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Alyoshin the diary

Now I already big, but with pleasure remember those days when still was able nothing.

Well, for example, when I was 3 months old. At this age I am already an athlete: my height of 61 cm and weight of 6,1 kg!

I Wake up early, hours at 6 in the morning though I can also in 5 even. Mother of it does not love, is unclear why. I to me it is good: I am given at once a milk mother`s. Sometimes after that I still will doze, and today a reluctance. To begin to cry perhaps?

It is fine, I will not be, mother of wons got up too. Now she will change clothes of me, will put on a pure diaper and we will go for a walk. Yes, I do not like to put on! I will cry. No, I will not be today, mother decided to tell me a rhyme and a pacifier to give. Yes, it is so already best of all.

A here we and on the street! I so far only lie, but mother opened carriage top therefore I see something blue - blue! And still I see something there. Me told mother that birdies departed. And we went, and to me it became so good, good. I probably now will fall asleep...

Well, here, precisely. Probably, overslept all walk. Aha. Mother says that it is necessary already home, to eat. Well, I like to eat, I agree.

of the House it is good too. Today I found out that I can twist, well as there... yes, hands. These are my hands. And there are a lot of fingers. Same it is so interesting. Mother looks at me and smiles, I, appear, I begin to study the hands! And what to me still to study! And here I still I see hares. They hang over my bed and if mother includes them, begin to spin, and music plays. And music such very much is pleasant to me!

Oops! Here so surprise. It appears while I lay, I obkakatsya! Now I am carried in a bathroom to wash up and change clothes. Yes. Because I do not like to be dirty. I also can begin to cry!

Well, everything, now I am pure. And why me mother put not in a bed? Oh, and what it it does? Irons to me handles and legs, smears them with something and sings songs. Massage is called, and it is very pleasant!

Well, all! I want to eat again! And then it is possible and to have a sleep a little bit.

A in the evening we once again will go we will take a walk. Now I will try not to fall asleep, to me mother on a carriage of a rattle hung up. I can reach them - and they rattle! It is pleasant to walk to me - so many new sounds: cars go, birdies sing, and this that for a sound, I hear the first time... Mother told that it is the uncle drills. It was not pleasant to me, very much it is loud.

Here we home came. Let`s bathe now. In a bathroom I bathe on a special children`s nozzle, I do not know how it is called. In a skin. Oh! To me now the head will be washed. Well, I do not love this business. But my shampoo fine smells!

Well, at last. Now I pure lie on a bed. Mother sings to me a lullaby. I from it do not fall asleep, but it is pleasant to listen to me very much. Now a milk I will drink and to sleep - tomorrow new day. Interestingly, what I will learn tomorrow?