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Story about the birth of my sons. Part III

the Beginning

the Son the third

Generally I wanted one more child. Of course, the girl as two boys already were (the husband from first marriage had plus the son too), but as I spoke to all, years so through five. At that time my to the second to a synulka year was executed, it became easier for me, I actively took care of the own life (beauty shop, the gym of 6 times a week, thought still to register in dances). Also looked through vacancies as my mother perfectly coped with the grandson and was not against to be engaged in it in case of my appearance at work. In the middle of November we is cheerful and noisy celebrated my birthday (29 knocked), and in the first of December at me monthly did not come...

For some reason I was sure that it is just a delay though there was once when we with the husband forgot about care. Even did not begin to do tests also for all jokes of the husband that it “it“, laughed and disabused him. There passed two weeks, nothing happened, and I went to a drugstore. The first attempt crowned two strips, the second for the morning was already as ascertaining of the fact. I had a real state of shock, but thoughts of abortion neither at me, nor at the husband this time did not even arise. Of course, to give birth! I cannot tell that I was directly happy in spite of the fact that the second son as, however, and the first, was rather quiet, well slept, well ate, practically did not cry and was not ill at all. In total - I felt some physical and moral fatigue, any depression, but isolation on life tired a little, it was still a pity to get out of good physical shape into which I brought myself by enough rigid trainings. And the third time to give birth it seemed even more terribly, despite almost ideal and trouble-free first and second labor. For some reason all pregnancy me was pursued by fear that this time everything so smoothly will not pass.

the Husband me surrounded

with care, convinced that almost stair-steppers - it is remarkable. What when I give rise, will employ the nurse and if I want, will even pay to me plastic surgeries if I have such - problems with a figure which I will not be able to correct in the gym. Generally, I went to surprise with the arrival for registration of the doctor in ZhK. The third pregnancy it was heavier to go, of course: the organism still was insufficiently restored after the previous childbirth (well, I so felt it). The little madcap who wishes to scramble to mother on handles moves on a playground with velocity of light, household cares which nobody cancelled... And all this against constant desire to lay down and have a sleep. Praise to heaven, I did not learn what is toxicosis! However, passed almost all pregnancy with the raised tone, and in the end tested for the first time what is hypostases. On the first ultrasonography in 12 - 13 weeks the sex of the kid was not defined, of course, and here in 21 - 22 weeks of ultrasonography I had to do even 4 times within 2 weeks because the child so turned that the doctor could not consider his heart, and for an exception of pathologies procedure I had to come several times. With a heart everything appeared normally, and for 4 sessions the doctor considered in all details that I will have a son again. Nobody trusted, but we with the husband were not upset at all, and, on the contrary, burst out laughing: “And who else we can have!“ With the term of PDR the confusion turned out, on ultrasonography put the end of August, the doctor - the middle, and I thought that in the first.

was decided to Give birth in the same maternity hospital and with the same doctor, as the second son. At the end of July, on Thursday, arrived to it on survey, the stomach was already strongly lowered, the doctor as always very accurately looked and told that disclosure of 1 cm - I even do not reach before the end of the week. Ordered as soon as I feel fights if waters will depart, without hesitating to go to maternity hospital and to cause it as the probability of prompt childbirth is high.

Well, a week more I departed, it was even necessary to visit ZhK from where I already with wishes of safe childbirth was seen off still. And the heat stood terrible, the stomach to the earth pulls, generally, I was already eager to give rise. And on August 3, on Saturday, survey at my doctor was just appointed, started “nesting“: washed up everything, washed, prepared food, packaged the refrigerator products and began to wait for the husband from work, being going to go in the evening to the doctor (she was just on duty). I, of course, had latently a thought that I these efforts will provoke approach of childbirth, but first of all something as pushed me to be engaged in economy that day. In the evening about 18 h we with the husband slowly went to maternity hospital to our doctor, then, as always, survey. And here she with astonishment so asks me: “And you feel nothing?“ I speak: “No, well the stomach a little bit sips and I naubiratsya, run today“. And here it seems it is also expected, but at the same time unexpectedly it dumbfounds me:“ Yes you give birth, you have already nearly 5 cm opening, go to be made out also in patrimonial“. I was also delighted and frightened at the same time, hardly persuaded me to allow to go home behind things (we when went to reception, with ourselves took nothing). It which - as agreed, the benefit we live near maternity hospital (5 minutes by car). In the yard met my mother (they with the father live in the next entrance), warned her and run home. You will laugh, but I first of all washed the head, brushed the hair, made an easy make-up... As they say, to a meeting with the son fully equipped though to the doctor I too, naturally, went in a decent look, but here it seemed to me that I am insufficiently good. The husband so a little strange looked at me - to the woman to give birth, and she makes up eyelashes! Well, the pregnant woman that from her you will take! In 30 - 40 minutes I coped, picked up things and we went to maternity hospital again. In the yard at us in the summer of the people fully walks, and all neighbors saw off me as on a feat.

In maternity hospital, as usual, disguise, farewell to the husband, an enema and forward - to give birth. When in delivery room rose, pains were not though time was already about nine in the evening, and disclosure was already 8 cm. I got to a touch separate paid patrimonial chamber, it even some native seemed to me. I lie on a bed, I iron a stomach, mentally I talk to the son as I love it as all of us wait for it. Fights amplify slowly, in breaks I fall asleep for some reason though the general state at me is enough - nervous and excited. In an hour, at ten in the evening, pain becomes quite notable, and I understand that to get off as it will not turn out last time (when for the entire period of childbirth really it was sick only the last 30 minutes). I try to prodykhivat fights, I look for a comfortable position for a body, I press on points on a waist, trying not to groan. I call the husband, I ache and I complain that it is very sick, he as can, supports and tries to make laugh, I begin to laugh, and it becomes for some reason even more sick. The doctor comes and consoles that I will give rise soon. Yes I, in general, understand that soon, but the patience comes to an end, there is a wish to shout a bit, but it is somehow inconvenient. I continue to suffer. Almost at half past ten waters depart, I rejoice because in the previous two times it occurred in 30 minutes prior to appearance of the kid on light, but in this childbirth I should wait for even more than an hour. At last, in 23 - 30 begins to grieve strongly, to me allow not to restrain and transfer to a maternity chair.

I here - attention! All maternity hospital disconnects electricity! Light dies away, I in complete darkness on a maternity chair, attempts, childbirth full speed! The doctor orders to bring reserve lamps, bring one which in a minute dies away as explained to me, did not manage to be loaded, and they do not have another. In a corridor on a post by phone swear at the organization which is responsible for giving of light, I am for some reason almost quiet and concentrated on the feelings though all in eager rivalry try to encourage me that light will be given now. But time presses, and process of the childbirth which I already is not able to stop though me it is guilty ask whether I can not make an effort some time.

When is understood that I cannot, the new team sounds: “To bring all cell phones, to turn on them and to direct you understand where!“ I, being stunned by all events, see how a semicircle, opposite to my legs, the person five with the switched-on phones is built, hear that the doctor complains that it is not enough light, shout what would be taken from a bed my cellular (it has very big screen). Attach light from the screen of my mobile phone to general illumination, I overhear that, really, it one shines as their five, and I feel how on the next attempt the head is born... For some reason suddenly I fail in a dream, to me shout: “Do not sleep! Be not disconnected!“ Hardly I open eyes, the strong grasp rolls, I make an effort and I feel how the baby slips out me. Again nearly I fall asleep, and here suddenly give light. All joyfully make a din and praise me that well gave birth also without gaps. I hear how my son shouts, I turn the head and I see his tow-haired top and tiny handles. I am asked in what afternoon to write down the child because he was born in 23 - 55 on the third of August, I, of course, say that time was born in the last minutes of the third, so and to write down. This time I it was not given at once because my placenta departed not completely, and the doctor long pottered with it, as a result, as then it became clear, in a uterus all the same there was a piece, and I in several days had to undergo cleaning procedure.

the Sonny was born

healthy, weight - 3350 gr. and 52 cm growth. Distances to me only its after all procedures with me and with it, washed it, weighed, measured, and I observed. And so there was a wish to consider it properly, to take on hands. At last, it was swaddled and given me, he did not want to take a breast and almost at once fell asleep.

us was lowered Then in postnatal office, the sonny was taken away for the night. It was a pity to give, but I felt that I was actually tired. There was some slip, and I had to spend days in the general chamber on six people is a tin! Especially, when brought to all kids! Only one calmed down and fell asleep, another right there shouts, and so without interruption. At last, allocated me separate chamber, and I began to enjoy silence and quiet communication with the child.

of the House it was not much more difficult to p to cope with three children, than with two. Especially, I did not manage to wean from care of the kid, from life in a sleep debt yet and from all that accompanies emergence in the house of the newborn. In two months the wonderful nurse appeared, and at me time for the affairs began to be. And the third sonny practically since the birth slept very well, from two-month age fell asleep in the evening of hours in nine and woke up in the morning around seven. I was surprised. However, in half a year when at it teeth got, he all - allowed us to test a chronic sleep debt. If the second little son - the copy the father, then younger is I in the childhood. Here so at us it turned out.

Now youngest one and a half years, and the husband begins to ask when we follow the daughter or the sonny, but I do not want yet. I adore the boys, but to be some more years the housewife is not for me. Though I not against once again to give rise, but years through five, and it is possible, but too not now, we will adopt the kid from children`s home.

If me to ask

what days were the happiest in my life, then it precisely will be birthdays of my children, despite pain, fear. All this quickly is forgotten and smoothes out, and happiness which children give you is an incomparable feeling.