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The stone with a stuffing of

Tradition says that the person who kissed a stone, built in in a wall of the lock of Blarni (Blarney) in the far county Cork in Ireland will find a gift of the gab.

this part of a stone on which in old times crowned kings of Scotland and suggested to

the author an idea to create the hands stones with gifts... in them!

for this purpose the author offers

the specific recipe of the test of which stones with a gift stuffing will be, actually, made. The structure of the test is picked up so that to repeat the invoice of a stone. Production is very simple therefore you can easily and cheerfully carry out it together with children. to you it will be required by

For production of the salty test for stones with a stuffing to p:

Mix all dry ingredients of the salty test and begin to pour gradually in water, dough of the consistence accepted for a molding will not turn out yet. Most likely, you do not need all water (that dough did not turn out too liquid).

Knead salty dough on the sprinkled surface flour until it becomes smooth.

Divide dough into parts of the size which is required for you and hide in each piece a small surprise in the form of a plastic toy in a polyethylene bag, a glass ball or even a coin. Create from the test of a form, similar to stones. The author baked the stones in an oven at 65 degrees 1 hour (and then still left stones in the cooling-down oven for the second hour), and then finally dried at the room temperature about 3 days (it is possible longer).

Time of roasting and drying depends on the size of stones and humidity in your house.

When stones of handwork will dry, they will become similar to the presents both by sight, and to the touch.

Stones can be painted with

on subject of the coming holidays. It is possible to stick stones in the form of eggs by Easter or to organize a party in style of dinosaurs. And by means of such stones it is possible to guess: the person got what inside, waits for him in new year. Anyway, children (and adults that there to conceal) will be delighted with dissecting of stones the hammer and searches in a treasured surprise!

It is possible, you will manage to improve the recipe of the salty test so that the result will be even more similar to the real stone.

Cheerful to you holidays!