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We get an aquarium. The first steps of

As most often people buy an aquarium? Come to pet-shop or on the Poultry market, look after and buy small fishes, and then bethink - there is no place to put - that them! And here the most interesting begins - the aquarium is bought, to it the mass of the necessary and unnecessary devices, at the last minute, already before leaving from the market is remembered about a forage.

I here the happy owner of small fishes goes home, is proud pressing a jar with new pets to a breast, fills an aquarium with water, lets out small fishes, a generous hand the stern pours there... And instead of a fascinating underwater kingdom receives the muddy, strongly smelling of a bog water, the small fishes perishing in the first week and resistant belief on for the rest of the life that it is very difficult to contain an aquarium.

Actually all absolutely not so. At the equipment of a new aquarium it is necessary to follow several simple and simple rules, and then the aquarium will be beautiful, small fishes will be pleasing to the eye and to live long, and all friends and acquaintances to sigh with envy at the sight of such beauty. And now I will acquaint you with the instruction on an aquarium, you read the instruction to the new TV upon purchase? And the aquarium, in fact, a little in what differs from the TV unless the program for it always goes one, from life of the wild nature. Also notice - any advertizing inserts!


For a start to us will need actually an aquarium, the minimum set of the equipment to it, soil and plants. And all! Small fishes will be then. You should not get very small aquariums, the aquarium is more on volume, the more steadily in it biosystem, and the it is more difficult to make to the inexperienced owner in it something fatal. From my point of view from 30 to 60 liters will be optimum volume for beginners. Such aquarium already is also decorative and takes places not much.

are necessary for

From the equipment:

  1. of the Filter - the pomp , such filter not only deletes dirt from water, but is capable to provide saturation with its oxygen. Filters there is a great variety, from unpretentious designs from a piece of a sponge to dollars, powerful professional kanistrovy for hundreds. We will not spend hundreds of dollars and we will buy to ourselves the simplest filter of rubles for 200 - 250. For an aquarium in 50 liters of it will be more than enough.

  2. the Heater with a temperature regulator. Of course, during such heat to imagine that something is necessary also it is difficult to warm up. However in our climate today`s heat can be replaced by a sharp cold snap, and in the winter temperature in the apartment is capable to jump in very wide limits. But future residents of an aquarium unanimously residents of the warm countries and for them optimum temperature will be not lower than 22 degrees. So existence of heating is extremely desirable. Now heaters with the built-in temperature regulator are issued, it is very convenient - exposed on it 24 degrees, and the heater automatically will join if temperature falls. However, excess control will not prevent, and here it is useful to buy in addition also the simplest thermometer for aquariums.

  3. Soil. the Aquarium without soil looks empty. Soil and various stones are one of the basic decorative elements of future aquarium and plants should grow in something. The optimum size of fraction of soil of 3 - 8 mm, smaller sand slezhivatsya strongly and begins “to sour“, and between larger pebbles a lot of dirt and forage waste fails that too is not really useful. Well washed out and prokipyachenny coarse river or sea sand, color of special value will be the best soil has no, is defined by esthetic bents of the owner. Sand layer thickness in an aquarium on 50 liters is sufficient for normal landing of plants in 3 - 5 cm. It is not important for artificial plants. The important remark - cannot be placed in a sink aquarium (especially sea) and pieces of limestone. I understand what is beautiful, but to the majority of small fishes from it it will be bad.

  4. of the Plant. Plants can be used both live and artificial. Live it is better - they grow, expand, cluster, but also process a lot of things from what is allocated in water of fish. The trouble is that to live plants it is necessary, in - the first, light, and in - the second - peace neighbors. Yes, yes! Many of small fishes like to podzakusit your most beautiful (and expensive) a bush, and how many will be persons interested to dig out it! For some popular fishes (for example, goldfishes or astronotus) plants are contraindicated, and in such aquarium it is necessary to be limited only to the artificial jungle. The set of a quantity of a vallisneriya, couple of bushes kriptokorin, floating in the thickness of water elodeya, nayas or something more decorative - for example, the Californian puzyrchatka quite will be suitable for all others. And as a large bush for a start it is possible to recommend anubias. As aquarians joke, “and a stick will not kill him!“ Further in an aquarium it is possible to buy in addition also other species of plants, but even listed are capable to expand for half a year so densely that they should be thinned out regularly. By the way, all svezhekuplenny plants are recommended to be disinfected previously - to part slightly - slightly potassium permanganate (to faintly - pink solution) and to put there bushes for about 10 - 15 minutes. Also do not forget that water has to be room temperature, tropical plants also do not transfer cold, as well as small fishes.

  5. Lighting. the Need for light for small fishes is small, but if you have live plants, then not to do without additional illumination. Usually aquariums are completed with lamps already at sale, in a cover of an aquarium 1 - 2 luminescent lamps are mounted. Usual bulbs of an incandescence are undesirable, they also are heated strongly and the electric power consume more. To define enough or not light simply - if glasses and stones begin to become covered actively by a brownish raid - means, there is not enough light. If the aquarium begins to turn green and so water and glasses become absolutely green - means, there is too much light. Optimum, in order to avoid various problems, the aquarium should be lit 8 - 10 hours a day and to put to the most dark place of the room. Otherwise, if you put it on a window sill, then in two weeks will be a happy owner of the most remarkable green bog. And still, inclusion and switching off of light can be entrusted automatic equipment, for this purpose on sale there are very convenient household timers which turn on the light in certain hours.

Now when the aquarium is bought, sand is washed out and prokipyachen, and plants are disinfected, it is possible to start installation. Choose an equal and strong basis for an aquarium and surely spread under it some laying - for example, the sheet of polyfoam or usual tourist rugs are still very convenient. This indispensable condition, differently the slightest grain of sand which got under the aquarium bottom it is capable as diamond to cut through glass, and then a flood is provided to you. Then you fill up soil in an aquarium, fill in with water directly from - under the crane (water use cold), establish a heater and the filter in an aquarium, wait until water is warmed to 20 degrees. It is possible to accelerate it process, adding boiled water from a teapot, the main thing not to splash on glass. After that you plant plants. To put them it is not difficult, rather accurate three fingers to clasp backs, to pick open a small hole, to try in it backs to straighten and powder all with sand a little. If roots were very long, then they can be cut off. The main thing - not to powder with sand growth point.

be not frightened by

- in the beginning water will be muddy. It is normal, the filter will clean these mechanical dregs about a current of several hours. But then in an aquarium difficult biological processes begin, on the organic chemistry remains in soil and on the dying-off parts of the planted plants bacteria begin to breed. After them the infusorians and as result feeding on them begin to propagate actively water grows turbid again and gets dairy - a white shade. It is not necessary to hurry to an aquarium with buckets - everything goes according to the plan! In several days the boom of development of microorganisms will come to naught, in an aquarium biological balance will be established, and water will become transparent again. The main thing - not to hurry and to wait quietly.

I there passed week, water brightened up, plants began to give the first young leaves - means, came it is time to get small fishes! Of course, it would be desirable to know parameters of your water, first of all - as far as it is rigid. For this purpose there are also special tests in pet-shops if nearby there is aquarian a club or someone from skilled aquarians, then it is possible to ask this question them. At last, local SES, however, has to issue such information practice shows that their information not always has practical advantage. Hardness of water are important because different groups of fishes have different preferences on rigidity - if one water is desirable soft and average rigidity, then others well feel only in very hard water. And knowing what water at you you can safely address for consultation the seller in pet-shop or in the Poultry market - will always prompt you who will better feel in your conditions.


small fishes, do not hesitate to ask persistently whether they will get on with each other or the plants which are available in an aquarium. And at first do not take many small fishes. In general, conditionally it is considered that the quantity of small fishes is defined from calculation for 1 liter of volume on each centimeter of length of a body of a small fish. For some small fishes so it also is, others of free space require more, and for the third on the contrary - it is much less. But anyway, for a start do not buy more than 4 - 5 medium-sized small fishes. The matter is that landing in an aquarium of a large number of fishes will break just developed fragile balance of biosystem, and water can dim again. So what do you do not hurry, you want that the aquarium pleased you for many years, isn`t it?