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And each new day bears in itself one million opening

“Good morning, mummy! You know, today the first time after long gray winter to us in a window glanced a spring spot of sunlight. It appears, it is possible to play with it cheerfully when he stretches the gentle pads to my face and tickles eyelashes, I in reply fervently laugh loudly. And why he did not look on us earlier to play? There can be because this spring for me the first?“

“Good morning, daughter!“

Hurrah! Here and mother woke up, now - that we will play three together. But at first we need to wash, fill our beds and to have breakfast. And still mother as usual will make to me massage and air bathtubs, she says that it is just necessary for me as strengthens my legs and handles, and I will never be ill. “The mummy, also do not forget to turn on the music!“ Every morning we with mother listen to cheerful melodies, mother calls them classical music, and says that this music develops my mental abilities. I do not understand sense of these long words yet, but music is pleasant to me.

It seems to

, we made all important issues, and now we vigorous and cheerful go to walk. I very much like to walk, there is so much new and very interesting around, today we rode a swing in our yard. I independently am not able to sit yet therefore mother takes me on handles, and we are together shaken. Forward - back, fine! And then from the sky departed, being slowly turned, white plumelets, them was much, it is a lot of. As it is interesting to observe how they fall both on houses, and on trees, and even on mother. “Oh, one of them fell to me to a palm! It appears, it is cold!“ I very much wanted to consider it closer and even to taste, so I usually do with everything that gets to my handles, but suddenly it became transparent and wet, and then absolutely disappeared. Miracles!

Here and midday, is also time to come back home.

to us never happens to mother boringly. Most of all I love when mother reads me children`s rhymes and sings amusing songs. Most likely, mother will not be called to sing in opera theater, but for me there is nothing better than her voice. And still I adore riding a sphere, it huge for me, of course, also is covered with pimples. Mother puts a tummy me on a ball and swings in different directions, and I as though fly. Mother says that driving on a ball is useful too, it develops coordination of movements and ability to hold a body in space. When I start walking, it surely is useful to me. And if we trains so diligent further, then I it is obligatory for a camp the astronaut, well or at least the pilot.

Behind a window already darkly, so soon from work the father will return, and we will go to swim. I am already waited by my sea friends: both osminozhka, and squid, and big starfish. I, as well as adults, bathe in a big bathroom, of course, the father always holds me with the strong hands. What this pleasure - to lap, do waves, and the most cheerful is splashes and the ridiculous squelching sound. And still the father does for me falls, brings to it my legs, handles, a tummy, the warm stream of water tickles so that I roar with laughter.

Here one more day also ended with

, tomorrow will be new, and I very much wait for it, it will bring even more new opening, impressions, pleasure. Before going to bed mother will gently kiss me, will sing to me a lullaby, gently pressing to the heart, and I, smacking the lips from pleasure, I will strong fall asleep till the morning.