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Alternative to a municipal garden?

to Choose kindergarten just only at first sight. If municipal kindergartens you for any reason do not arrange what to do? An exit is! To look for private kindergarten. Now there is a lot of them, there are private gardens on the basis of the same municipal, there are they at major companies, there are even home kindergartens.

Private kindergartens often happen more expensive though some exist on grants (Sorosovskiye, for example), and from parents take rather cheap, but they often please us with an individual approach, more various menu and a wide choice of the educational and developing techniques. Valfdorskiye and Zaytsevskiye, Montessori or Domanovskiye, language, dancing, sports. How to orient in these names and the directions?

to Develop or not to develop



What techniques private kindergartens can please us?

By the principle of interaction with the child everything them can be divided into two groups: developing which offer the certain occupations aimed at these or those qualities or abilities of the kid, and preaching non-interference that is a certain space is provided to the child for games, interaction with other members of group, self-development, and the tutor interferes only in extreme cases or at the request of the child.


To the first group possess Montessori, Zaytsev, Doman`s techniques, to the second - Valfdorfskiye and to them similar. Each approach has pluses and minuses.

In Valfdorfsky gardens do not seek to develop intelligence of the child it is staked on knowledge of the world through own experience more likely. The child`s assessment - both negative, and positive is not welcomed here. Bans too not in honor, can be also used, only if action bears threat to the child or people around. Here Lyubov reigns. The atmosphere of goodwill, love and mutual aid, lack of estimates, so, the competition, allows kids to develop individually and brightly, to show the talents and abilities - not because it is demanded but because it is interesting to it.

the Developing kindergartens preach absolutely other approach. That the child developed, it should be developed. Various cubes, tables, inserts and books, singing and dance, gymnastics and languages, a molding, drawing, mathematics - all this is directed to giving food to inquisitive mind, to develop plasticity, abilities and talents. The choice of the direction of development can be based only on abilities and tendencies of the child. And here to pick up a technique of occupations the psychologist can help. They, by the way, are in many private kindergartens, as well as the logopedist, the massage therapist, the nutritionist and other experts.

House nurseries a garden

Separate group can deliver to

rather recently appeared home kindergartens and “vzaimonyanstvo“. The home kindergarten is when someone, most often itself having the child, gathers small group (3 - 6 children), and at home, for some payment looks after them, is engaged, feeds, walks. Techniques and an orientation of occupations in a house garden are very individual. It can be both Valfdorfsky techniques, and classes in Zaytsev`s cubes, or perhaps here the kid will be taught to English or French? It in many respects depends on abilities of the one who is engaged in education. And still home kindergartens happen “spontaneous“, not registered anywhere so at the choice it is worth paying attention to the documents causing activity of such garden, and also responses of parents whose children visit him. In principle, home kindergartens are quite good at least the fact that they are usually looked for “in the yard“, children in groups of different age, and in small groups it is simpler to pay all attention.

of “Vzaimonyanstvo“ is in fact, even not a garden. Just the mothers who are living nearby from each other and having similar views on education of children unite by the principle “today I sit with yours - tomorrow you with mine“. Similarity of views and personal acquaintance instill confidence that the child in reliable hands, children have an opportunity to play and communicate, toys do not manage to bother kids as in each house they different, and it is possible even to agree and buy expensive “razvivalka“ together. And at mother time for work, shopping or a hairdressing salon is released.


the Developing techniques - it is fine. The sensitive, benevolent relation allowing to reveal and develop talents - is magnificent. But, how to be spoken “with facility was on paper and forgot about ravines“. What nuances should be considered, sending the kid to a supergarden?

the Valfdorfsky technique is not capable to give to the kid necessary psychological preparation for school. To the child who got used to lack of estimates, interventions and strict supervision the usual school is a stress and big test for mentality. He can become isolated, retire into oneself, it is difficult to it to fit into group of other children, more aggressive, adjusted on the competition. There are, of course, Valfdorfsky schools, but also they grant a delay of “collision with the world“ only before the termination. After - institute, both the same estimates and the competition.

the Developing gardens, of course, will prepare the child for school better, will teach to estimate themselves and others, will give a stock of knowledge and skills which will distinguish the child from the peers who left usual gardens. But also here the difficulties.

the Education system is calculated by

on the average level which to the graduate of a supergarden is already uninteresting. Try to force the child able to write to draw on an extent of year sticks in a copy-book. There are special classes where children are taken on the level of their development. It is an exit, but practically all developing techniques are developed for children of younger school. In the fifth class they are often returned on the general level, and they, missing, are disappointed and quite often roll down on the three.

However, the problem is easily resolved by visit of circles, the choice of schools with profound studying of the interesting objects, or just visits of the tutor which will not allow interest to wither, without having borne fruits.

So, making the decision about wonderful developing a garden, it is worth counting several following stages of development of the child in advance.

the situation with the gardens paying special attention to esthetic or physical development Also is. If the child wants to dance, practise music, to draw, or to play sports after a garden, comprehensive schools can seldom give it such opportunity. But doors of music, art and sports schools are open for it.

So, the choice is, and there is a lot of options. Before giving preference any of them, think. Even the most magnificent private developing garden does not cost to go to it through the half-cities, and then - as much back. And still look narrowly at the child. Let your choice will be defined by his tendencies and preferences. You should not choose the French garden, being guided by fashion, or musical because you very much wanted to play a violin. It is better to develop what is already put in the child, only then it will bring joy to him and satisfaction to you.