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In the robot mode. A syndrome of chronic fatigue

“As I was tired“ - the only thought which fights in temples, soul and heart. Fatigue as if lead armor, presses on an organism all the power. Having hardly opened eyes, still early in the morning, you feel fatigue, in the afternoon she already almost absorbs you, and it is not necessary even to tell forces in the evening. There is a wish for nothing - is, to drink, even to breathe.

you think that it is a depression? Quite perhaps. But if still to add muscle pain to above-mentioned signs, the feverish state, drowsiness and at the same time impossibility to sleep fully is SHU. In other words, it is a syndrome of chronic fatigue. It is not enough on our century of any diseases, so also some SHU was thought up. It turns out what was not thought up. It appears, really such illness takes place to be.

Successful women

the Most opposite that from a syndrome of chronic fatigue successful, intellectual, educated women aged from 25 till 40 years most often suffer. Women in our hard time charge themselves with double, and even threefold loading and “plow“, like horses.


Of course, in Nekrasov`s poem it was said that the true woman can stop also at full tilt a horse and to enter the burning log hut, you will not argue with it. However, at the time of Nekrasov the woman did not work at office, in addition to house, “purely female“ work. Here also it turns out that, whatever one may do, and modern ladies for 24 hours a day stick. But an organism that not rubber and whatever the woman possessed will power the organism gradually begins to give signals “SOS!“ And we are so engaged with everything at light at the same time that we do not pay any attention to signals. Will not burst a thunder yet...


Fast fatigue you will surprise nobody with

, we got used to write off the feeling sick for PMS, change of weather, a full moon or magnetic storms for a long time. But all the same has to guard the woman if early in the morning, she did not manage to clean teeth, and the fatigue already holds down all her body.

I know

From own experience: energy leaves you a thin, weak stream. To be mobilized, it is necessary to make infernal efforts. It is not less. Memory impairment becomes the following call. Sometimes reaches ridiculous - it is absolutely impossible to remember where you just put the necessary document, the cell phone charger or the passport. And no suggestions help, and memory does not come back.

Once I all days off looked for charging to the cell phone which, according to own son, I held in hand. It was not succeeded to remember or find the place of dislocation of ill-fated charging. Ridiculously? If it was not so sad...

the Following stage of a syndrome of chronic fatigue can consider by

constant sore throat, pharyngitises, lymph nodes pains and dizziness. If you also have not enough of it, heat exchange violation - body temperature is added all the time either it is raised, or strongly lowered. Further failures in nervous system, a brain, in endocrine system and immune begin. After alarm, apathy, nervousness and breast pain, is given zheludochno - an intestinal path and then the last bastion falls, and microbes with joyful cries rush on completely exhausted female organism. Any infection begins to stick to the woman with an incredible speed.

, What`s next?

Doctors - very lovely and amusing people. They with pleasure and ecstasy explain that if a syndrome of chronic fatigue not to treat, then this disease can smoothly outgrow in silent or violent (that, undoubtedly, pleases even more) schizophrenia. If even earlier the woman does not kick the bucket from infections with which the exhausted organism is not able to struggle any more.

I what to do? It is possible to go, for example, to city policlinic of your hometown (the regional center), the village or the settlement, and having stood terrible turn at three o`clock, to tell the yawning doctor - the therapist that at you SHU. Already ridiculously, isn`t that so? After you listen to skeptical sneers at your medical culture, will make you the diagnosis of a SARS and will send to rinse a mouth a camomile. In total. On it treatment is finished.

Of course, in the presence of money, high quality experts in high quality policlinics a syndrome of chronic fatigue to you is diagnosed. And, probably, will even begin to treat. But what to do to those, who has no lot of money for treatment for a syndrome? As they say, if money was so many that it would be possible to spend quietly them on treatment of SHU, then and the syndrome of chronic fatigue would hardly arise.

Ya simply I adore recommendations of our local therapists: “The darling, you should just have a rest. To work less, to sleep more, to perfectly eat, drink juice, there are fruit, to get out to the sea more often, to surround itself with the loving people and to absolutely avoid stresses!“ Equally well it is possible to tell: “The darling, but whether not to fly to you to Mars? Directly today? It strongly would help you!“ Usually such recommendations very strongly look like a jeer because in principle are not feasible. And what then remains?

the Exit is!

you know

who told that “an exit usually in the same place where also an entrance?“ Is not present? And I do not know, but, obviously, very clever person who tested much on the century.

It is known that rescue drowning - work drowning therefore we will undertake treatment. To you very much will carry if your husband believes you that at you SHU, but not a syndrome of the lazy wife, for example. It is necessary to count only on himself.

So if “entrance“ to a syndrome of chronic fatigue began with general employment, then it is necessary to reduce loading. Sports activities, regular walks in the fresh air and vitamins will become the following step of “exit“ (who on what will have enough means).

recommends to live some time in the mode of “robot“, i.e. to stop reacting emotionally to any incidents in your life. The beloved made the proposal of a hand and heart? To spit, quietly eat apple further. An hour later he changed the mind and decided to leave you? To spit once again. We eat up a pear. The chief cries out so what it seems that now his eyes on a forehead will get? The hell with him. We drink a kefirchik.

to Sleep as much as possible. To love itself. To believe in happiness. To smile. And to chuck in all problems.