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How to bypass the age qualification?

each company has preferences in the field of requirements to applicants. For example, there are firms which limit age of the applicant and suggest to visit interviews to people “from... and to...“. Only the top limit is sometimes limited: for example “to 35“. Sometimes - only lower: for example “from 25“. But anyway complexity is available.

What to do?

If you obviously do not fit into an age framework - it does not matter. You can call HR department and ask a question approximately in such form: “I see that in your announcement age restrictions are designated. But it would like to be tried on this vacancy. May I send you the summary if I am more senior (more young)?“ .

Possible version of the answer to your question - categorical “no“ without explanation. Certainly, you can be indignant and pay attention of the personnel officer that his company violates the Russian law which forbids to limit age of the applicant. However if you so declare, then can forever forget about work in this firm: nobody loves that it was learned to live.

But can try to punch a gap in age restrictions. For example:

to offer

Work for which you seek

So you read the announcement in which the age qualification is explicitly stated. Meanwhile to you this work with something is nice, for example:

in principle, can be the set of the reasons for which to you this work attracted in spite of the fact that you do not pass according to the age qualification.

So, you can just recede and reconcile to the fact that someone will get this place to another. And you can try to fight for it.

for this purpose should take an interest in

by phone what the set restrictions are connected with. It is possible to formulate it, for example, so: “I read your announcement. But I see that I not absolutely approach on age. May I take an interest, than your requirements are caused? Perhaps we will come to a conclusion that this work everything is is suitable for me?“ .

it is favorable to p to Talk to such intonation because you emphasize the right of the employer to arrive as to it will like. Yes, you as if recognize, to put forward age limits - it is not absolutely lawful. But not everything in life occurs in strict accordance with the law, and it is possible to benefit by any offer - so show it to the employer.

Beautiful and it is even more beautiful than

to Motivate the employer on communication with you - your main task. Let`s say the personnel officer agreed to explain to you why age restriction is set, for example: