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Hairdresses for girls - the classic or a creative?

Most of girls as, however, and boys, is born practically without hair. In the first, and it is frequent and in the second year of life hair do not cause special efforts too. Hairdresses are not necessary to these children. Washing and combing - that`s all that is required to hair of little girls. Then girls grow up, and hair grow too. Also there is a question - what with them to do?

of the Girl as all children, like to run, jump, climb, and from time to time even to roll in a grass. If to leave grown up hair down let, then the vybiraniye from them repyev, blades, and even just combing of the confused locks becomes a problem. Besides, let long hair down in children`s collective - additional danger of acquisition of unwanted insects - parasites. Therefore, hair need to be taken away. As it is better to make it - to solve, of course, to parents. There is a set of children`s hairstyles and hairdresses from which it is possible to choose. Of course, once you remember that exactly to the girl with this hairdress to go, and it is desirable to consider her opinion that the hairstyle or a children`s hairdress was pleasant to the hostess, emphasized identity, and also did not demand difficult leaving.

of the Subtlety of a kosopleteniye or cheerful “tails“?

Long since it is considered h2 that the best hairdress for the girl - a braid. There is a mass of versions and ways to braid it. Two short braids with bows - an example of a hairdress for the girl visiting a garden or elementary grades of school. Girls from high school prefer one braid curling on a back or thrown on a breast, and senior pupils can brag of crowns from the braids laid around the head. “Lambs“ - two braids which ends are tightened to the basis will become a good hairdress for the girl. Perfectly “cone“ - a children`s hairdress in the form of a braid from a set of thin locks looks. She really by the form reminds an ear, and hair from her are practically not beaten out.

However to braid a good braid, it is necessary to have quite thick hair. Otherwise it is not a braid, but “a mouse tail“ - thin, by the end coming to naught. And the skill for weaving of braids is necessary considerable - the little girl will hardly be able to cope. Of course, usually plaits to babies are done by mothers. And if mother on a trip? Fathers seldom are with desire to learn to do plaits, and grandmothers live far more often.

“tail“ is simpler to tie

. One, or two - as is pleasant more. Too a remarkable children`s hairdress to which many girls give preference. And replacement of silk or kapron tapes which setting can be difficult at the beginning by various zakolochka and elastics, allowed “tails“ to become a hairdress for girls with which even the child will cope. However health officers warn that long “tail“, as well as a flowing hair, can facilitate infection with parasites like louses. Alas, it is possible both in kindergarten, and at school in spite of the fact that health workers try to control this problem.

I a braid, and “tail“ - remarkable hairdresses for the girl, however, should remember several moments. Collecting hair in “tail“ or a braid, try to avoid an excessive tension. If hair are beaten out from a braid, it is better to fix them by hairpins - it will help to hold the beaten-out locks, and at the same time will help to distribute evenly a tension that extreme hair which are usually tense stronger that can lead to their loss did not suffer. The tension of hair breaks their food. The hair which are receiving less useful substances become dim, thin, can begin to drop out. That it did not happen, it is always necessary to unplait the hair and to dismiss “tails“ for the night that hair and head skin could have a rest and be restored. However, if hair long, or are strongly confused during a dream, it is possible to braid a soft braid, watching that hair were not tense.

Children`s hairstyles - are especially actual

in the summer

Ahead hot summer, so, short and semi-short children`s hairstyles are very actual right now. Than they are good? Hairpins and elastic bands which are often lost are not necessary. The help of mother in care of hair is not required. It especially is important if you decided to send the daughter to have a rest to children`s camp or sanatorium. Of course, it is possible to hope that leaders will not leave the girl unaided, but it is worth remembering that - two leaders it is the share of one ten - twenty children. If all to do plaits, then on bathing to the sea and another interesting matters of time can not remain. And after bathing it is much easier to dry up a short children`s hairstyle, than a long braid. A beautiful hairstyle - good option of a hairdress for the girl of any age. However in a children`s hairstyle there are some nuances which knowledge will help you to save time, money and own nerves.

The matter is that children`s hair very strongly differ from adults. Easy, disobedient, with own changeable character, they can bring a lot of trouble. If the adult hairstyle can be laid as there is a wish, or to correct, using special styling sprays, then these means are contraindicated to children. Gentle skin of the children`s head can respond an allergy or even a hair loss. Therefore, having decided to cut the girl, it is worth addressing the hairdresser specializing in children`s hairstyles. The skilled expert can practically always foretell how these or those hair after a hairstyle will behave, and will advise that children`s hairstyle which will suit your girl, considering character and structure of hair. That is will well look, it is correct to lie and not to demand big efforts on laying. Ideally - that she was rather simple to be brushed.

In solemn occasions a hair to children even more often is done in a hairdressing salon. And already nobody is surprised, having seen near the habitual man`s and female hall, the hall children`s. With the, children`s experts, means for leaving, and special children`s hairdresses. And it is correct because the structure and character of children`s hair, and also gentle head skin, require to themselves special attention. And big professionalism of the hairdresser. Hairdresses even more often are required for children difficult, often they repeat adult, and children`s hair do not wish to suffer violence over themselves at all and keep in a hairdress much worse. An unruly adult hair the hairdresser to achieve the necessary effect, without doubting, will fill in with foams for laying or it is delicious. And for children`s skin and hair these means should be used carefully. Coloring, highlighting, a chemical wave of any degree of a sinuosity, it is contraindicated to children till 13 years. Nevertheless, in children`s halls and salons can offer the girl coloring of hair by vegetable structures or special soft highlighting. And by New year or birthday the daughter can set hair also with the help hair curlers. It, of course, is not too useful, but if the girl very much wants, then it is possible. Selection of the most natural and soft means and methods of laying will allow to minimize risk of traumatizing hair. Certainly, such choice can be entrusted only the checked expert.

And all-...

Despite growth of number of children`s salons, experts and new, creative children`s hairdresses and hairstyles, it is worth remembering that hairdresses to children have to be selected first of all convenient, esthetic and accurate. Not each teacher or the tutor in kindergarten will be able quietly to treat “dreads“ or “mohawk“ on the pupil`s head. You should not shock people around. It is unlikely to the child it will be psychologically comfortable in an environment of people who look sideways and discuss its hairdress. The advanced, teenage age with its crises and oppositions of to society is suitable for similar “self-expression“ more. The child has to be a child. And hairdresses it is better for children to select nurseries.