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And in Senegal, brothers, in Senegal...,
or adventurous and fine travel to Finland of

Ya very much I love the sea. Just in a dream it dreams me. But for some reason at the sea I did not want, whether the heat tired, whether the organism wanted adventures... Here the husband still surprised: “I want, - says, - to catch fish, ecological rest something interests me. You as about Finland?“ I it for all our joint life, and our daughter of 10 years any more, never with a rod saw. And here suddenly it. Well, “to mother, means to mother“ as in advertizing it is told.

However Finland for nothing did not burn out

, and there was not enough money... Suddenly the mother`s friend, too that still the adventurer, called and asks: “To Finland you want? Will cost 150 dollars from a nose, the program the nursery, age of the daughter just right?“ Well, I think, here it! There is, however, one zaminochka, well, where ours did not vanish! I call darling and I tell everything to him. Dialogue from its party looks approximately so:
- ÎÎÎÎÎÎ!!!!!
- Well!!!!
- Of course!!!!
- is excellent!!!!!
- Hypermarket and why it is so cheap?

there comes Here the responsible moment which I have to spend with gloss. “You understand, all this will be organized not by travel company, he it also - not the fool, without me already guessed, and the Jews for Christ organization.
- That??????

I Begin it to persuade

softly: “You not against Jews?“ there is no
- Yes, live with you.
- Well and?
- all right, there, I hope, violently will not circumcise?
- Neeeeeeeeeeet! - Hurrah! Agreed! We go!

I here, at last, the purest and the sweetest to my heart the Leningrad station and crowd of the people at our car. Generally, some are similar to Jews, and bulk, seemingly, cheapskates, like us. We get into the car, and begins: acquaintances happen spontaneously, children rush on the car and stir about everything at once. The conductress - the sweetest woman Irina Petrovna - tries to tire out children to sleep: from - for economy of money bought train tickets which will come hours in 5 to St. Petersburg, it is the cheapest. Children disperse badly, but all - we them put bed... closer to 12.

Early - early morning. We in St. Petersburg, but it is not enough - we should go to Vyborg, there will be a bus to Finland. If it is honest, I learned about it a day before departure, with bus there were problems which were solved at the last minute, but - ran, it not travel company. The electric train to Vyborg went hour 3, and, maybe, more - such dirt I did not see even in the southern trains of the Soviet period. But here we and in Vyborg, now we will get on a bus and... And there is no bus. Irina Petrovna has a state close to a faint, at the others - is not better at all. The heat, the station and hope thaws, thaws, thaws... And suddenly it comes up - blue, fantastic, huge. Crowd from women, children and grandmothers rush to it with cries of delight, a reproach and other emotions, and few men nervously finish smoking aside. The Finn shows us for hours: My God, here time another! It arrived in time, it we, confused, Moscow time waited for it.

the Road runs past the woods and fields, we wait for a meeting with the town of Payvaniyem which between ourselves we call on - Ukrainian “beer - not May“.

Moving takes place

long, we want to eat, sleep, be washed up, at last! The owner of a farm - a cottage - the farm of all fixedly examines: we pay - that we only for lodges, and we will eat at his expense. At last, everything is settled, our child was lodged separately, as promised in the beginning, but we already concordant on everything. We go to watch their lodge of the daughter is typical “giving“ times of mediocre Soviet rest houses, a toilet - the toilet type - on the street, cold water in the house. All right, will wash at us, will go on a breakfast, well and at the same time... At us - a lodge honor that with conveniences - there is everything, but in a corridor. To spit! And suddenly one Russian-speaking Finn from former banished, them too, appears, banished, speaks: “And the owner istopit a sauna, want?“ What sauna, time 12 nights, we almost days standing. But for some reason went.

I. It turned out that people who went here - are remarkable so that it is necessary to be on friendly terms with them! We spoke about everything, spoke about last, real and future, laughed, sometimes remembering time and the children who are not sleeping still and forgetting again... Then we went outside, there were white nights. And suddenly we uvidat where we were brought by destiny - the lake, islands, the mountainous coast, the sinyushchy sky and stars, the Milky Way, the Moon, air also the serebrist is transparent. My God, as it is good here!

Morning met

by a breakfast and desires to descend for berries, to swim on islands, to catch fish, to gather mushrooms, to play darts, volleyball and tennis at the same time. As a result, children were given an opportunity to do what to them will like without us, and we... And we enjoyed beauty. Then caught fish. Boys caught some karasik, of the size of aquarian guppies, and their mothers and grandmothers honestly of small fishes cleaned. Then the Finnish women in kitchen fed small fishes to a cat. We solved such nonsenses not to repeat and to bake fish on a fire any more. whether

Can describe words a decline, the fire burns down, children, having gorged on a baked small fish, and as well as all children they eat other food through “I do not want“, and nearly in turn stood behind fish, flaked out and happy from feats, sit at us on a lap, the guitar gently plays... And songs - by my order “In Senegal“, to children - in my execution - “You pidmanut me“ and “To us with the little sister kayuk, our mother on the South...“ then, at requests of elderly generation and to delights young, a tremendous baritone our neighbor Semyon Semenych sings Okudzhava, Galich, romances.

In rainy day we go upward, to the last lodge where there lives the guitarist Sasha with a family. We bear the beer which remained from the parking in Vyborg, a raw smoked sausage, cookies. Sasha parts a fireplace and - yes, the most real fireplace! It smokes, we sip beer and again - Okudzhava, Vysotsky, student`s songs, Gorodnitsky, Vizbor, “You me“... Children it is excited, and at in adults tickles in a throat, probably from the smoking fireplace?

the Trip to Tampere and an aquapark was the only cultural entertainment for a week of stay in the Finnish village. The day before my wonderful daughter with the girlfriend in 12 nights gathered bilberry which there a big set. I and mother of the girlfriend besides went bananas at this time in a sauna, and we were there nearly every day. And something roused me to rise to its lodge above a slope. To wish and kiss good night on a forehead. I look, My God and from sneakers water flows, dews there strong and the rain went in the evening. Oh, snivels tomorrow, for sure...

of the Snivel - it is poorly told. It was the fountain, a volcanic eruption and mud flows at the same time. And how aquapark? The word of honor, I am diligent mother and I do not let the sick child on the street. But aquapark... And I waved on everything a hand. Squeals and cries in an aquapark continued from 3 o`clock in the afternoon till 8 in the evening. Then I told that water at me already everywhere, a hydromassage, hills and so forth cause in me an allergy, and I very strongly want to eat! Snivels at the child passed so visit of an aquapark affected all positively.

departure Came nearer. The day before organized the Sabbath - we are after all Jews, in some way. Children made to us a surprise - all mothers were given self-made medals, having explained everyone. I was handed “The most cheerful mother“. I store it together with photos - it is, perhaps, the most my dear award.

In the train to Moscow was drunk favourite “Nevsky“, ate ham and smoked hens. We lacked it in Finland. The train came very much early, dozing, we peretselovatsya before parting, having promised to meet and exchange calls. What we also do year.

of Such friends at me was not for a long time and it is the MOST IMPORTANT that I received from holiday. And still - the sky turned to the lake, bilberry languages at children, a smell of an eucalyptus and the song loved since youth “And in Senegal, brothers, in Senegal...“

Marina Sorokina