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Assembly of models - the hobby for the real little men of

Creative began to eat in each child, the main thing to be able to make out it, to help its development. Modern boys have a set of opportunities to show the imagination: someone likes to draw, someone to do hand-made articles, someone composes stories. And, of course, almost one and all boys are interested in various equipment: military, automobile, construction, aviation. whether

Exists on light such hobby which unites in itself all these types of creativity and at the same time satisfies interest of boys in equipment? Exists! Such universal hobby is the modelizm - assembly of models of different types of equipment. If you did not decide on a hobby for the child yet, it is quite possible that you should learn more about this interesting occupation.

Assembly of models, or a modelizm, - what is it?


- napervo, it is necessary to decide on concepts. Assembly of models differently is called “modelizm“. Do not confuse it to “modeling“ (designing of clothes, or creation of computer images by means of 3D - graphics), or to “modeling“ (construction and studying of models of the real-life phenomena and processes - physical, chemical, etc.) .

Modelizm - the hobby in which willingly are engaged not only boys, but also adult men as this occupation happens different types of complexity and in general is quite various. For example, there is a bench modelizm. In other words, it is assembly of models of the most various equipment from different materials (paper, a tree, plastic, metal) in order that it was possible to play, collect with them, or just to admire, having put on a shelf. Here production of tin tell-tales belongs, for example.

One more type of a modelizm is an assembly of models of cars, planes, helicopters, vessels which are able to move and are the exact reduced copies of real-life equipment. This more difficult type of assembly of models belong to it is sports - to a technical modelizm because in many countries, and for quite some time now and in Russia, this hobby turned, actually, into a new sport on which the international competitions are arranged.

Assembly of models of equipment with children. When to begin? What to begin with?

From what age it is the best of all for h2 to begin to hesitate assembly of models? As it is strange, with very best young. The kid receives the first skills of designing, playing usual cubes, finishing puzzles, assembling meccanos. Directly it is the best of all to begin occupations with a modelizm, buying by kids paper combined models of houses, locks, planes and cars, and then already to pass to more “serious“ materials. It is better not only because it is easier for the child, but also because such hobby as assembly of models, for example, from plastic - quite expensive pleasure. Besides, not always you know whether the child will cope with such toy and whether will throw far and for a long time, having seen that it is not so simple to bring together her.

Helping the son to collect by

models from paper and a cardboard, track whether there corresponds the set to age of the kid (not to discourage too difficult or, on the contrary, too easy task). Attentively study box contents (payments with the details attached to them, sheets with stickers, the instruction) and begin to work. Happens that even three-year-old boys are guided in tens of details much quicker, than adults. It is good if the boy likes to be engaged in assembly of models, but such hobby of the son can sometimes turn back a problem for parents. The matter is that to collect independently very intricate models of tanks and planes and cars, often to children not in power, and adults cannot find time to help the child. Here the club or a circle of a modelizm where the adults who are carried away by this business work can come to the rescue. Now there is not a lot of such circles, but they are.

are good

of Occupation in a circle also the fact that at the disposal of young designers there will be tools which parents would hardly begin to buy. Besides, in such clubs of children can teach not only assembly of models from ready templates, but also to independently do drawings, to cut out details from plywood, metal, will acquaint with fundamentals of radio electronics. Beginning assembly of models of equipment from plywood, it is possible to reach gradually and creation of radio-controlled models and to come to various exhibitions and competitions of modellers.

What benefit will be brought to children by hobby for a modelizm?


- napervo, it is, of course, skills of exact manual skills, accuracy, attentiveness, assiduity. As a rule, boys most of all need these skills. Besides, assembly of models can bring a sheer pleasure, as from the process of creation of interesting hand-made articles, and from result - own gallery of various models, beginning from the simplest animals, geometrical figures, lodges, machines (with which it is possible to think up interesting game), finishing with difficult models of radio-controlled or accumulator cars. Collecting models, children develop motility of hands. It is especially useful for kids from 3 to 7 years therefore sometimes doctors even recommend a modelizm as a remedy.

Being engaged in

in a modelizm, the boy will gain skills necessary in house life. Fear of the hammer, a drill, electrical wiring vanishes forever. Such abilities to boys who in a family lack man`s communication are especially important, men are engaged in a modelizm mainly. And if to look further away in the future, then the knowledge acquired when collecting models will facilitate to children revenues to technical faculty or in art school. Besides, assembly of models of various equipment can become an independent and highly paid profession - in the world there is a great number of collectors who in the childhood did not play enough in machines and now with pleasure get the serious models capable to move.

Summing up of

the result, one may say, that occupation by a modelizm incredibly fascinatingly and even too. Adherents of this hobby speak, nothing can be compared to pleasure to create the new world the hands. And participation in competitions, with the equipment which is independently made going, floating and flying - will delight any boy. Modelizm - the hobby helping the boy not only with knowledge of world around but also in formation of truly male qualities. This hobby for real men.