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Press a button. We master game panels

Game panels enjoy deserved popularity both at parents, and at kids: they are mnogofunktsionalna and promote all-round development of the baby. What possibilities of this “clever“ toy?

What is it?

the Game panel represents the complete design connecting various toys which stimulate development of the kid. So, the musical toy as a part of the panel develops acoustical perception and concentration. Bright colors of other toys are urged to improve visual and color perception. Soft parts of the panel cause positive feelings from contact with the invoice of material, improving tactile perception. Besides, some components of the game panel easily unfasten and can be used as independent toys. The game panels which are included in the package of the developing centers for kids promote growth of informative activity and all-round development of the child.

Game panels, their parts and additions make

of diverse materials: plastic, silicone, fabric, rubber or tree.

On a game surface of the removable panel a lot of interesting finds room to the baby of objects: removable toys, sound mechanisms, buttons, rychazhka and so forth. The safe pocket mirror which is a part of the panel calls the child again and again to consider the reflection - it is useful for emotional and mental development of kids. Rattles and other elements of a game table help the baby to develop motility of fingers, visually - acoustical perception and attention. Game with various elements gives to the kid new touch impressions, develops small motility, attention and memory, learns to trace prichinno - investigative communications. Game with the panel helps to train coordination and skills of the movement, and a variety of textures of materials, their various density and separate fine details perfectly develop tactile feelings and touch perception, large and small motility of hands of the kid.

What they are?

Depending on a way of game, fastening and additions, are allocated by several types of game panels.

the Game panel with fastening on a bed. Such panels make of various fabrics (plush, velveteen, textiles) or plastic. They fasten on boards of a bed and a carriage by means of flypapers, soft strings or special clips.

the Unilateral or two-sided developing panels. They represent the separate platforms most often made of plastic. Such panels are often universal: they can fasten on a bed, and can stand on a surface. Usually the parties are differentiated on age: one party is intended for children from 0 to 6 months, and another - from 6 to 12 months. The multi-colored keys of a piano with different sounding which are a part of the similar game center are popular. And the keyboard can be presented at the same time two types: for fingers of hands and for legs. When pressing keys there can be also other “miracles“: to be lit bulbs, “to come to life“ and move toys.

the Game panel - a turnichok. As a rule, fastens in two provisions. Kids are more senior can play panel components, sitting on a floor, and absolutely small - lying on a back to reach the toys which are hanging down with a turnichka or platforms.

Game panels with fastening on a stool. the Panel and a stool are on sale in a set, if necessary the design easily understands: the game panel is removed, and the children`s stool can serve as the personal place for sitting. Sometimes the seat can be executed in the form of an inflatable chair or a massage small pillow with balls. Some panels fasten on a little table from a stool for feeding and are on sale in a set.

the Arena with the game panel. Has low soft sides on which the developing toys and various additions - pockets with inserts are placed. Being in such arena, the kid can creep up to different parts of the developing panorama.

the Game panel - a transformer. Multifunctionality of such game center is that it is easily transformed to other toys and devices. For example, when the baby will grow up and will learn to go, the panel can turn into a remarkable wheelchair with the trailer which it is possible to ride most and to carry favourite toys.

Game panels for a bathroom. Fasten on a bathtub by means of suckers and include the toys intended for games with water.


It is chosen the game panel

a Big variety of children`s game panels and the centers sets us thinking on purchase of the “correct“ toy. What it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of the game center for your kid to?
  • Soft game panels if only they not musical, have to be erased and be easily rather strong to maintain active manipulations of the child and frequent washings. All soft parts have to be well stitched and evenly filled with stuffing.
  • you Watch that music of game panels was not too loud. It is good if loudness is regulated, and the selection of melodies is pleasant aurally.
  • Pay attention to drawings. The image has to be accurate, rather large, and drawings - it is easy to be classified. The translated or put with paint pictures should not be washed away at hit of water on them.
  • of the Toy and other additions to panels should not contain fine details that the baby did not swallow them, and the surface of all parts of the panel has to be well polished, not contain uneven edges.
  • Fastening of game panels has to be rather strong. Legs of the developing little tables and turnichok with toys also have to be strong that the toy did not overturn on the child. Also estimate reliability of fastening of mobile parts of the panel to its basis, taking into account the increasing curiosity and informative enthusiasm of the baby.
we Will play

with the kid

the Presented types of game panels are generally actual for children aged till 5 - 6 months as possibilities of game with such toys are provided just for this period. Games with elements of panels promote development and improvement of many mental processes: perceptions, visual and acoustical concentration, motive coordination, skills of tracking a moving subject, turn of the head towards the interesting toy, examining of the objects which are under review.

Offering the baby a new toy, once he shows options of actions with its elements, for example, to show, the castor rotates, the buttons are pressed, inserts are taken out. Subsequently the kid will be able independently to think up different ways of actions with objects: for example, to press the buttons not all palm, but one finger; to knock on a rattle not a hand, and other toy.

0 - 1 month. to the Kid it is important to em to learn to listen to the sounds proceeding from objects, to consider the toys which are under review.

since the birth the kid can Already distinguish colors. The most preferable to his perception is the contrast combination black and white so far. Producers of game panels for kids consider it and include in a complete set is black - white toys. At the age of 1 month the baby learns to distinguish yellow, red and green colors.


For development of skills of acoustical and visual concentration well are suitable bright suspended panels on a bed with musical or light additions. Attach in sight of the child the panel with the sounding or blinking multi-colored bulbs toys. That it was simpler to kid to focus and hold a look on objects, toys should not be too much (2 - 3 enough). Involve the musical or shining mechanism. The kid will try to find a source of a sound or light in space, to focus on it a look.

2 - 3 months. At this age the baby learns to turn the head towards the interested subject. For this purpose the game panels fastening on boards of a bed or a carriage will approach. For example, hang up on a bed bright soft or plastic panels on the right and to the left of the child and draw his attention: “Look what interesting toys are!“ The kid turns the head towards interesting objects - neck muscles train, lateral sight, visual concentration develops.


Will be suitable for game the panel - a turnichok with various toys. Having put the baby on a mattress, strengthen the panel so that the kid saw all its components. Involve sound or lighting effects, various mechanisms of the panel. At first the child will observe, and then will begin to reach for interesting toys. So skills of supervision, visual and acoustical concentration develop.

Can put small toys from the panel in the child`s handles, to induce it to touch soft details, to feel them. Thus tactile feelings, perception of an impressive surface develop, receptors of palms and fingers actively work.

Spread the child on a stomach, drawing its attention to the unilateral game panel that it could raise a head and consider toys.

Offering the baby a new toy, once it shows options of actions with its elements.

4 months. the aspiration of the kid to reach for a toy, to touch it and to clamp in palms Develops. The child uses the muscular efforts to reach a toy, to touch it, at first is casual, and then intentionally; makes attempts to grab a toy. Gradually the kid learns to act with a hand purposefully. The panel - a turnichok with the toys making various sounds (rattles, hand bells, shurshalka, musical mechanisms) well is suitable for development of these abilities. Put a turnichok so that the baby could reach a toy freely. Interest him, having put a rattle in action. The kid at first attentively watches your movements, and then tries to act independently. Along with ability to imitate actions of adults, tactile feelings from contact with the invoice of material, visually - acoustical concentration and coordination are improved.

At this age at the kid focus of movements develops. For game musical panels with keys will be suitable for hands and legs. The child, making the chaotic movements, at first presses keys incidentally. After a while he begins to understand prichinno - investigative communication between the movement of handles - legs and the heard sounds.

the Baby learned to turn over from a back sideways, then on a stomach. At this age the kid especially will like stay in a game arena. Multi-colored illustrations on soft boards of an arena, multipurpose game elements of the panel attached to its boards induce the baby to turn over dexterously from a back on a stomach that better to consider them, and to reach toys in such situation. These peculiar exercises perfectly improve coordination of movements, develop muscles.

of 5 months. Put the kid on a stomach, having arranged before it the unilateral or two-sided musical panel - let reaches buttons and presses them in such situation. Along with training of muscles of hands, necks and backs small and general motility develops.

Tell the child short stories about the heroes represented on the panel - the folding bed attached to a bed. The kid will try to reach or even to crawl to the bright panel to consider drawings closer and to touch them.

will be is suitable for games of the panel - little tables with an inflatable chair. The baby just learns to sit, and the inflatable easy chair reduces load of a weak backbone. The panel - a little table with toys for a long time will interest the child, forming attention, visual concentration and coordination of movements.

of 6 months. the Kid every day masters all new movements, studies new ways of actions with objects, learns to creep. The unilateral or two-sided developing panels are suitable for development of the child at this age. The kid so likes to press multi-colored buttons, to pull for shnurochka, to take out plush inserts - toys from panel pockets, to consider himself in a mirror.

the Child learned to sit, and now the panel with fastening on a stool will be suitable for games. Bright toys will draw attention of the little fidget, and the children`s armchair will ensure comfort and safety.

in the course of games with participation of such panels the understanding prichinno - investigative communication actively develops (pressed a button - sparks started blinking, pulled for a lace - the hand bell other rang out) small motility, acoustical and visual perception is improved.


For water procedures will be suitable game panels on suckers. Charming characters will keep the company to the kid during bathing. Sitting in a bathtub, the baby can twist a water-mill castor, observing as water flows down. And with the mother`s help it is possible to unfasten from the panel of a toy and to throw them into water, to gather water in molds and to pour in a bathtub.