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Love still perhaps...
sex during pregnancy

With such words addresses the beloved Charles VII, the hero of the Voltairian “Orleans virgin“. As we see, the sex subject during pregnancy is actual long ago and for many...

Sexual life of the partners expecting the child, naturally, has the features. When future parents learn about the future addition of family, they have a set of questions - in particular, about a possibility of continuation of the sexual relations. As the harmonious relations in a family in many respects depend on harmonious sex, we will try to answer the most often arising questions. whether

Can have sex, during pregnancy?

It is unconditional. If pregnancy proceeds normally, you well feel, can have sex since its beginning up to the beginning of childbirth. However if something disturbs you, see behind consultation the doctor observing you, but do not rely on the councils read in the book or heard from girlfriends. whether

medical contraindications for sex during pregnancy Are?

From the medical point of view can be spoken to

about essential restrictions only in the following cases:

the sexual relations during pregnancy harm future child?

Is not present

, the child is protected by a thick muscular wall of a uterus, an amniotic bubble and the mucous stopper literally corking a uterus neck. And though right after an orgasm you can feel its stir, it is caused rather by reductions of a uterus, than the fact that the child “knows“ what occurs, or feels pain. whether

the sexual inclination of the woman Changes during pregnancy?

Should tell

that there is no definite answer to this question. There are women whose sexual inclination during pregnancy sharply raises - in that case couple with ecstasy remembers these nine months as time of the delightful sexual relations (by the way, not burdened by cares of contraception). At others the sexual inclination can decrease or vanish absolutely - as a rule, it is connected with some problems of a course of pregnancy.

In the first trimester the sexual inclination most often weakens, especially if it is about the first pregnancy, - it is promoted by the disorders and fears connected with a new unknown state and also feeling sick, frequent during this period, fatigue, nausea, a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, the emotional instability connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism of the woman.

the Second trimester is usually noted by restoration of a sexual inclination and harmonious partnership.

In the third trimester expectation of childbirth, the pot-belly sometimes forcing the woman to feel unattractive the problems connected with late toxicosis (a nephropathy of pregnant women) quite often reduce again a sexual inclination.

What happens to a sexual inclination of the husband during pregnancy of the wife?

Again - everything depends on specific features of partners.

Desired pregnancy of the beloved usually not only touches the man, but also forces it to feel new responsibility: soon its status in this life radically will change - it will become the father. You should not think that decrease in sexual activity of the husband during pregnancy of the wife is by all means caused by her unattractiveness. The husband often charges himself with additional work; sometimes endures about health of the wife and happy end of pregnancy hardly no more, than future mother; can be afraid to do much harm to the child growing in a uterus. Consider also the fact that the woman perceives the changes happening in her organism in connection with pregnancy while the man should get used to the changing shape of the wife, her new tastes and moods more organically. whether

the orgasm Can provoke pregnancies premature birth in recent months?

If the uterus is not ready

to childbirth, and the child did not ripen yet, then reductions of a uterus during an orgasm cannot be the cause of the beginning of patrimonial activity. However if remained to time before childbirth a little, the orgasm can be an incitement to their beginning. Sexual intercourse just before childbirth especially can cause fights. At sexual excitement oxytocin - the hormone stimulating reductions of a uterus is thrown out blood of the woman. Prostaglandin - the hormone which is contained in semen has the same effect.

in conclusion once again we will emphasize

: during pregnancy it is especially important to keep the harmonious relations in a family. Therefore be guided by the imagination and knowledge of each other, you treat with understanding to desires of the partner and it is attentive to itself. Be not overzealous - sex is not obligatory occupation during pregnancy, there is still a great variety of ways to show mutual love!