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The main thing - desire to feed the baby of

to my son 1 year and 8 months. Even during its expectation I with pleasure represented how the small warm lump will gently suck my breast.

But in the first feeding understood

that is gentle - it is not about us. The kid so seized a breast that in the first day he rassosat it till it bleeds. There were cracks. All subsequent feedings for me were equivalent to a jump in ice water. The acute pain pierced a shoulder and a forearm. Having gritted teeth, I continued feeding. No creams helped. Two weeks later I woke up with breast pain and high temperature. I had a mastitis. In two days milk was practically gone. For me it was accident. I considered myself as useless mother who cannot bring up the child. Pain, temperature, experiences. These days we with the husband do not like to remember.

After visit to the doctor to me did a course of antibiotics, from - for what I interrupted chest feeding for 5 days. Grown wise people frightened by life experience me that the kid can forget a breast.

When after 5 - a day break I applied the kid to a breast, he with greed seized. My pleasure was ten times more, than at the first applying in the patrimonial room.

However remained

cracks, pain, and there was not enough milk. Rather a milk was practically not. All girlfriends who endured this problem did not overtake for volumes to necessary level. Therefore my main objective was to keep those 30 ml which got to mine the baby.


Ya it was decanted each three hours, thanks to a milk pump. Slept at most 4 hours a day. That the nobility how many synulya eats, fed him from a small bottle. As a result of a crack healed. I spat diets. Ate greasy food, a zephyr. Milk began to arrive. And in a month I refused pacifiers and mixes. Day three the kid underate in the evenings. Therefore woke up quite often at night. But shortly everything was adjusted.

Now I am proud that I could fulfill the mother duty. And happened to me only strengthened this feeling. I entered a feeding up in 6,5.

I know

Ya that it happens with more than a half of young mothers. Also I want to tell them that the main thing - desire to feed the baby with the milk. There is nothing more trembling, than a posapyvaniye of your child about heart. Therefore, girls, all in your hands.

Thanks to my relatives who helped to believe me that everything will be good. Thanks to my husband for patience and support! Good luck to you, mothers!