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The fashionable leather jacket - how to buy and with what to carry

of the Leather jacket surely wins first place in the list of the main fashionable reference points. In a season spring - summer of 2009 it is capable to become a basis of any ultrafashionable image.

genuine leather remains to

for many decades favourite material of designers. The main secret is that skin is a unique material. Strong and plastic, it is capable to personify practically any fashionable innovation in finishing, the invoice and details.

Than the leather jacket is good and convenient to


Besides that throughout several seasons it remains number one in the list of the main trends, a leather jacket - the most practical subject of clothes, to it neither the rain, nor wind are terrible

at all, and absolutely simple leaving is required. And if to mention that there is no other such fashionable thing which would make harmonious couple both with clothes in an official style, and with jeans or the flying chiffon dress, then it will turn out that from genuine leather in any way not to do without qualitative jacket. She helps to make any image superactual.

What jacket to choose


the Elegant jacket or a rocker leather biker jacket - in a new vesenn - a summer season all options are good

! The main thing - not to be afraid to invest in this subject of clothes, it still will very long serve to you belief and the truth.

Important value for a fashionable leather jacket not only the silhouette, but also ways of processing of material and finishing has



Opaque Luxury - very fashionable version of the invoice, shows effect of the wax, brilliant skin reminding a surface of unripe plum.

Ekzotik - exotic skins or their imitation are still very actual.

Weaving and braids - skin cut

and bind, combining contrast colors and invoices. Thanks to weaving unusual ornaments and patterns are created.

of Washed or Washable - the effect of “stirany“ skin is reached by means of use of special technologies. Such skin becomes very soft and looks a little crumpled, giving things is refined - a worn look. Do not try to achieve this effect in house conditions at all: during experiments your thing, most likely, will just irrevocably deteriorate.

Perforation a new season is very different

. With its help materials get absolutely new effects and ornaments.

Bright colors - coral, limonno - yellow, a fuchsia, ultramarines - in this season any color did not remain unaddressed.

Precious metals - the real women of fashion prefer to dress the metallized dresses, the main thing here - sense of proportion.

Fate - klyopk, lightnings and other attributes of an image fate - stars still do not get out of fashion!

How to choose a qualitative leather jacket?

to buy rather qualitative thing from genuine leather, it is necessary to know some subtleties.

Unsurpassed on quality sheep and veal skin traditionally is considered. But thanks to modern production technologies and material processings such type of skin as, for example, pork, traditionally being considered not the best as option, now by right meets approval and designers and consumers.

One of the brightest advantages of genuine leather before other materials is a variety of the possible options of finishing finishing generating a huge number of invoices.

Suede. It is soft skin with a velvety surface. Depending on the country of the producer and initial material it can differ on properties: to be more or less fleecy, more or less “friable“ etc.

the Varnish. Both the smooth side of skin, and suede becomes covered by a varnish, depending on what effect the producer wishes to achieve. A varnish on the suede party softer and elastic, than the varnish applied on the smooth party. Though the varnish is also one of the most practical coverings, it is worth remembering temperature restrictions, however.

“Krek“. An uneven covering on the suede party, externally similar to the smallest scales. On such covering in process socks can appear tsarapinka which do not spoil a general view of a product.

“Antique“ or “pool ap“. Covering of smooth skin varnish of different intensity. After that a surface being exposed to friction, gains effect of artificial aging - the cracks and zaloma giving things refinement.

Setup. On suede (is more rare on smooth) side of skin the texture with different types of drawing and an ornament is caused, sometimes it makes skin similar to fabric.

All types of processings can be used by

on skin of different thickness. Usually use skin from 0,3 mm thick (kidskin skin) to 0,7 - 0,8 mm.

Should be remembered, however, that than skin is thinner, that the product is more expensive and more delicate in a sock. The product from thicker skin is more durable.

what it is worth paying attention upon purchase to?

  1. Try on the pleasant thing - at the movement by hands the jacket suitable you by the size and type of a figure should not constrain movements.
  2. Pay special attention to quality of skin in the places imperceptible at the first look, - axillary area, back part of a board, back part of a collar - if skin low-quality there, then it is quickly deformed. It can cause deformation of all product.
  3. If to carry out on a product surface by a pure piece of light fabric, fabric should not be painted.
  4. do not get a leather product without the attached special label with information on leaving.
  5. Attentively examine seams both on the jacket, and on a lining and a surface of a product. There should not be passed loops, the sticking-out threads, cracks and gaps.
  6. Pay attention to cuts - the quality leather has to be not only uniform on thickness and density, but also evenly painted over.
  7. do not forget
  8. also about accessories:
    • of the button have to be well fixed, easy to be clasped and undone;
    • “doggie“ of a lightning has to move freely;
    • have to be swept accurately off by
    • of a loop for buttons.

needs Also to be remembered also that buying a fashionable leather jacket, it is worth paying attention and to the seller. As it is hardly possible to call purchase of a leather jacket spontaneous, behind the choice and quality it is better to go to the checked shop with long history and good reputation, such as, for example, “the Snow Queen“. There you definitely risk nothing.

How to look after clothes from skin? it is important to h2 to remember

that at strong pollution skin needs to be cleaned only at professionals. But also it is necessary to watch the leather jacket in house conditions too. You remember several important rules.

Under no circumstances cannot erase skin in the washing machine: after that you will never be able to restore it, skin grows coarse, paint and protective impregnations irreparably suffers, at the same time it is quite probable that it will not relieve of pollution.

If your leather jacket became wet, dry it only at the room temperature on the coat hanger suitable by the size; you do not dry it near heating devices at all: under the influence of high temperatures it can get out of a shape.

Never you store skin in air-tight packages. It is necessary to store clothes from skin in the dry, well aired room on a coat hanger of the corresponding size (not wire, it is desirable that they were volume and are made of natural materials) and in a cover from natural material.

the Small pollution which are not demanding professional intervention easily are removed by means of damp fabric or the special clearing napkins.

But if your favourite jacket became soiled, and time to give it in a charge of professionals came, then, handing over a thing in a dry-cleaner, in advance discuss all subtleties and nuances: term and type of spots, possible damages. Ask that your clothes were painted, updated and covered with protective water-repellent cream.

is also important to be known that, most likely, it will be impossible to get rid of some types of the spots (for example, from oil or paints) which are not removed within a week. Therefore in time ask for the help professionals. Then your favourite jacket will serve to you belief and the truth not one season and will make each your new image rather fashionable.