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Here who was pushed there!

Hi, I am Barsik, it here tender the beloved spouse nicknamed.

September: pregnancy about 5 weeks. I go pregnant and the happiest in the world: in so many years of treatments and chagrin to become pregnant on the eve of EKO! On pleasures the fur coat is bought (time did not spend for EKO). Every day I look in a mirror, I wait when the stomach increases! Winter, a tummy grew, but it is not visible under a fur coat, it is a pity... Bought clothes in covering - I go, I am proud puziky. Toxicosis in the past, the hematoma resolved, asthma became aggravated... Nothing, we will break!! In soul feeling of infinite happiness. I do not dye hair, the husband for the first time for many years, at last, saw what they are colors actually. It was necessary to leave acrylic nails, such here tortured Barsik without claws...

the Stomach did not stir

day, did procedures of an epilation and a pedicure to itself, before childbirth. All pregnancy one problem torments - before going to bed bakes um. . lower than a waist, I hesitate to ask the doctor. I go online, I import into search engine “bakes buttocks“, “the bottom burns“... Ha - ha! Not dull, but so found nothing, by the way, bakes still... The kind husband assures that it grows a tail.

I cannot eat

after 17 in the evening, since the beginning of pregnancy stopped loving sweets and ice cream, well and it is good!! A few crybaby also I sleep in the afternoon, I sleep off for the future.

, at last, I learn

On the fifth month that there will be a boy. With happiness I turn a deaf ear to a little spiteful reproaches of the doctor that badly I grow fat and threats to put under a dropper. The husband wanted the girl, but I will always insist on the. We wait for the boy, we buy nothing in advance, two absolutely not superstitious persons, for some reason terribly we are afraid of everything, can just we do not want to endure once again an abortion, or perhaps grew dull with happiness a little!!

of 9 months. Mai. The husband drags on the city, we walk, we look round as moved to live to Germany. A little ignorance of German frightens, rescues English. I get registered at the local doctor, do all analyses, show a malchishechka on ultrasonography, I can sort nothing, but I rejoice, and in a throat presses with happiness.

we Go to choose by

clinic where we will give birth. Simply we find the next to the house, and it very much is pleasant to us, we meet personnel, we do small excursion.

Around everything blossoms, heat, a dress in covering - a tummy, about happiness, is very visible!!

Day of childbirth. In the morning I pull to walk in the center, I grumble, but I go, to go it is rather heavy as the stomach fell. “The fat Leopard on walk“, - laughs future father. We buy mobile phones and cards, different fruit, flowers and we go home. At home we eat pizza, we have sex and we decide to have a sleep in the afternoon. I wake up in 17. 00, I get up, and from me water, a decent puddle flows.“ Pisyayushchy Barsik“, - my kind husband says and calls a taxi. I go to a shower, I have a shave, wash, and in combat readiness we go down in the car. In a taxi it turns out that not all water from me poured out at home about what cowardly I am silent, but I leave good tip to the taxi driver.

still houses began

of Fight, and at an entrance to clinic already painful begin. I am connected to hated everything giving birth to the device, watch the frequency of fights. Already very painfully therefore I understand medical staff hardly. The husband translates, answers questions. We fill pieces of paper, I refuse an epiduralka. Then speak to us to go for a walk as I will give rise not soon, I do not go for a walk as everything hurts. We remain to sit on a small bench in a corridor, I sit and I regret that I refused anesthesia. Through some time call again to measure the frequency of fights and take away in chamber. The back and a hem of a dress wet from waters, and I somewhere read that there is slightly less of them glass. Allow to change clothes in a dressing gown with an erotic section behind, give huge laying and some setochka. Here I want to note - in the homeland, I heard from the giving birth girlfriends that in maternity hospital forbid to put pants, and kerchiefs force to carry all. Remembering it, I ask the medical sister: “It on the head?“ She laughs and explains that it is disposable shorts. I get the nickname “Stupid Barsik“, I do not pay attention to nonsense, I go to a shower, I wash, then vytoshnit me and proponosit. Left a toilet is more white than walls, than frightened the medical sister, she calls the midwife, and we go to a room where I am examined on a ridiculous bed - a transformer. Also say that, probably, I will give rise already soon. The doctor comes and suggests to hang for a while during fights on the rope tied by knot or to lie down in the pool, still some pieces what I do not answer. I lie on one side, having clenched teeth, and I try to count the frequency of fights I for all childbirth do not manage that. The husband stands nearby, I say to him that it is not necessary to touch and mass me, periodically I ask it to ask whether I will give rise soon. He asks the midwife, she speaks: “No“, and it translates to me:“ Yes“. I not the deaf, but all - trust it, it is so easier for me.

the doctor Comes, says that very narrow basin, plus I give birth already on dry therefore it is so sick, pleased I suggest to make Caesarian - all laugh. They say that it is possible to shout - some so easier, but I do not want. I sleep between fights, periodically I try to consider them, I do not breathe when speak “Breathe“, and I clench teeth more and more strong.

I Feel attempts, I am overturned on a back, the bed is transformed in rodkreslo, legs are put on supports, as in a gynecologic chair. I make an effort very much when speak to make an effort, then I have a rest. Praise that I do not shout therefore it is more than forces to give birth. Suggest to touch a head, then show to the husband, I abuse him and I say that I did not look, he laughs and says that already soon all.

here the baby is born

I, I feel how I am torn extensively, painfully, but here it, the kid! Is born hungry and at once greedy sucks the finger, the finger was taken away, and he shouts! Put to me on a stomach of a small pussy, with huge eyelashes, I kiss it and greedy I examine: “And so, who was pushed there!“ Sucks a breast, but there it is empty, is not indignant and continues to suck. Suggest the father to cut an umbilical cord, refuses, motivating with the fact that hands dirty and in street clothes. Cut, then there is a placenta, something is painfully finished cleaning in me, and the doctor sews up all my multiple gaps. Then raise me and change sheets, rub off a lower body.

Ya I watch how bathe and weigh the sonny. I love it so that, apparently, heart will jump out with happiness! Ask to tell the name of the kid, I call Grigory in honor of his grandfather. In the morning, the grandfather, having learned as called the grandson, rebelled, and on a family council the name Mark was chosen.

So, on May 19 at 1 hour 30 min. night, during spring heavy rain, our Marik was born


Height is 49 cm, weight 3150 gr. We are left three together somewhere on an hour and a half, I look at the exhausted husband, he dozes in a rocking-chair, holding on Marik`s hands, I feel that I the happiest around the world!! After me transport in chamber, the husband shifts from a wheelchair to a bed and leaves home. Mark is taken away to the nursery and very strictly forbid me to rise, and if that, to call the nurse by means of the red button, which near a bed.

I Lie, there is no wish to sleep, I wait when there is a morning to follow the sonny. The chamber is two-place, opposite to a bed on a wall the TV, a toilet with a shower right there, imperceptibly I fill up. Bring the menu in the morning to choose something from food, portions of the incredible sizes fight off me appetite, I force all this to eat the husband. I take away the sonny from the nursery, there I am told that our kid the tiniest of all children, praise that beautiful, admire eyelashes, I keep a fico in a pocket and I laugh at myself.

Are surprised to

why so early decided to give birth. Silently I am surprised in reply. 24 years. It unless early?! To the extract the son with me. The hospital of children dresses in a romper suit at once, give diapers and children`s cosmetics so it is possible most to bathe and change clothes of the kid. I send the husband to buy a children`s seat for the car, clothes on an extract.

Now to Mark soon 7 years, he is a first grader, our Sun! We want the second child. If to us carries, I will write also about the second childbirth. For now I read your stories, I roar and I rejoice together with authors. Good luck all!