiratory infections decreases.

Councils for weather. Doctors recommend to prepare in advance all-strengthening mix from juice of an aloe and honey according to the following recipe. Put two - three large leaves of an aloe in the refrigerator on seven - ten days, then wring out juice and mix with honey in the ratio one to two. Stand five more - seven days. Give this mix to the child in the morning and in the evening in day of a cold snap and in the next days. For younger school students an optimum dose - the dessertspoon, for children is more senior than ten years - the dining room.



At humidity over 85% reaction to low temperatures escalates, danger of diseases of kidneys, joints and especially a nasopharynx increases. Cold is provoked by contrast between crude air on the street and too dry (humidity less than 30%) indoors during a heating season. The room “atmosphere“ which is almost deprived of moisture actively dries mucous membranes and breaks work of the vibrating epithelium which is “sweeping out“ infections from bronchial tubes, a trachea, a nose. Optimum conditions - humidity of 50% at a temperature plus 20 º C. Councils for weather. Before an exit to the street grease to the child a mucous membrane of a nose with special ointments, protecting from causative agents of flu and cold.

Maintain immunity by herbal tea. Take equally lime color, a marjoram, a St. John`s Wort, a camomile, a sporysh, mother - and - stepmothers, mints and Ivan - tea, mix. Fill a teaspoon of collecting in a strainer and fill in with a glass of boiled water. It is not necessary to insist - curative drink is already ready.

strong wind

Wind 15 - 20 meters per second Blows and more at a low temperature promotes sharp overcooling, complicates breath, tires and exhausts nervous system. In such day doctors advise to spend no more than an hour on the street.

Councils for weather. That the child transferred adverse weather easier, give each two hours to it on two tablespoons of grape juice or eight - ten large berries of grapes. For an afternoon snack prepare the all-strengthening and toning dessert from a half of a glass of warm milk, an egg yolk and sugar (to taste). In this situation freshly squeezed juice - apple, orange, tangerine is also effective.

the cyclone

norm, Comfortable for the school student, - 760 mm of a mercury column Comes. Pressure drop within a day imposes increased requirements to respiratory system, work of heart, vessels. In the atmosphere the content of oxygen therefore many children have signs of oxygen starvation - a headache, weakness, short wind, feeling of closeness, shortage of air decreases. It happens at unstable cloudy weather to fogs, rains, gusty wind.

Councils for weather. In such days the products containing potassium - the raisin, apricots, dried apricots, the bananas, potatoes baked or boiled “in a uniform“ are especially useful. Stability of an organism can be increased due to so-called cross adaptation. The steam room or a sauna during five - will reduce ten minutes dependence not only on fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, but also on wind, magnetic storms, difference of temperatures.


For an anti-cyclone Rises, zones of the increased atmospheric pressure steady slightly overcast weather with a light breeze is characteristic. Such weather conditions are well transferred by almost all children, except allergic persons as these days harmful substances actively concentrate in air.

Councils for weather. The day before and in day of a cold snap you do not feed the child with fried dishes, exclude a citrus, chocolate, eggs, smoked products and those products which usually cause an allergy in the school student. Try to walk not less than three hours in the wood, park. The main condition - to steer clear of gas-polluted highways.

lightnings Sparkle, the thunder

the Pulse electromagnetic field rattles - categories of electricity when passing the atmospheric front (lightning), and also low-frequency sound vibrations sharply “strike“ 6 - 30 Hz (thunder) from the center of a cyclone sick bodies and nervous system.

Councils for weather. prepare for the Excitable child a bathtub with broth of a valerian root. For this purpose fill in 50 - 60 g of a root with liter of abrupt boiled water, take on fire ten - fifteen minutes, insist hour under a cover, filter and pour out in a bathtub with warm (37 - 38 º C) water. Let the son or the daughter will lie down in it ten - fifteen minutes before going to bed. Put a bunch of a wormwood or a handful of cones of hop at a bed headboard. Their smell will remove a nervous tension.

we Wait for a magnetic storm

Sharp changes of the geomagnetic field bring dissonance in work warmly - vascular, respiratory and nervous systems, and also change properties of blood - the probability of nasal bleeding increases.

Councils for weather. Avoid everything that can provoke bleeding from a nose. Its main reason - the lack of moisture which is drying up a mucous membrane. Try to moisten as much as possible air in the apartment. In - the first, today for this purpose there are various devices. In - the second, it is possible to put in the old manner daily ware with water on window sills and under batteries. In such days the products which are most containing vitamin C will help. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, grenades, a kiwi, black and red currant, parsley greens, hips, broccoli, red sweet pepper are useful.


To the aggravated reactions to weather: