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Between a rattle and bicycle

... After a year some alienation of the kid from the adult, however such loss of interest in you - seeming can be observed. You are still attractive to the kid, but already as the person who helps to get acquainted with world around and answers the question “What with It Can Be Made?“ .

Creation of the safe developing environment

If earlier communication between you had purely emotional character, then now this business communication in a situation, interesting to the kid. Now all actions of the kid are directed to independent research of an environment or to cooperation with you. Let`s consider these two directions, we will think of how to organize an environment and what to choose games that they attracted your kid.

Research of world around

the councils Given below will help you to organize the developing environment at home, and to become your kid the active and inquisitive researcher of world around. What for this purpose is necessary? First of all, make the apartment safe, but interesting to the child. Look on the world at it with eyes and decide that interesting and it is useful for it to survey.


So what from available in kitchen it is possible to give to the kid?

First of all, unbreakable and not heavy ware and utensils: frying pans, pans and covers to them, a colander, a sieve, cookies baking dishes. Show to the child how to play with these objects: hide small objects in large, show how it is interesting to knock a cover about a cover or a spoon about a pan bottom. Pay attention of the kid that pans different in size and help to pick up correctly to them a cover.

the Room

She is also full of mysterious things. In a case the box with sewing accessories which cannot be touched lies, in a corner there is a TV, nearby the tape recorder or the player - all and will not list. What it is possible to give to the kid and as it can be used for his development?

Pieces of fabric of the different invoice - put everything in a separate box or a bag and give to the kid for research.

from - under threads can be painted with

of the Coil in different colors. If it is difficult for kid to string objects on a cord, use instead of a soft cord a wire in a vinyl cover.

of the Book and magazines. to the Kid likes to consider not only the books, but also books and magazines for adults. Together consider pictures in magazines. Allocate the objects familiar to the child: dog, car, father, mother, kid, house etc.

Phone. All children show huge attention to phone. Give the chance to your kid to listen to beeps or the speech in the real phone, call the grandmother and ask to talk to the kid or just dial number of “The speaking hours“.

the Lodge under a table. can make Doors of a cushion or to lay a table a cloth. Perhaps, you decide that it is not the house, but garage or teremok - everything depends on your imagination and interests of the kid.

Cases and bedside tables. Allocate to the child the place in a case or a bedside table where you will put together toys and from where he will be able to get them. Some more offices with harmless things, for example with clothes, the kid can survey too. Close the others not to spoil to themselves and the mood constants “is impossible“ for the child.


Washing machine. the Kid will help you to load it. It, of course, will occupy bigger amount of time, but will bring you joy of joint communication. In a bathroom it is possible to play with water and to wash.


Mirror. you, probably, already noticed how your kid is interested in a mirror. He not just looks at himself, but also “plays“ with the image. You did not manage to object, and he already put on a pan of a doggie the head and admires himself. Well, well, it is really good, especially if in a bowl there were porridge remains... It not really is pleasant to you? Your bans will lead to offenses, offer interesting game with headdresses better. You can remove and put on the kid in front of the mirror a hat. It is possible to put on it and to suggest the kid most to remove.

Footwear. As if you were not against game of the child with footwear, you should reconcile to the fact that the child will seek for such games and to be enough footwear at the first convenient opportunity. Even if you show vigilance, from time to time you will find your kid sitting on a floor in a hall and playing with boots and boots. You have the same alternative: bans or recognition for the kid of an option of object for research. In the second case, you will need to think over how to make game safe for the child. For example, it is possible to pull out and insert laces, to clasp and unzip boots, to build all footwear in a row and together with the kid to look for his shoes and boots.

Help the kid to pull adult footwear on legs. By the way, it is much easier to make it, than to put on itself the small boots, but also big boots will be its first steps in formation of skills of self-service.

the Organization of game

Besides research of space, it is possible to use specially organized games - researches. For this purpose the so-called training or didactic toys approach. Let`s call some of them:

  • wooden cubes for simple constructions (towers) from two - three cubes - can load cubes into the car and to carry;
  • a mailbox with two different openings - to lower figures in an opening;
  • a pyramid from three - five rings - to remove and put on ringlets;
  • glasses of a round form - to build towers, to put one in another;
  • a board with pegs - to take out and insert pegs into an opening.
besides, to the kid subject toys and household objects are interesting to

: a doll, a bear, hare, toy phone, the machine, plastic ware, a hairbrush, a sponge, - to play, imitating your daily actions. At the same time the kid will perform separate game operations, without uniting them in a chain yet, but you, participating in game together with him, can show him sequence of events, for example, you “cooked“ porridge, the child “fed“ a doll, and you wiped it a mouth.

to you also objects will be useful to

for game with water: plastic cups, watering can, water melnichka, floating toys. Thanks to them bathing will turn into cheerful game.

of the Book from a cardboard with simple clear pictures.

Many adults with a warm feeling remember

how they listened to reading the interesting book, considered bright pictures, comfortably having settled in a chair or on a sofa near mother, the father or with the grandmother. Let`s give several simple councils which will help also you to make this time pleasant for you and your kid. it is the best of all for p to read to

the book in the quiet having situation. Sit down sideways from the child or put him to yourself on knees.

Open the book and show the page on which some animal, for example a kitten is represented. Call it, a proimitiruyta its miaow, stroke the represented cat, suggest the kid to stroke it too. You speak emotionally, be not afraid “to go too far“ - it is pleasant to small children. Show eyes, a nose, a tail at a kitten. Help the kid to touch the called parts a finger.

Turning the page, “get stuck“ halfway. Perhaps, the kid will help you to finish your movement, that is together with you will turn the page.

Read to

the book so many time how many it is wanted by the kid and what is the time you can give it. Try to finish before this occupation bores the child.

Use as books albums with replaceable pictures. One of the main shortcomings of purchased books consists that they quickly bother. A photograph album - very useful thing as allows to select bright and clear images and also to change them as required. Along with pictures use photos of the kid, other members of the family, pets and objects of use.

Musical toys and tools with various way of extraction of a sound - a tambourine, a glockenspiel, a pipe.

Big toys for the street - a bucket, a shovel, molds, the car with a body.

Outdoor games

If to the kid likes to do special exercises, you can see off them several times a day under music. It is possible to play cheerful outdoor games which will develop all necessary movements at your child also.

“Volleyball“. Throw to the kid the balloon, let it beat off it the hand or the newspaper curtailed into a tubule. You teach the kid to hold up hands and to catch two hands a big easy ball.

“Soccer“. Show to the kid as it is possible to kick on a ball. At first it will be the motionless ball put by you directly before his leg, later he will learn to kick the moving ball.

“Basketball“. Show to the kid as it is possible to throw a ball in a basket for garbage, a bucket, a basin or a box. Place capacity on an eminence. The child needs to stretch up to throw a ball.

“Game in size“. you can use empty plastic bottles and a small ball.

“We go on the bridge“. Suggest the kid to go on the board lying on a floor. On walk it can go on a sidewalk border, and raznourovnevy walking when one leg the kid goes on a border, and another - on a path is especially useful.

“Step“ - can be used added to a ladder or a step-ladder. Put it on a floor and suggest the kid to go, stepping through crossbeams.


“Kach - kach“ - use a swing or just the board lying on whetstone. The kid is put in the center, it can shake, transferring weight from one leg to another.

“We jump as hares“. Use any springing surface. It can be an air mattress or a sofa. Take the kid by hands and help to jump.

of Sprygivaniye from steps. Begin to teach it, using a low eminence, for example a thin plate. Put the kid on it, kneel before him and let`s it grasp your fingers. Call the kid and pull him forward.

Walking on steps. you go with the kid on steps As much as possible. It develops force of muscles, coordination of movements, learns to transfer body weight and it is correct to put legs. At first you teach the child to rise but only then - to go down on steps.

, at last, we approached

I what was so long promised - to the bicycle. If you have a machine by which the kid can go sitting astride, touching legs on a floor, you can begin training with it. You teach the child to climb on the machine and to get down from it, to sit steadily on it, to hold a wheel, to regulate the direction of the movement.

Selection of the bicycle. It has to be steady, the kid has to reach easily legs pedals when they are in the most distant situation, and the wheel has to be located close to a trunk of the kid. The seat behind has to have a back, and the seat has to have the saddle form.

Training in driving. If you attach legs of the kid to pedals (a weak elastic band, for example), and will push the bicycle, the little cyclist in practice will understand what movements it has to do to rotate pedals. If the kid surely sits by bicycle, you can use driving from a low flat hill. Remember that at the beginning the kid can be so busy with pedals that will forget to regulate the direction of the movement, do it for it. Begin to pay attention of the child to management of a wheel later. You teach it to turn a wheel, changing the direction of driving. Joint walk during which he will see other children riding the bicycle will be the best motivation for the kid.

That`s all - now you are ready

for participation in our bicycle race, and I wish you patience and good luck!