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Sixteen pluses of GV

to my kid 9 months and, despite the entered feeding up, we continue to eat a mother`s milk. To my huge regret, still there are people who are brought up on old rules, and they consider as nonsense feeding by a breast of the kid years are more senior. Is even such which are drawn that there was no more milk when to the kid 9 - 10 months are executed. The reason at all different:“ then the child already adult will be more difficult to separate from a breast“ (as if at this age it for them not a stress), “and he should not see a mother`s breast“, “the tightening of breastfeeding slows down development of the child and such delusions weight“. I faced that the loved one in my family derides me for the fact that I am going to feed, so to speak, “to a last straw“. Person to me very close and favourite. And that more sick to hear these sneers. This person refused to read the literature offered by me, and I decided to collect all pluses of GV from magazines and books for parents and to show it. I hope, it to be useful not only me and will help to resist another defending long breastfeeding of the kids.

  1. Health of mother:
    • long feeding by a breast helps to lose excess weight and to take doberemenny shape;
    • is reduced by risk of development of breast cancer, a uterus, an endometriya and ovaries;
    • protects
    • from osteoporosis.
  2. Health of the child.
    Than longer the kid receives women`s milk, the subjects
    • it is better protected from infections;
    • quicker and more effectively develops;
    • suffer from
    • from an allergy less often (receiving a mother`s milk it is more than a year)
    • to
    • are less subject to risk of cancer diseases;
    • get sick with diabetes twice less often;
    • it is healthier than
    • its teeth, and its bite is more correctly formed;
    • more sharply sight (strangely enough, it depends on feeding duration too);
    • by
    • better acquire calcium;
    • the probability of a yododefitsit is less than
    • (if mother accepts iodine preparations);
    • immunity is stronger than
    • , children are ill, perhaps, and also often (as sceptics claim), but have diseases easier.
  3. Economy and labor input - at least, till 1,5 years of the kid it is necessary to finish feeding mix, especially at night:
    • mix cost the most various - from 150 to 1000 rub. However more often mothers stop the choice on qualitative mixes worth about 500 - 800 rub since they I cause dysbacteriosis and an allergy less often, and this packing is not enough even for a week;
    • you do not forget
    • about vomiting. Parents of bottle-fed babies somehow asked me: Whether “All as it should be with my kid why he unlike their two children does not belch after food the fountain?“
    • cooking of mix takes away time, and it has to be always freshen: what it is simpler - to give a breast or to rise and prepare mix?!
    • if we give to
    • a breast at night and, without worrying about teeth of the kid, quietly together with the happy kid we fall asleep, then mothers feeding with mix have to remember that it is necessary to wipe teeth with the third tea leaves of green tea (pay attention - it is it also two times should be made before...) that mix did not exert an adverse effect on teeth, and only then, maybe, and to fall asleep;
    • the kid who instead of immediately received food waited for a small bottle and then also mummy to it in a mouth with something unpleasant climbed, will not be strongly happy...
  4. High I.Q.:
    • in milk of the nursing mother is the rare substances providing ripening of a cerebral cortex of the child;
    • milk of any other animal cannot promote fully development of a brain of the person, otherwise all animals would have I.Q., similar to us.
  5. Nervous system of the kid:
    • mother`s milk promotes uniform ripening at the kid of nervous system;
    • children who were fed by about two years with breast milk quieter, balanced, at them are less cases of a sleep disorder, they endure pain, fatigue and stresses easier
  6. Not only I faced that the child loves the father more (in someone`s situation - the grandmother) which leaves for work, and in the evening the kid joyfully pulls handles, smiles, crools at the sight of his face, but not mother. At first I was upset and assumed that I do something not as it is necessary, did not find an explanation for they in literature yet are psychologists established that to a certain age (somewhere till three years) the child perceives himself and mother as a unit therefore it do not realize separate “I“ to this age. See the world mother`s eyes, adopt her emotions, character, feelings, intonations etc. Therefore it is so important before full “maturing“ own “I“ to be connected with mother. The opinion “is wrong the earlier to separate - the quicker “I“ will ripen. No, it will not turn out - the child will just feel that he something was deprived, tore off part of his personality. It is known that somewhere from 1,5 years kids 2 - 3 eat (generally in the morning and at night) and 2 - 3 times reduce stress - applying to a breast. At this age the world opens for them with a huge speed - every day the mass of new opening, emotions (both positive, and negative). And breast milk is a support and confidence that everything is all right.
  7. Gastrointestinal tract of the baby:
    • logically, the child is ready to full I feed only when has a full set of milk teeth and is capable to chew food carefully independently;
    • milk of mother is ideally balanced by
    • on structure and adapts to the changes happening to the kid.
  8. no
  9. Need for sucking - on researches of some scientists, to 45% of smokers were had by opportunities in infancy to satisfy this requirement. As the best option - the child will independently outgrow this requirement. Then it is not necessary to separate. From the same point of view - you should not develop at a lyala in infancy will power and to put it to sleep one in a huge bed without constant source of heat, a smell, taste of mother. He during 9 - ti felt months all this, and here sharply deprive of everything - terribly...
  10. Again teeth - a teething the sensitive issue of all kids, GV gives to
  11. the chance to replace (though not fully) medicamentous intervention in this period - the child just begins to be put to a breast more often. For us it served regular a signal to emergence of new zubik. Each mother wants that her child did not get used since childhood to chemistry.
  12. the Known fact - the African children who are on GV to 3, and even till 5 years in physical parameters are ahead of children from other more developed countries not only in early age, but also then. It is also known that most of long-livers on the planet ate breast milk to 3 - x years.
  13. of Missile defense advantage of colostrum in general, probably, should not be mentioned, in Ancient Greece some recipes included milk of just given rise woman.
  14. Beauty of mother: each mother at the first feeding after the delivery felt
    • how when sucking colostrum at it the uterus from reductions pulses. Early applying allows it to be reduced quicker;
    • if to stop GV till 1,5 years, then the breast any more will never be able to return to a former form. Only gradual fading of a lactation is capable to make it. Of course, it individually and if you and before childbirth had 4 - 6 size, then the breast will not “stand“. But return to a former form is possible.
  15. Baby`s dummy. We know everything about its harm, and only GV gives the chance of its minimum use.
  16. Presently early appearance at work and continuation of GV are possible
  17. - decantation at work each three hours (a milk pump it is no more than 15 min.) and full night feeding. It is known that stimulation of a lactation depends on night feedings.
  18. If the baby fell, someone offended it, or he got sick - in breast milk there are hormones of pleasure (endorphins), but also sucking calms.
  19. Feeding by a breast is not only supply of the child with the best natural provisions for development and growth, it and the main lessons of mutual understanding and interaction with the native person. Long GV promotes strengthening of confidential and quiet relationship in the future between parents and the child.

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