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Holiday in Alania. July, 2001 of

will be released or not? Will suggest to postpone to September or, maybe, in general till winter? I will not live... No, everything, signed!!!!! Urrra!!!!! But there were other problems - where to go? I want to Tunisia, but the girlfriend dissuades persistently, sparing my expense. I will not go to Bulgaria, I will be bored to death, already all saw and everywhere were. Cyprus, Spain - it is very expensive, the season. Croatia - with the child dissuade. Well and? Turkey - such “new Moscow area“. Where? Hotels of 5 stars - it is more than 2 thousand dollars for 2 weeks - we will not pull, we will be left without trousers.

I Looked for the permit long, persistently and losing hope. Very much wanted club hotel “all inclusive“ with hills and pass - club. Alas - hills broke off - and not because it is expensive, and just there were no permits in lovely hotels to 1000 c.u. any more. Well - we with the daughter were lucky though the luck it was doubtful till the end - very lovely young man from Moscow Tourist`s Bureau agency insistently advised not to be afraid also for 870 c.u. (for two: I and the child of 9 years) to go to Alania in club hotel “Oasis Vista“ during the high season. The daughter rejoiced so sincerely, her eyes burned with happiness, and I painfully tried to spread out our things in a tiny suitcase.

I here it - the plane rose and incurred us in ognenno - the breathing Turkey, in 47 degrees in a shadow. At the airport breathed at me such heat that thought - I will fall, I will not reach the bus with the conditioner. We were tired very much, to go to Alania all 2 hours, but one pleased - all bus peacefully rolled in our hotel. To tell that big - nothing to tell hotel. The state in the state. 3000 places: from them 600 - Russians, 600 - Turks, the others - Germans. In total in German: inscriptions, animation, announcements, communication. Our tourists shouted and were indignant, and we with the daughter practiced in almost “native“ language and I knew Germans firsthand... The territory is huge, one pools 8 pieces, 3 restaurants, 5 bars, feed everywhere and always. Our number was good already the fact that it settled down on 1 - ohm the floor, we came from the street on a verandah and drank coffee on a balcony (I did it, smoking a sigarette and examining idle lyud). To the daughter they are everything very much it was pleasant, even “Fazelis of Rose“ with his comfort did not make such impression. One but: we had no conditioner. The fan helped out, but the feeling of weather balance all the same was incomplete. Though we with the daughter people very not choosy, about such tell “what in jeans that in an evening dress“... Therefore to us it was good! We did not carp at service personnel and smiled to us in reply, there were no problems with cleaning, food, the pool, animation.

the Accepting travel agency (“Mostrevel“) in general shook

: every day they visited and inquired about our problems, were on duty at restaurant in the evenings, expecting questions and requests... My daughter, except the sea and pools and everyday ice cream, the priest - Korn and a children`s disco, needed the girlfriend. As air! But alas... 5 days we looked for the treasured girl of 10 - 12 years speaking Russian, but in any way. The daughter began to miss considerably, though kept the good fellow. Began to be capricious though it is not inclined to such manifestations of feelings. Hurrah - hurrah! Found, began to vanish in children`s club: horses, competitions, dances, concerts. They put a performance, we laughed to tears when my “actress“ represented Britney Spears and Madonna.... Won first place in competitions in jumps through a jump rope on a board from windsurfing, the first place on diving from a pier. We went to a new aquapark in Alania which was pleasant much more Antaliysky from - for compactness, the thought-over complexity of hills and pass - rafting in which I not without success participated. What a pity that it is impossible to show the cartridge, and we have not enough photos. What a pity that I cannot give that passion with which I fought against waves.

After an aquapark. About! It is separate conversation: the yacht was rented by Germans, we were one Russians. What surprise of the owner of the yacht was (in combination the guide) that we understand both in German, and in English. I.e. of course, not we, but I are to a daughter there was translation. Well, at the level of Turks I could communicate absolutely quietly in two languages:-))))) Germans took for the (they decided that we from Germany, just native language - Russian) and lovely gave to drink to the daughter beer and Coca:-))))). Children jumped to the high sea without life jackets from a main deck of the yacht, washing too did not lag behind (that year floated in a vest and holding me though is able to float). There was a fine lunch in Alania ashore, there were yachts, seagulls, the azure sea and wonderful rocks with caves (a cave of trolls, ancient castles of Alania - beauty indescribable). All pleasure costed: 8 dollars - I, 4 dollars - the daughter + a lunch at restaurant for two 10 dollars. Day of pleasure costs a lot of bigger?

Next day. Who was - will understand my delight, who was not - go quicker. I want more... Beauty, the mountain river, the laughing loudly child and I rowing and for fear and jumping up on the place. All mine of travel sickness in the bus, rise at 7 in the morning, fatigue and cold - anything in comparison with travel to mountains and descent on the mountain small river. Went through our travel agency, in this case it is better not to save and not to risk.

One more unforgettable impression - the Turkish massage. I was persuaded in the first day of arrival, but it was difficult to decide: expensively and I was afraid that will scratch out all our simple suntan. In the last day after for 20 dollars for two massage to us was volunteered to be made at full scale (2 hours), I agreed. It was healthy, all my quinsy hid for horror, and the body grew thin for the size:-))))) The daughter was lost in admiration too. Therefore next time (I hope, it will be) I will take a full course of massage and I will treat, at last, the unfortunate back with osteochondrosis.

I Can tell

about an unusual trip to night Alania, and the acquaintance to the German fascist of 86 years which is politely jamming in husbands and remembering Vitebsk and bombardments (we with Dashka solved: to drown it or let lives - lives). I can remember our night arrival to Moscow (2 o`clock in the morning) and as my father met us by truck directly in Sh - 2: -)))))) Tears of my daughter at departure were a strong indication that rest was successful, and I distracted from cares and alarms. We sunbathed and arrived joyful and happy with life and what else there is a holiday nenaprasnost indicator???? What and to all of you, expensive, I wish.