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How to grow up cactuses from seeds, without having a special small greenery?

Cultivation of rare plants from seeds - a true pleasure for the flower grower. And to grow up such exotic from seeds as cactuses are something improbable at all. And, nevertheless, to grow up them does not make special work at observance of certain conditions. And the mass of positive emotions from this process will be provided to you!

Skilled kaktusist have the special small greeneries with lamps and reflectors intended for this sacrament. But for successful cultivation own kaktusit all these attributes are not obligatory, though are desirable. It is quite possible to grow up cactuses from seeds without these “frills“, there would be a desire.

So if you are not sure of the forces, for the first experience can use inexpensive store mix of seeds of cactuses not to risk expensive elite seeds. Seeds need to be disinfected not to allow development of fungal diseases. For this purpose they need to be placed in pink solution of potassium permanganate for 10 - 15 hours. The bulked-up seeds will also ascend quicker.


As for successful shoots needs two main factors - light and heat, so in a midland suitable time comes approximately from the middle of February. At this time day already rather long, warms the sun, it is possible to construct on the southern window sill pass - a small greenery. As a small greenery it is possible to adapt plastic packing from cake (though everything depends on quantity of the available seeds). In deep part at the bottom to puncture a set of openings and to put it on the strong pallet, and to use the second transparent part as a cover. I want to pay attention that when moving the box under weight of the soil caves in that is undesirable for this reason the firm pallet in which the small greenery can be rearranged safely is necessary.

For crops of seeds needs to be prepared pochvosmes with a big share of coarse-grained sand (50 - 70%). This mix is steamed surely on a water bath within half an hour: in a pan pour a little water, from above place the colander laid by fabric and filled with soil, densely cover. After half-hour steaming fire is switched off and allow the soil to cool down gradually, without uncovering. Sterile to a pochvosmesye also fill with this pure, disinfected by alcohol (or strong solution of potassium permanganate) a small greenery.

the Layer of earth should not be too deep, there is enough 2 - 3 cm. It is leveled and do grooves at distance of 1,5 - 2 cm, slightly pressing a ruler. In these grooves also display seeds. Though many use a carpet method, just densely strewing seeds on a soil surface. But at a “linear“ way it is more convenient to mark according to numbers of grooves where what look is seeded, having pasted outside a strip of paper on which to write serial numbers opposite to each groove.

Before crops the soil is carefully humidified very warm (to 50 ° C) boiled water via the pallet. Seeds of cactuses cannot be covered with earth, they are sowed only superficially. For this purpose arm with sharply ground match, a toothpick or a needle. Dipping its tip in water, cling on it a sunflower seed and accurately put in a groove. So transfer all seeds, displaying them in grooves on distance of 1 cm. The small greenery is densely closed a cover and put on a light window. Seeds quickly enough, in 3 - 10 days ascend.

Now the main thing - to support by

a necessary microclimate for seedlings: temperature in a small greenery has to be in the range of 25 - 30 ° With, but not day and night. Difference of daytime and night time temperature is necessary for the best germination therefore it is necessary to provide temperature not higher than 18 - 20 ° at night; C. At a small greenery arrangement at the southern window in sunny days temperature in it rises to 30 ° With above, and in cloudy it is necessary to give the lower heating, for example, by means of an electrohot-water bottle. Daily watch temperature by means of a thermometer.

One more important point - watering. Within the first month the soil always has to be damp. Drying even for days leads to damage of gentle young backs. It is the best of all to water from the pallet because, using a sprayer, it is possible to sweep seeds on all surface of the soil that will lead to inevitable confusion. Water undertakes surely boiled and warm. And only from second month it is possible to accustom gradually seedlings to the usual mode of watering, allowing the soil to dry up a little.

For the correct development of cactuses light is vital

. Of course, young shoots need to be protected from direct sunshine. Their gentle thin skin very sensitive and quickly reddens, and it slows down growth of seedlings. Therefore they need easy shading. The reddened seedlings it is necessary temporarily pritenyat until they get normal green coloring. In general zelenovato - brown color of a thin skin is quite characteristic of the cactuses which are on the solar place.

fresh air is Very important

for germination of seeds and good development of seedlings. Therefore in a cover surely there have to be small openings, or it is just a little shift of it aside that the small greenery was aired and there seaweed were not got. Though some kaktusist recommend not to open within the first month a cover at all. But it is possible to begin in a week airings, uncovering for several minutes that plentiful condensate of water from walls evaporated. And in a sunny day it is obligatory to leave a shchelochka for ventilation that shoots did not overheat inside. For the night it is dense to close a cover.

in process of growth of their seedlings dive, transplanting on bigger distance from each other. Technology of sword-play same, as well as at crops: flat dish, grooves, numbering of types. Pochvosmes it is used same, as well as for crops of seeds. It has to be in moderately damp state. Each seedling needs to be transferred accurately by means of a small rake or a fork to the prepared lunochka with a soil lump on backs. Depth of landing is made so that cotyledons were on a soil surface. And the distance between seedlings approximately equals to their diameter.

Conclusion: the devil is not so black as he is painted. Cactuses from seeds can quite be grown up at a minimum of devices in a suitable season. I wish successful crops to enthusiasts!