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The lady with a bar of

of the Woman win primordially man`s sports. So, in what sports - where earlier men reigned - women came?


since Ancient Greece where fisticuffs were very popular, was considered that it is purely man`s entertainment. The same was both in 19, and in 20 centuries. Mike Tyson, Evander Holiefield, Lennox Lewis and other selflessly mutuzit each other on a ring. Also did not suspect that some girls will shortly compete with them, in any case, in popularity.

was considered couples decades ago that there are especially man`s sports. Such, for example, as hockey, boxing, bar and other. But in recent years these standards and stereotypes were finally washed away.

If to speak about women - boxers, then the greatest popularity was got by great and awful Muhammad Ali`s daughter - Leyla. It so dashingly dealt shortly with all competitors on a ring that around the world in boxing club thousands of little girls stretched. For this reason in the same USA women`s boxing is included into ten the most popular sports.

A here in Russia girls - boxers are yet not especially popular. However, we all the same have an answer to America - in the person of the world champion in five versions of Natalia Ragozina at once. She repeatedly called Leyla Ali on fight, but that is invariable and under different pretexts (to an unexpected illness) from a duel refused a trauma.

Exactly thanks to Ragozina women`s boxing became in Russia a popular sport. And let so far he cannot compete by the number of admirers with soccer, hockey and basketball, but on a ring already competes with man`s duels.


Many experts claim that female hockey - it is frivolous and in general is a little similar to hockey. Really, at first sight can seem that girls play too softly. Any to you zubotychin, insults, fights “wall on a wall“.

However in such hockey the charm is. Let not so high speeds as at men, but it is pleasant to look on more - less clear game. Especially as passions boil serious too and matches turn out on lovely sight.

Especially it is noticeable

when you look at game of Canadian national teams, Sweden, the USA, Finland. Amazingly, but some leaders of these teams broke in men`s teams in the countries. And several girls even debuted... in the lowest Canadian leagues. It is a little more, and women will appear also in NHL. Experts, in any case, do not exclude such opportunity.

In Russia female hockey did not come to popularity peak yet. Fault to it, probably, not really good results of a national team. For example, the specific objective was set for the Olympic Games - 2006 in Turin before team - to get to the three of prize-winners. But our girls appeared even outside the five of the best. However now serious money is invested in female hockey in Russia. So, good results surely will be. the Bar

was Always considered as

as p that weightlifting - shot put or hammer throw - man`s business. And yes it is not necessary to speak about a raising of a bar. Not the weaker sex this business - and all here.

But now everything, besides, changed. Fans of weightlifting are told much names of such Russian weightlifters as Albina Homich and Oksana Slivenko. These nice girls a few years ago also became “face“ of a female bar.

now in the world the Chinese sportswomen who often drag the bars weighing in three are most popular

A - four times are more, than they are. The curious fact - at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing of broadcast of competitions of women - weightlifters similar competitions at men enjoyed at TV viewers much bigger popularity, than. For the stronger sex it is a serious occasion to reflect...


the Last bastion of purely man`s sports was soccer. But also this bastion finally fell eight years ago. And women could hold the World Cup. And again the criticism - and speeds not those fell down, and light blows, and it is more squeal, than game...

Of course, in all these claims the grain of truth is. But, both in female hockey, and in female soccer, the audience in the stands will never see fights, spittles to the judge, indecent gestures towards fans. In total grandly, nobly and refined.

A some goals scored by girls safely can compete with balls which roll up in gate of rivals such football stars as Ronaldinho, John Terry, Frank Lampard Michael Ballack or Ores Van Nistelrooy. And in Europe there are already talks that not bad to hold the national championships among mixed crews. That in the field there were six men and five women. It quite eloquently speaks about popularity of female soccer...

It is so good or bad
that women strongly occupied man`s sports? In this respect there is no definite answer. Here in the estimates even experts and doctors, not to mention simple fans disperse.

But professional sport - the live organism which is tearing away all unnecessary and leaving in itself only competitive sports. And if female hockey, boxing, soccer and a bar got accustomed, so they are really necessary. Especially as also to men nobody forbids to be engaged in female sports. For example, synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics. So at the stronger sex all ahead...