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It that else for fashion?!

Adults not always think of what cruel and unpredictable can be a children`s fashion. And it is at all not about those standards of beauty and prestige which duplicate glossy magazines. What is fashionable in a concrete children`s ollektiv, not necessarily esthetically. And it is not even always adequate. Just, for example, main “beauty“ of a class puts on herself something unintelligible, and the others begin to imitate her. For the maturing children it is important to be as all.

Children with addiction estimate everything - from a case to bows. If someone carries unfashionable things, it is subjected to sharp criticism: deride, refuse to play with it. As we know, junior school pupils do not differ in a step. And already from - for some “rags“ or strange toys children`s hearts are broken!

Too children`s dress

In nine years of Vick still it is rather a child, than the girl. But in the company of her age-mates some strange tendencies already began to appear.

Vika came To last days off on a visit to the girl Dasha. That too nine years and though she studies at other school, little girls are on friendly terms.

there Lives Dasha in the neighboring house, but our yards are divided by the brisk road. Therefore I volunteered to see off the daughter.

Vika in a hall did not manage to take off boots and a jacket as Dasha exclaimed:

- Oh, you have such children`s dress! And what, you mother does not sew clothes? And here to me sews!

On Dasha.

- And still I have a brown ball dress! - Dasha bragged. - To it mother bought brown shoes!


to me for some reason remembered at once our school uniform: brown dresses and black aprons. But, certainly, aloud I did not state surprise! Especially as Dasha was so sure of herself and so is proud of herself. And here her words confused Vika on whom there was a short red dress with a ship and puzzled. In the evening the daughter asked:

- And what, at my age it is already indecent to wear a kidswear?
- On the contrary! - I tried to calm her. - Today all try to look as it is possible more young.

But Vika, seemingly, my words did not convince.

“I do not want to be

as the boy!“

For the first time the power of children`s fashion of Vick felt

when it came on September 1 to the third class. In my opinion, this fashion is absolutely unpredictable. Simply - absolutely suddenly - it becomes prestigious to have this or that thing. And it is indecent to use something that still yesterday it seemed convenient and even beautiful.

my daughter an exception did not become. In several days after the beginning of academic year she suddenly declared that she will not go to school with a blue satchel any more. Vika laid out from it all textbooks and threw a satchel under a piano.

- Should be bought urgently pink! - she told.
- Why?
- Girls say that I as the boy because I have a satchel of boyish color!
- And what satchels at girls?
- At all girls is pink satchels with Barbie`s image. And I with a blue satchel of the girl just will not be taken to ourselves in the company! They me will ridicule!


Ya how Vika worries. It was necessary to buy by it a pink satchel. It was simpler, than blue, but the “correct“ color. From this point Vika began to feel at school much more surely. However on it our contingencies did not end yet.

the Old-fashioned support

the Following stumbling block became a book holder. Last year the crimson support of a standard form which my daughter used satisfied her captious schoolmates. But now girlfriends condemned Vika. It appears, now already nobody uses such supports. And all class bought new.

I Had to penetrate into constructive subtleties of fashionable and unfashionable supports. Difference was small. At supports - outsiders is metal treugolnichek, moving which, it is possible to regulate a book tilt angle. And it is not on “abrupt“ supports: there just stick and carving. Much more inconveniently, by the way. But we with Vika had to run urgently in bookstore behind the “correct“ support.

the Diary in a coat

Separate history was - who could only think! - with the diary. Diaries at school buy from us identical on the whole class. And, apparently, that mother who is responsible for purchase of stationery likes to save. Or it is unpleasant to it to demand spare cash from parents. Generally, she bought all the cheapest: packs of notebooks of the faded green color on two rubles and white diaries, so shabby that are not capable to live up to the second half of the year: covers fall off! It, of course, neither me, nor Vick was not pleasant. Vika was upset, having seen as far as diaries in our the third differ “And“ and in third “B“ - there - that on stationery is obviously not saved and buy all the brightest and at the same time durable.

- Well why all is possible for them, and to us is not present? - she asked. - They have on diaries such beautiful pictures! there is no
- problems! - I solved.

in the next bookstore on shelves is costed by great variety of multi-colored diaries. I also bought one of them to the daughter.

What induced it to do me? The deep belief is that the type of the diary has a direct bearing on educational motivation. If the child chose the diary to the taste and he likes to hold it in hand, to thumb through, admire, then he will want to see good marks there. And if the diary is a mere formality, a piece of paper which is not a pity for throwing out, then and estimates do not matter.

Besides we with Vika store diaries of last years. It will be fine memory of school. And who knows, maybe, Vick it will want to show them to the children? Eventually, the diary is a thing more family, than school. Teachers see it moments - so far give marks, and it is stored houses. Here such I had a logic. However nobody estimated my good intentions.

- I cannot bring in school the multi-colored diary when at all class white, - the daughter told. - Children will think that I consider myself special, not such as all. They will take offense and will not want to be on friendly terms with me. And at the same time I do not want to have the white diary! What to do? As a result an exit everything is was. We put on the “jacket“ made of a cover of the white diary our multi-colored diary. Vick`s houses the diary “undresses“ and admires the picture, and at school “dresses“ that to differ in nothing from other children. About a white cover of Vick speaks:
is a school uniform of the diary.

still she tells

A so:
- my diary walks in a coat.


Needs a ball - a poprygunchik!

Here a last word in fashion - the fidget! In the third class “B“ it is accepted to carry small rubber balls which jump high in school. On change children play such game: someone throws a ball in a wall, and all others catch. Who will catch, that throws the following. Now those children who have an own ball enjoy the greatest popularity. They are surrounded on changes by other children, all want to play with them. Thus, now we with Vika on all shops look for a ball. To buy it, by the way, it appeared not easy.

“Grudges that I grew up...“

In nine years the children`s spontaneity began to vanish in Vick. Earlier it was natural: did that wanted, jumped, froliced. Now Vika constantly looks back at others: whether correctly it arrives? Once, having approached in the yard a swing, she asked:

- And at my age decently to shake on a swing?



- Of course, decently!
- And people will not be surprised why such big girl shakes on a swing?
- People least of all think of you. They have problems. Shake!


everything is doubted and did not decide to sit down on a swing.

- And wants to shake? - I asked.
- Very much wants! - honestly Vika answered. - I sometimes am so sorry that I grew up. Small all is possible: and from hills to ride, and on a trampoline to jump. I want too.
- And you do everything that you want. Rejoice that you are nine years old, but not twelve, for example. You actually still small.
- the Truth? - Vika was delighted. - Means, and it is possible to shake, and to wear a children`s dress?

It seems that at the daughter from soul just a stone fell. She took seat on a swing and with enthusiasm began to be shaken.

A I thought: “What this dependent time - the childhood. And as to not easy yesterday`s kids to mature“.