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Mother`s lipstick, varnish of elder sister …

Which of us, women, did not look in the childhood greedy eyes at a mother`s cosmetics bag? How many in it was interesting: colored pencils, nacreous varnishes, lipsticks (especially there was a wish brightly - pink!) ... Today we will talk about from what age to allow the daughter to be painted and how to teach her to do it correctly. And even if you crucially treat children`s decorative cosmetics, all the same it is worth getting acquainted with it closer.

The matter is that the culture of a make-up has to be put from the most early age. And modern makeup artists agree with it, not without reason today in many beauty shops offer a special children`s make-up. If to teach the little woman of fashion to use competently blush, lipstick or nail varnish, then at teenage age she will not look vulgarly and ridiculously. She will never want to ask lilac shadows or a varnish of a shade “setting your teeth on edge“ for the girlfriend, and adults, looking it following, will not think: “Well and color! Where only parents look?“ Ability to correctly choose and impose cosmetics very much is useful to the young lady when it gathers for a school party. If the girl cannot live without occupations in drama school or a choreographic circle, then definitely not to do her without mother`s lessons of a make-up.

I Allow

everything, except...

Modern girls begin to be painted with

early enough. On supervision of psychologists, nearly every second fifth-grader makes up eyelashes with ink and often changes color of nails. To forbid the daughter to use cosmetics senselessly - will take all the same mother`s or will buy on the saved pocket money. To swear it is useless - present better. If the daughter still small, then is pleasant to her a children`s set. A pink cosmetics bag (the main thing that the is also similar to mother`s!) in it varnishes, a pocket mirror and there is a lot more - many maiden pleasures. Such handbag is partly intended for games, in the same way as a set of doll ware or a toy doctor`s bag. But parents have to track that spirits were surely in plastic, but not in a glass bottle, and as much as possible neutral components were a part of products (extracts of plants, oils - almond, oil jojoba, a tree shi, vitamins - A, D, C, E, glycerin, beeswax). Children`s skin differs in hyperactivity of perception - when on it chemicals get, they right there appear in the child`s organism.

has to be specified by

On packing that means possesses anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties. The cosmetics should not contain mineral technical oil at all - on labels it is designated by Mineral Oil. It is received by distillation of oil products. As a part of “adult“ cosmetics its use is allowed as a humidifier. The frightening inscription Made in China - a false alarm. The majority of brands of children`s decorative cosmetics in China only pack, and make in the USA or Europe. If the girl grew up, and she does not accept a toy set, it is possible to go together with the daughter in parfyumerno - cosmetic shop and to collect a cosmetics bag independently. In it there should not be a base and foundation at all - at the age of 12 - 15 years they to anything, will only hammer a time and will provoke emergence of spots. As for powder, try to dissuade the daughter from that that with effect of suntan.

Now this powder is very popular

, but, we assure, without mother`s supervision the girl will not be able to impose it exactly. On a face there will be dark stains, “not painted over“ line of growth of hair, the effect of “mask“ is possible. But even if to help the daughter to be powdered carefully and accurately, the saturated bronze tan will hardly decorate her. It is possible to indemnify “moral damage“ for unfulfilled dream a highlighter. It is a stick, the proofreader in appearance reminding, but only in it - nacreous means. It is applied on cheekbones, slightly - slightly on a forehead and a chin. As result - slightly shining and fresh person.


between lipstick and gloss, give preference to gloss. Whatever rich was the lipstick palette, it is difficult to find really neutral and translucent. At best it will be pastel tone which looks on lips unnaturally. With gloss everything is extremely easy - even bright color, getting on lips, looks quiet. And any class teacher will not make the remark at PTA meeting that the daughter is painted not on age brightly.

Mascara is better to buy

brown or is black - brown. These colors only slightly will emphasize eyelashes and will make a look more expressive. Plus such ink also that if to apply it unevenly, errors will almost not be visible. Some women of fashion like process, they can buy the strengthening transparent eyelash balm. It is as pleasant to impose it as the “real“ ink.

the Varnish covering

If at the girl is bad habit to gnaw nails, the special children`s varnish will help. He will beat off desire to spoil manicure, will make nails beautiful and well-groomed. By the way, about manicure. The full-fledged adult it is possible to do, beginning only from 14 years, from - for features of children`s nails - they are too thin. To the girl is younger the “facilitated“ version is necessary: nails do not file, and cut with nozhnichka, then smooth out small granular nail file, remove a cuticle and cover nails with a soft varnish. It is strictly forbidden to polish a marigold and to cut out a cuticle!

Spiritual searches

the First children`s spirits appeared 10 years ago, and doctors still argue whether the younger generation can use them. One say that it is possible to be smothered nearly from 3 years (as soon as at the child the protective skin barrier was created), others resolve with 7. As for adult aromas, they can use only from 15 years. However all agree in opinion: if the daughter or the son have an allergy or diathesis, then it is better to refuse perfume.

the fact that they do not contain alcohol and toxic substances as take a strict test - control for allergic reactions Distinguishes children`s spirits. Aromas for young dandies easy, unstable, without smell fixers. Usually they are created on the basis of one note. Most often fruit, berry or just “tasty“ - chocolate, vanilla.

But anyway, irrespective of the chosen smell and age of the daughter, mother has to explain that it is enough of two - three “zilches“ - on hair and the pulsing points (wrists, areas behind lobes of ears). It is also worth paying attention of the little woman of fashion that it is impossible to pound spirits after drawing as the main notes “perish“ and aroma loses expressiveness.