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Furniture of the garden

Choosing furniture for the country house, we, as a rule, long consider colourful catalogs, we go shopping, we consult on designers. And here when business reaches arrangement of a garden site, to us not furniture here. And, by the way, in vain.

without comfortable chairs, chairs, a swing an outdoor recreation can hardly call

full. Besides the modern country furniture serves as magnificent decoration of any site.

for a garden can carry chaise lounges, tables for work in a greenhouse To furniture, beach chairs and chairs, a swing, rocking-chairs, sofas, benches, racks, racks, flower stands, etc. Besides traditional furniture, it is possible to find intricate functional objects in shops - original decisions like a sofa - a chest; a two-wheeled garden sofa with two chairs, connected by a little table on wheels; a swing with the bed curtains playing a roof role, etc. Everything is limited only to your imagination and financial opportunities. However, about everything one after another.

Garden “materialism“

For production of “country“ furniture are usually used by a tree, plastic or metal. Each of these materials deserves separate detailed conversation that, of course, is impossible within one small publication. Therefore we will be consecutive and we will begin travel to the world of garden furniture with wooden models which, according to sellers, are in the greatest demand for Petersburgers today. So, why wooden furniture was and remains to one of the most demanded in the market? All the matter is that wood - the most “live“ and “warm“ natural material which remarkably fits into any garden. At the same time a natural tree furniture looks equally naturally both near the wooden house, and near a brick cottage.

For certain our many readers are perplexed: unless it is possible to use wooden furniture on the street? At the same time they will surely remember the old cracked and oblezshy benches which quite often can be met in squares and at entrances of houses. We hurry to assure you - modern garden furniture much stronger and more reliably than primitive shops habitual to us. Today producers apply special methods of processing of wood and protective moisture resistant structures thanks to which products get special durability and are not afraid of atmospheric actions.

However, not all breeds of wood are capable to transfer life falsities on the street. The tic and a larch are considered the most resistant, they have dense structure and contain a large amount of oils and adhesives. As a result under the influence of sunshine, at hit of moisture or temperature drops the furniture from wood of these breeds does not crack, does not decay and does not burn out on the sun.

the strongest breed experts consider by

a tic which practically does not need additional processing by waterproof varnishes. Experts like to repeat that a tic - as diamond among jewels, gold among all metals. This tree grows in the Southern Asia. Its preparation demands a lot of time and forces. Trees saw and process manually, dry within two years and only then deliver on production. Partly therefore furniture from a tic - one of the most expensive in the market. But its quality, believe, is worth it. By the way, it is necessary to consider that the furniture from a tic which long is in the open air gets serebristo over time - a gray shade. It can be removed the brush moistened in warm water. To protect products from this material from burning out and loss of color, they are recommended to be processed tikovy oil from time to time.

Excellent qualities larch wood possesses. She well transfers temperature drops and humidity, with firmness maintains any influences of external environment. Venice stands on the piles from a larch hammered in the 15th century (!) . The examination conducted in the middle of the 19th century showed that piles did not decay, and, on the contrary, found stone hardness and hardly give in to mechanical damage. In Siberia about strength properties of a larch legends go, it is known, for example, that many rural fellings from this wood stand for 300 - 400...

So for our humid climate sadovo - park larch furniture - the real find.

Sometimes garden furniture are made of an acacia, by pines, a fir-tree and other inexpensive breeds. At once we will tell that similar products are capable to bring upon the owner a lot of trouble. Even oiled and varnished, at regular contact with water they inflate, gradually crack from influence of direct sunshine. Therefore it is better to use such furniture on a verandah, a terrace or a balcony. And if to take out on the street, then only for time and in good weather. However, the wooden furniture usually weighs much, and it is to and fro inconvenient to transfer it.


By the way, choosing wooden furniture for a garden, it is necessary to take an interest by what way details are connected and to examine attentively not only the “front“, but also “back“ party of a product. Ideally as connecting details wooden shkant, but not metal screws have to be used and especially do not glue. The wooden fixture inflates a little in the open air why the design becomes even stronger.“ The wrong side“ has to be processed by special solutions (for example, a water-repellent varnish, fireproof structures) is not less qualitative, than “front“ elements. Otherwise the wooden furniture will begin to decay from within and will serve not for long.

“Pletenka“ for giving

Recently the increasing popularity the wicker furniture enjoys p. Partly it is possible to call it a tribute to retro style, return to the fashion existing at the time of our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers when in town and country houses the easy and convenient furniture and elements of a decor in colonial style for the first time appeared. Today the range of a wicker furniture for giving is not limited to traditional rocking-chairs, little tables, chairs and chaise lounges: it is possible to find sofas and dressers, bedside tables and desks, sets for kitchen and a hall in sale, beds and wardrobes.

Principle of production of “pletenka“ following: on a framework (it can be metal, plastic or wooden) the decorative cloth from thin stalks of a rattan, branches of a willow, seaweed, palm leaves or even a synthetic cord “napletatsya“. Details fasten with special pins or pull together with skin strips, and places of joints “mask“ by means of the same weaving which, by the way, gives to furniture additional durability. The natural rattan is usually covered with a protective varnish - colourless (then the furniture keeps the natural yellow color) or with dye addition (in this case it is possible to receive red, green, black, brown, etc. furniture). If, having for the first time sat down in a wicker chair, you hear a suspicious crunch, be not frightened, it varnish solderings in places of an interlacing of rods crack, but resolutely nothing threatens neither you, nor furniture.


, the most important advantage of a wicker furniture - ease. Therefore it can be moved without effort on a garden, choosing the most suitable corners for rest. However, you should not leave “pletenka“ on the street at a negative temperature - better since fall to bring to the room where stem of thermometer rises at least by several degrees above zero. Well and of course, the undoubted advantage of a wicker furniture its magnificent esthetic qualities are.

the Majority of the wattled products offered in the St. Petersburg market has a foreign origin. The furniture is brought from Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and Latin America where it makes a basis of national interiors. Among the European importers - Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and some other countries.

Should not think that all wicker furniture is made only of a rattan, just this material is known to our buyer better than others. Use both a bamboo, and sisal, and reed, and a water hyacinth, and Manila hemp and even polymeric connections (but it already, as they say, another story altogether).

the Russian and some Ukrainian producers offer

wicker country furniture from a willow rod today. Of course, such products not so elegantly as similar rotangovy (the willow rod is much shorter than a tropical liana therefore also it is more joints in one product), but the domestic production is much cheaper look. Besides willow rods are not afraid of moisture and have a natural amber shade. The range of the Russian wicker furniture is rather wide: tables, chairs, chaise lounges, screens, chests, lockers, bedside tables and even couches.

I one more important remark. Than the furniture is more expensive, more prestigious, especially it demands careful leaving. For example, too dry air and direct sunshine under the influence of which they can crack and crack is contraindicated to rotangovy products. It is possible to cope with this problem if regularly to wipe all objects with a damp, but not wet sponge and periodically to cover with a thin layer of liquid furniture wax. It is recommended to clear wattled objects of dust by means of a soft brush or the vacuum cleaner. It is impossible to use chemical and abrasive detergents at all. If on objects from a bamboo there were cracks, it is better to replace the spoiled link, having invited the skilled master. Insignificant defects can be closed up independently furniture wax.

to Everything the place

Can argue as is wished on quality of this or that breed of wood, however practice shows that first of all buyers pay attention to esthetic appeal of a product. And there is no wonder. The garden furniture plays a very important role in registration of a garden. Without it the site will look sad and ordinary. By means of a bench it is possible to issue a house wall, having arranged “on a zavalinka“ the place for an evening sit-round gathering. And for reception of guests it is better to construct a wooden arbor, to land climbers along walls, and inside to put a table with wooden benches, on walls to hang out wooden regiments. Besides the tree can be combined with other materials, for example with straw which is used in a braid and for seats and backs.

the Separate type of garden furniture - wooden boxes in which it is possible to store small garden utensils, and at the same time to use them as seats. Such lari sometimes have both a back, and armrests. It is better to select them in the same style, as all garden furniture. It is desirable that the furniture made a set in which both garden benches, and the furniture standing at the house would be combined.

the Choice of this or that garden furniture will depend on what represents your garden. If in it century trees with mighty kroner grow, then and the furniture is necessary corresponding - massive and solid. The graceful set will be suitable for a paved patio with flowers in pots. And against a green lawn something contrasting will be good to look with a grass. Also the way of life which you conduct is important: for a privacy of rather small cozy little table and a chair and if you like to accept friends at the dacha and to arrange feasts, then the furniture pogabaritny is necessary.

I of course, at the choice of garden furniture it is necessary to be guided by style preferences. So, fans of the Russian old times (rural style) will suit the massive, a little rough furniture sometimes reminding blocks more. However, here it is necessary to make one reservation: as such products usually make not of the strongest breeds, under the open sky it is better not to leave them. It is much more expedient to provide for “the Russian furniture“ a special canopy which will protect it from a rain, the sun, etc. Judges of so-called “east style“ for certain will choose a wicker furniture, and people of the European warehouse - strict classical models. But whatever garden furniture you chose, to remember the main thing: products which constantly are affected by environment need especially careful leaving.

Opinion of the expert

Today tables, chairs, benches, a swing, arbors, pergolas, a cache-pot enter the concept “garden furniture“. They can be the most different style and a look. It is clear one - the garden without garden furniture is incomplete. It is quite often possible to see quite ridiculous picture on a site at those owners who think of the art party of business a little: in the big paved territory of a garden under high trees nearly all the year round there is an easy white plastic furniture. And the big thorough wooden table and chairs would be far more pertinent here. It is desirable that the furniture made a set in which both garden benches, and the furniture located at the house would be combined. The tree is applied to production of furniture the most different, but the most resistant material - of course, a larch. She best of all transfers temperature drops and humidity. A tree - the most “natural“ material, live and warm, it will remarkably fit into any garden.

Sergey Ramza, the director of Interles firm

Producers of high-quality wooden furniture for a garden not casually choose by

a tic - the tree growing in Hugo - East Asia. For a long time it was used not only by furniture makers, but also shipbuilders. Built the ships which maintained years of swimmings under the scorching sun, a storm and a storm of a tic. Its wood has very dense structure and contains a large amount of essential oils and adhesives therefore it does not decay from dampness and does not burst on the sun. The furniture made of this tree is beautiful, prestigious also the main thing - is strong and durable, can be operated in the open air all the year round, in the rain and snow. One of unconditional advantages of wooden garden furniture is its “natural“ appearance which is ideally corresponding to a country landscape. As a tree - rather soft material, such furniture does not do harm to a surface on which is, whether it be a board flooring or the path which is laid out by a stone. Products from a tic are also ideally suited for rooms with the increased humidity - saunas, baths and bathrooms.

Sergey Dubrovsky, CEO of Ekzo salon