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Story about the birth of my sons. Part II

the Beginning

the Son of the second

the Second kid I became pregnant already at the age of reason - I was 27 years old, and I the second time was married. I cannot tell that we somehow specially planned it, but I internally felt that I want the child and almost ceased to be protected. The husband, however, was a bit different opinion and made attempts to control process. And here the destiny faced me: I is almost casual, without some special efforts for my part, having passed a serious competition, got a job Dreams: in that sphere in which always wanted to work, with superpayment and superconditions and excellent prospects!

When I came to new work, I already had a week delay monthly, but it for me usually and the test did not polosatitsya. When monthly did not come in a week, I already with an internal shiver bought the test, and the second strip confirmed that I will be a mummy for the second time. I cannot tell that the husband was glad, we long talked - to give birth or... It is a shame, but he managed to lodge in some moment in me doubts though I constantly repeated to it that I want this child and any super - a puper - work is not necessary to me, but the husband at that time had on me huge influence and, even awfully to remember it, I went to inclusion in private clinic to consult with it concerning pregnancy interruption. All road we were silent, I cried, in some fog rose to the doctor, she examined me, told that the term of 7 - 8 weeks. Here I regained consciousness, put on and told that I will do nothing, I love this child and I will give birth to him even if I should do it as single mother. Surprisingly easily the husband suddenly agreed that to us to be parents! At once it became easy and quiet, I quitted the job in 2 months: while looked for to me replacement, then I brought the successor up to date... I brought them, of course, but not specially, as much as possible tried to help that person who came instead of me, in offense, it seems, did not remain.

Pregnancy proceeded without the slightest symptoms of toxicosis, rejection of the same products on early terms only again again, as in the first pregnancy from what I drew a conclusion that, most likely, I will give birth to the second sonny. What on ultrasonography was also confirmed then, though the doctor in ZhK, and highly experienced grannies - neigbours, and the mother-in-law is a midwife, both the husband, and relatives - everything said that I on all signs will have a girl. In general, it was my best pregnancy from three on sincere feelings: I just enjoyed it, ryaditsya in beautiful clothes, always well-groomed hair, manicure. All said to me that I just shine with happiness. In total - in my 18 years, pregnant with the first son, I was in fact still the little girl spoiled at first by parents, and then the first husband, and in my case there was true a statement that the first child is the last doll. I bought the mass of books and magazines with councils for pregnancy, childbirth and care of children, sat in forums for pregnant women, read a huge number of articles on a subject.

of Maternity hospitals in our city only two. Remembering living conditions in one of them (by experience of first labor 10 years ago), decided to give birth in another in which I lay week on preservation. There was a modern new equipment, fresh nice repair, good shower, well and, of course, the most important because there to me promised to pick up the best doctor who will conduct my childbirth. I had PDR on October 22. And here shortly before this date I unexpectedly learn that the maternity hospital chosen by me is closed on a sink just during this period when I have to give birth.


Quickly ring round all familiar with a request to recommend the doctor in the only remained maternity hospital. Fortunately, such candidate with the best recommendations was soon found. And in maternity hospital as it turned out, in 10 years that I was not there, a lot of things changed to the best both in respect of equipment, and in respect of the provided services (I used separate maternity chamber, separate chamber with conveniences in postnatal office and individual conducting childbirth). I got acquainted with the doctor for few weeks to PDR. It was pleasant to me, especially after she absolutely without serious consequences performed inspection. The neck, according to her, was absolutely ready to childbirth so I will give rise in the next few days, it both pleased me, and frightened at the same time, not without reason I heard more than once that the second time it is more terrible to give birth, than in the first.

it and appeared

In my case. What is called “know less - better sleep“. One week prior to PDR I appointed survey at my doctor. Things in maternity hospital were already packed, and just in case we took them with ourselves, and before it stopped by at In total for Newborns shop and were overstocked with goods at full scale, and I had to stop still the husband, and that it would buy up everything. I not really trust in any “pregnant“ signs, but just in case here we made secure, used service which was offered by this shop - it is possible to choose at them everything that it is necessary for you, but not to pay and not to take away with itself before you give rise. All of them postpone at themselves in a warehouse and when there comes the necessary moment, bring to you home where you also pay for purchases. Thus all of us chose before childbirth, but, in fact, bought only after appearance of the kid. Generally, after such pleasant shopping we arrived to maternity hospital. Our lovely doctor soon went down and led me in viewing, as always absolutely without serious consequences examined me and tells “Well everything, you in labor, disclosure of 4 cm!“ And I not a dream spirit! Felt nothing - either pain, or any discomfort! For nervousness me even shook. Perplexed I smile, I leave to the husband and I tell him that I remain to give birth. I go to change clothes to a “branded“ shirt. Give absolutely new, snow-white, but, it appears, from - for the nezastirannost it some rigid also is unpleasant for the sensitive breast which became in the last month. But all this trifles at such important point. We fill papers, and do me an enema. Remembering the previous experience, I do not hurry anywhere though at last I feel very tolerant fights (time 19 - 00).

we Rise in patrimonial. There everything in 10 years changed to the best. I am conducted in separate rodzat where there is a convenient wide bed, there is a shower, a toilet, and in the middle of chamber the maternity chair towers (or how there it is called?) . From its look I will feel ill at ease, and it is simply terrible, I try to look not at it, and at a table for the newborn, at scales on which it will be weighed. Slowly I calm down, especially any I do not feel pain, fights go, but they are absolutely tolerant. Time goes, I stir by phone with the husband, mother, do not allow to rise to me, speak not to accelerate childbirth as for an hour (with 19 to 20 - 00) disclosure still considerably increases, slightly quicker, than it would be necessary as the doctor explained to me. Closer to 21 - 00 pains everything - amplifies, but it is quite possible to suffer, I breathe as a doggie and I knock a fist on a wall, for some reason so easier. The doctor is periodically connected and masses to me a waist. By the way, in first labor of fight were almost incessant and very painful, there was a feeling that at me unscrew all body as a rag. And during the second childbirth there were breaks between fights allowing to take rest a little and pain was felt generally in a waist and in the bottom of a stomach.

Somewhere in 21 - 10 waters depart, it becomes absolutely sick, opening full, I begin to groan and I feel attempts. The doctor asks to suffer and try not to make an effort a little more, I suffer minutes 7 and I say that I cannot any more. Here the husband calls, trying not to shout from pain in a tube, I say that I cannot talk now, he answers with the trembled voice that he understood. I am transferred to a chair, attempts amplify, and I at especially critical moments shout. I notice what doctors in chamber arrived. Allow to make an effort on fights, feeling (as my friend neatly noticed) that it is necessary for you, sorry, to pokakat a log. Still I remember my thoughts: “Give, the kid! Leave! If only not to tear!“ I understand whether forgot something, whether forgot to make an effort. Around all encourage and order: “Give! Give!“ I try very much and I make an effort as it is necessary - in a stomach.

I Make an effort also I hear: “Well done! the Head was cut through! You want to touch?“ I speak: “I am afraid! When I give birth to all, then I will touch!“ Well, it was already easier further, one more attempt, and I feel how the kid left. On hours 21 - 30. Rebyatenk literally for half-minute is carried away on his little table, he shouts a bass, I look, without coming off, and already madly I love it. The doctor orders that son put to me on a stomach, he right there calms down, and I iron it on a back and I do not want that took away. But all - should be given while me process. This, I will tell you, it is unpleasant though I had no not one gap or a crack again. I try to distract from painful manipulations, I watch what is done with the kid. Weight - 3050 gr., height is 51 cm. Everything is all right. At last me shift to a bed, after a while give the son who is already swaddled and in a cap. He silently looks at me, the doctor helps me to give him a breast, he from the second attempt sticks and begins to give smacking kiss, then falls asleep. All leave us, the doctor goes to call my husband. And I, absolutely happy, cannot see enough of the kid and so I love him as never it seems nobody and...

As was given rise by me already late at night, the son at me after we were lowered in postnatal office, for the night was taken away. It seems as with the good purpose what I would have a rest, has a sleep. I agreed, but so till the morning practically and did not close eyes, all got exhausted just - as it without me there. And at 7 in the morning did not sustain any more and asked some first counter nurse that brought me the kid. Thank God, nobody interfered. I lay in separate chamber, and to an extract we did not leave the sonny any more. Home the husband perfectly prepared everything for our return. Only “jamb“ is that on an extract it brought me my doberemenny boots on very tall hairpins on which I during pregnancy practically forgot to go, but it was necessary to get on them and to shkandybat to the car.

the Son was born

the full copy of the father, I did not even think that it is possible - it is just a clone of the father from tips of hair on the head to nogotochok on legs. It simply strikes. With the father at them unreal love (it is not even believed that once he did not want him, the husband also does not like to remember it...)

my third son was born

Soon enough, and childbirth took place in a little extreme conditions.