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Story about the birth of my sons. The Son the first

I Will begin part I


with the fact that I became pregnant the first time in 17 years, gave birth when 18 already knocked. There was it in the 96th year, I, of course, then had no Internet, all knowledge was gained in consultation (in student`s policlinic), and during my stay in a hospital within a month on preservation on the term of 21 - 22 weeks.

In marriage had to leave on the third month, at institute to take akady. holiday, it is good though the husband worked and might contain me, but not without the aid of my patient parents (yes, here I to them made an ambush...) . It is necessary to tell that for all pregnancy I never tested toxicosis, only on early term did not perceive mayonnaise, milk and chocolate, but ate fruit in kilograms. Up to the ninth month tried to get acquainted with me on the street not especially attentive young people, but aunties in buses quite often asked to transfer money for a ticket. Then in our city minibuses were not trace yet, capacious buses went and to buy the ticket at the driver, for the lack of the conductor, sometimes it was necessary to chapat on kachayeshchumusya to pass several meters, and as modest and well-mannered it was inconvenient to me to refuse to the girl and to designate somehow that I generally the pregnant woman. With the husband had sex up to my receipt in maternity hospital, and the desire was, and we did not feel special discomfort.

per se I was not afraid of

of Childbirth, I think, simply not absolutely represented how it. For example, as I have a short-sightedness, in a card was written:“ Exception of the potuzhny period“. And what is “attempts“ - I neither a dream, nor spirit. The manager in maternity hospital to whom we with mother came to consultation simple pulled out from the shelf unclear to me adaptation and told that if to make as it is written in the card, then the child should be pulled out by means of this piece - nippers, and here I, of course, got a fright. In the same day me put in maternity hospital (it was Saturday), told that after days off will decide what with me to do, perhaps, Caesarian. Term at me was put by 37 - 38 weeks on ultrasonography, I already knew that there will be a boy, by the way, for some reason at once as soon as learned that she is pregnant, I had no doubts that the little man will be born.

Generally, took away me in chamber, got acquainted with all, girls long did not believe that I already to give birth laid down, but not on preservation, so a tummy accurate was, here that youth means, and I by the end of pregnancy had breakfast as the ordinary person has dinner, had dinner in the double portions, well and a dinner did not limit moreover in breaks chewed something. Here I too the ponazakazyvat that to me to bring from food what books, magazines, it was sure that I before childbirth - another in hospital will spend a week more. Here the same manager called me on survey, I climbed on a chair, she, probably, watched a neck. Well, about - about - it is very sick... Here I do not know, a hand heavy perhaps - directly badly became me. It was dragged in in chamber, approached the bed, and from me blood on legs began to flow, I even stood with horror, and it already on a floor drips. The dissatisfied nurse rode, began to grumble on me, say, excess efforts by her and why it I am such inaccurate. Generally, in the upset feelings I changed clothes and laid down, at once the stomach ached. A bit later the doctor came, I complained that at me krovit, and the stomach hurts, she told that after survey it is normal, will pass soon. Honestly - passed, we have supper with little girls densely so, sat down to watch the movie. Here somewhere on the middle of the movie I feel that again the bottom of a stomach pulls, wrote off all this for survey consequences, and here already and to sleep it is time to lay down. Dozed off, but for a while, I feel, hurts, does not hurt, and these beds still of the Soviet sample creaking, and I on such periodically spin, I cannot fall asleep also another, probably, I prevent to sleep, girls speak to me:“ Descend to the nurse, ask but - to a shp“.

Time 12 nights, I woke her, I speak, I on a chair was watched today, the stomach hurts, give something anesthetic. Mind or experience was enough for it to put me in a corridor opposite to hours. Ordered to mark what interval between pains how many on time they last, so I about half an hour sat, stared at the dial, here the nurse approached, I report: “In 5 - 6 minutes for 30 - 40 seconds“. She speaks:“ Well, we will lift you in patrimonial now, you have fights“. To tell that I was surprised - to tell nothing, a round at me, probably, was quite silly, I quickly - quickly rushed in the chambers, things which are only recently accurately spread out and hanged out to collect.

of the Little girl in chamber woke up, parting words to me ponadaval, wishes, many in an amicable way envied that so quickly at me everything turned out, only laid down and here, please, already to give birth I go. I cheered up, even became cheerful somehow from thought that I will see the kid soon. At first I in an accident ward was taken away, again there all wrote down something, my some data (by the way why they, interestingly, always ask and write down since what years you have sex? What it influences?) . Well, I still at home shaved not without the aid of the husband, only the enema was coming me. Except purely psychological discomfort I did not test any unpleasant feelings at this procedure. I do not know what they there in reception so hurried, but they allocated for me only after an enema of 15 minutes, I as obedient and well-educated tried to keep within. As then it appeared, it is not always worth posing as the executive modest woman. Gave me an exceptional night dress: pure, but with holes. It is good though allowed the slippers and socks to leave. I took the trunks, and on the elevator I was lifted in patrimonial. There is a silence, in prenatal on six beds of nobody too, except me was not, showed me my bed, advised to have a sleep, but at me as sober as a judge: I lie, I consider intervals between fights. Periodically I run in other end of office in a toilet, in all office of neither a shower, nor a bidet, there is a rusty bathtub with the crane, here in it and it was necessary to be washed away as it was during strong contractions - already separate song. Hour I so quite quietly carried out two, pain quite tolerant was, but gradually amplified, intervals between fights were reduced. Here three more women were brought giving birth, we chatted with them a little, and then...

fights went one by one, almost without interruption Soon, I suffered, tried to prodykhivat, at my neigbours too business went, one moaned, another... Generally, in an hour we such concert went into a trio! The fourth girl so also did not join us, never peeped at all. And we dispersed. At me then process of childbirth went about 5 hours, and just forces it was not necessary to suffer and breathe any more, I had not fights any more, and one big continuous fight. And when I began to shout, it seems easier became a little, here still to me forbade to go to a toilet, “pleased“: “Well, if is impatient, then it is direct under itself!“ And, careful, some rag was enclosed... Well, sorry, it was necessary to use it. It I to though it is it seems inconvenient to write such details that after an enema you should not hurry to leave a toilet quicker.

generally, “we have fun“ on full, the neigbour tries to pull out a metal headboard of a bed on the right, at the left shouts: “Make to me Caesarian, I cannot any more“. I in the middle groan. About 6 in the morning waters departed, attempts began, several first to me order to endure and not to make an effort, then resolve, and I make an effort two or three times, me, at last, order soon:“ Full disclosure, we go in patrimonial“. I, naive, thought that in my situation do not go any more, and will carry me as to a korolevishn on a wheelchair... Aha, now! Groaning and howling, there was also a pokovylyala for the midwife along a corridor. By the way, it was necessary to put on the speed as I have a short-sightedness (minus 5), contact lenses I removed, practically I do not wear glasses and not to them was, and the midwife promptly moved away from me, there still lighting not all that well, generally, I slightly from a look did not lose it, I shout: “Wait for me!“ I go and feel that between legs already it seems something disturbs as could, put on the speed. In patrimonial the midwife and two more: the guy and the girl (as I understood on conversation, whether interns, whether in general students), well, me already to a pofig everything was young if only to give rise rather. Which - as scrambled on this chair, grasped hand-rail special and let`s give birth! Generally, generally this guy also accepted childbirth, the midwife prompted to him, and I, in my opinion, frightened the girl of cries, she somehow scaredly looked at me and stepped aside. Forbade to shout to me as to shout and make an effort at the same time it will not turn out, I in hope that everything will come to an end soon, collected will in a fist and for 4 or 5 attempts without the slightest gaps gave birth to the firstborn at 6 - 30 in the morning on Sunday.

here to me it became good

I!! I, frankly speaking, quite quietly looked at the son when to me he was shown, so was kayfovo that nothing hurts anywhere! The son was born 2 kg 850 gr. and 50 cm, absolutely healthy. And I lay with a blissful smile upon the face, but thought that more I, perhaps, will not give birth, was present.

the Couple of hours I in delivery room with ice on a stomach carried out

, then went down on shank`s mare, with the packages in postnatal office. The husband arrived soon, I that it is better to see him, climbed on a window sill, there the doctor saw me, abused, of course, what it I who just gave rise jump as a goat. And I perfectly felt, was not ill anything. The chamber began to be filled soon, much this day gave rise, and my neigbours in childbirth were brought, as a result of us in chamber there were 8 people. Jolly! Pervorodyashchy, all have all the mass of impressions. With children then together did not lie, brought kids every three hours to feed. I two could not realize day in any way that this sleeping kulechek is all the time my son, I gave birth to him. Then the husband wrote me the gentle letter, I over it burst into tears with happiness, and after that in me rather maternal instinct woke up.

B postnatal to my astonishment again - it was not p soul, only a sink in chamber also the general on all office the only bidet in a room without lock on a door! At us so one girl appeared in all beauty during podmyvatelny process before crowd of medical students to whom showed office. As at that time wrote out only in 6 - 7 days, I on the eve of an extract got into an office bathroom, at them there (oh, happiness!) there was an ugly bathtub with the crane and which - as washed the head, and that hair already turned into a nightmare. I was caught there, but not abused, were only surprised why it to me was required to wash - that!?

Long I on all traditional questions like “And when for the second?“ answered that in maternity hospital I was the first and last time.

Then time went, the son grew when he was about 2 - 3 years old, I felt that not against even to give rise, memory erased or softened all unpleasant moments, and here I remembered feeling of all-consuming happiness very distinctly. But the second childbirth happened at me only in 10 years. In other conditions and already from other husband.