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The happiest family of

There now at last 9 months of expectation ended, and in our family he appeared is our sonny! Now to it 5,5 months, he is very cheerful and mobile kid. Morning at us begins at 9 o`clock. The kid wakes up and pleases mother with the smile. Then we wash, put on and we go on kitchen to drink tea. While mother drinks tea, Vadyushka tries to pull together something from a table or to take away a mug from mother. There now, water a little bit cooled down, it is possible to do a squash. We eat a squash buckwheat with a milk. Vadik very much likes to be spat and therefore so far we eat, a half of porridge appears on mother. Now the squash should be washed down and that can be better than a mother`s milk!

we go to play

After food. We scatter soft toys, “we read“ books, and then we go to sleep. We fall asleep at a mother`s breast or when shake on handles and will sing a song. We sleep very little - at most 1 hour. There now, who watches it through a bed grid there? This our Sun woke up. We climb up to mother handles and we go to have dinner. We mix vegetables with meat mash and with pleasure it is eaten.

Oh who it came there? Our father arrived for lunch. Very much we love the father, but on handles we prefer to sit at mother. In total together we go on kitchen. While mother prepares to eat, Vadyushka sits in a stool for feeding and is played with toys. Time about 15 hours, it is time to drink a milk. Again fills up. Called a door, and the kid woke up. The father already left, but our sister Anechka came from school. The kid smiles and pulls to it handles. Anechka goes to eat on kitchen, and Vadik in the room eats fruit puree and drinks juice. Then mother goes to do household chores, and Anyuta and Vadik in walkers go to survey the room.

Approximately at 18 o`clock we go on the street where Vadim falls asleep. We walk 1 - 1,5 h. We meet the father from work, all family we go home to have supper. After ate, we begin to play. Ania builds of big cubes of a tower and their Vadik pulls down. All it is very cheerful, the kid laughs.

Well, there passed one more day, it is time to bathe. Vadim very much likes to bathe: floats in a tray with soap bubbles, then we are wiped, we do massage and we begin to be put to bed. Lays down to mother under a flank and enjoys a milk. Then a lullaby a song with gentle rocking on handles, and we sleep. Here so we also live: the father, mother, the sister and I am the happiest family!