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Living the sky: planes and other “air“ hobbies of

people dreamed to learn to fly Many centuries, like birds. In attempts to deceive the nature and terrestrial gravitation various means - the spheres filled with hot air, gliders, imitating flight of an eagle, and, eventually, up-to-date planes, helicopters were tried. The idea of a victory over terrestrial gravitation continues to concern minds, and, probably, from here hobby of our boys for all can fly.


Probably, very many boys begin the acquaintance to the flying toys with them. Paper samoletik which for several seconds can be curtailed from an ordinary writing-book leaf. And to find for them application - business of a flight of fancy. It is possible to draw pictures on paper samoletika and to send them to flight - can be, they will fly far - far, to the magic fantastic country, and then... What then? I do not know, but, probably, there will be something good. The friend who caught quinsy and sadly staying at home or at a homeless puppy who is fed up by boys all yard will recover, there will be a kind owner. Is at paper samoletik and more prosaic application - to carry “correspondence“ in a class when the strict teacher turned away to a board. And still it is possible to arrange competition of paper samoletik on the championship of the yard - in range of flights, art of aerobatics or originality of a design. It will not be boring!

Toy planes

They happen different. And the plastic toys representing a biplane or the fighter, and models of planes for pasting, accurate and exact to the last rivet on a fuselage, and the flying models of gliders, and kordovy models of planes which fly almost like real, only on a special rope - a cord, and, certainly, the radio-controlled models of planes flying povinuyas to signals from the control panel.

All these toys, certainly, are interesting and good

- everyone for the age group. To the kid a toy - the plane will give a lot of joy, and still he with delight will observe how the started by his hand paper samoletik or small glider flies. To seven - the eight-year-old boy can quite be fond of pasting of models of smolet - the fighters which became famous at the time of World War II or peace handsomes - biplanes, or even to be fond of kordovy models of planes - most likely, first in a circle at the house of creativity, the models of planes possessing the engine are difficult and expensive - even without engine cost such model of the plane costs not less than 2,5 - 3 thousand rubles.

Not less adult, and not less expensive hobby - radio-controlled models of planes. The radio-controlled plane is not paper samoletik, and, in general, not a toy. The difficult mechanism, the real motor up to 10 cubic centimeters or the electric motor, the propeller, ailerons, elevators - and all this is ready to obey to the slightest movement of fingers which will transfer the control unit. They are subdivided into classes on the level of complexity of management - training radio-controlled models of planes forgive some flaws in piloting, transitional, allowing gradually later training, to pass to faster models of planes, giants having wingspan to three meters and “parkflayer“ - the small radio-controlled planes with the electric motor which are not demanding big spaces as small wingspan (to 1 m) allows to make flights even indoors.

Radio-controlled planes can be hardly considered as purely boyish entertainment. In - the first, they are for this purpose expensive: the set of radio-controlled model of the plane “in firewood“ - for independent assembly will manage in 3. 5 - 4 thousand rubles, and ready model - from 5 - 8 thousand. Plus the engine which can cost from 6 to 50 and more than thousands of rubles, plus such trifles as details for repair, fuel mix for 650 or one and a half - two thousand rubles for gallon (about three liters). Not too cheap pleasure for boys.

A in - the second, the huge number quite of adults shares their passion to planes with our boys. Various competitions in radio-controlled models of planes, and even the World Cups in radio-controlled models of planes in various classes are held. The Federation of aviamodel sport, Independent association of radio-controlled sports “-Club“, and also clubs and associations of fans of radio-controlled planes is engaged in RC in their organization.

Not by the plane uniform...

If planes for any reason are not interesting by

to the boy, among the flying brotherhood surely there will be something that will interest him. There are radio-controlled models of helicopters. Here everything, as with radio-controlled planes - different models, classes, types, competitions, and, alas, the prices.

If money it is not a lot of

as it would be desirable, it is possible to pay attention to the favourite of boys of all times - a kite. There is no radio control in it, of course, but it is more interesting to that to learn to operate it, to force to obey. To learn to lift snakes above all and not to give in to a gusty or light breeze. It is not simpler, than to learn to cope with a sail, it is a call and what boy will refuse it. Subsequently the hobby for a kite can develop into such fascinating hobbies as kiting, hand gliding or a paraplanerism in which the same are used wind, the ascending streams of air and a wing which on their palms flies up in the sky. That sky which so attracts the person - from Icarus to our remarkable madcaps.