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Summer at the dacha - the kid opens the world of

for my Danila one and a half years, and on a family council was decided that long moving and sharp changes of climate will not do good to its weak infantile health. So the summer for me from the very beginning appeared without special prospects - giving in Moscow area, that on which “grew up“ me in due time. Of course, free from work and other types of rest time grandmothers - grandfathers and the father tried to devote us the little, but generally all the time we with the son saw off in proud loneliness. In this situation, certainly, there were pluses and minuses. From pluses I will note an opportunity as it is strange to know it, after almost two-year joint life, each other still better and an opportunity at last to povospityvat the child independently. Household minuses at the dacha with an oven and a well at the end of the lane and other conveniences are obvious without words. But believe, all spent forces and nerves a hundred times pay off the wonderful changes every day occurring in the child!

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, than it is possible to occupy a small one-and-a-half-year-old hurricane on 6 hundred parts? It appears, to opportunities not to consider number. The big bush of currant became the first and most favourite opening - it appears, the food can be got most! Than was also engaged from the first green berries, despite all my protests. Not terribly, green and dirty, despite all gloomy forecasts of doctors, to a small tummy they made nothing bad. As well as small portions of stones, sand, dog porridge and an other pasture - it appears, everything can be digested without consequences (fie - fie). But this situation became for us the first summer lesson - ability to understand immutable bans. In the city, perhaps, owing to small age, still it was not necessary to insist especially on anything, I tried to concede and reach compromise always, whenever possible. And here - well it is impossible to eat such bright and red elder that I can make with it! Therefore nothing thinking quite often was necessary (already much more rare) to drag away from own cries of the researcher where far away from object of desire.

Other hobby. By the way, the easel backpack very much was useful for long forest walks - where the armored train will not fly... And here we were waited by an immediate task - small legs did not get used to go much yet. As soon it became clear, the main thing - to interest in the road. On the road began to look for cones, toads, to consider lacy shadows on the earth, to throw forward pebbles. And already we pass distances, huge for us. And very much absence of temptation - helps at a carriage for anything will not want to go much. Perhaps and early, but when Danilka begins to be capricious, and we is far from the house - patiently I explain that each its short step through fatigue - a short step to force and a maturity.

Descended on the rural yard to get acquainted with animals - it turned out that it is very convenient to send hens, and rams - to pinch and kiss. Went on a reservoir, but, unfortunately, the inflatable kayak caused enthusiasm only ashore. But in water to depth it was torn very much.

B than I see unconditional advantages of such noncomfortable and unpredictable country life? In - the first, I can provide without a certain risk to the child much bigger freedom, than - it is possible bravely to allow the pioneer to lag behind in the city on a forest footpath, it is possible to stroke a neighbour`s dog and even to get into a warm pool after a rain. Will not jump out from - for a corner the car, the familiar dog unless will lick in a nose and if you become wet - that behind the back of mother always a backpack with spare clothes and the house always nearby. In - the second, I can provide to the child much more independence.

As it is wonderful

, waking up, at once to leave in a morning garden, and without hurrying to bypass the possession! And while mother makes a breakfast, behind bushes the suntanned nape efficiently flashes, - my little man checks the possession. He already learned to enclose firewood in a fire, to collect cucumbers in a hotbed, to carry a bucket to a well and many other such important and big issues. Participation in our adulthood overflows it with pride and pleasure. And I am happy, seeing as my kid, until recently such awkward and timid, gradually turns into the judicious and independent boy, the little owner of the world. The world which turned to it this summer the new, polichromatic and surprising party which was hidden behind walls of a carriage and the house earlier.

Augustus, and we will still live in the country until cold September rains do not force us to think of comfort and a heat bath. To a meeting in September!