Rus Articles Journal

Poetic day together of

Cherishing a tummy where there lived a puzozhitel,
Flew so quickly forty weeks.
I this miracle came true! Oh, My God!
the Father and mother we became now.

Deniska slept a little - the tummy hurt all.
Yes, a lot of things were - all and not to consider, as we with synuly now carry out days
A? I Will tell
without thawing to you as it is.

there Passed seven months with superfluous since then,
Became silent sufferings, sleeplessness, pain. Now precisely I know
- mother not to be simple! I Study
every day zealously again.

should tell

For clarity of business to me:
the Kid sleeps with me - I will give nobody!
A our strong father,
C which embraces us we halve everything.

Here morning suits

, the kid awakes the father:
Creeps, the father somersaults “, get up!“
I will sit down and will rise, walks on mother,
will pull hair “give supposedly play!“

Since morning for work we will see off the father, we Will eat
tasty and again in a bed,
Slightly - slightly dozed still my “zhavoryonok“
I zavorochatsya again: “Mother not to sleep!“

I Will luxuriate for about a minute (as I want to sleep!),
But my Sun so gets up early!
I here spread on a pillow so smartly,
manage to Look - do not yawn, a mother`s mouth.


Slightly - I will slightly be played, we go at once to wash
(And mother with Deniska goes to a bathtub).
Deniska laughs loudly at mother an armpit, He already knows
- “clumps -“ it waits for clumps.

the Diaper is changed by

, two pugs are washed,
we Change pajamas. In a house kombez.
Of course, we will pull to the sonny socks, we Will put
in “car“... “Where you got?!“

Now in walkers we already by “car“,
A mother to tea will drink meanwhile

But look after - it, checks “vodila“, Who drives
backwards, forward.

Who wants to be strong? That it is necessary to be charging,
A who healthy? That is necessary doubly,
I that our kid was harmonous as mother,
Should do exercises to it to me.

I “bears went“ we made dexterously,
and handles were kneaded by us “boxing“ again,
I shook a press and “tachechka“ rose,
Well, and in a squating position, holding a bed.

Well, here we warmed up, well, here laughed,
Cleaned a nose - “not to complain!“ again,
I is already torn to be popolzat on a floor, its
on the place and not to hold.

Now and mother`s time has come,
So far the Hare is occupied. Inclinations and a press -
Seven years are engaged in fitness mother
Seriously and honestly. “Ku - Uda you got?!“

I here he walks on all fours -
my bright, active, cheerful kid,
of the Toy throws, opens cases,
Oh, the slipper found - will not notice!

A I sit next, I observe everything,
I Insure falling, blows a hand. we books read
With a great interest.
All - jammed eyes, is tired, my native.

“Nyam - nyam“ wanted

it and “baink“ very much. At first we a squash will make
, give -
For mother, for the father, for grandmothers a spoon...
Put on, in a carriage... Let`s go “bay - Bai“.

we Walk often, but little by little.
Three times on an hour - now winter. on the first I am dragged by
C of the eighth with a carriage, there is no
of Assistants - walk.

Pomerznem with chasochek, we will wake up, we resemble -
we Will leave in boots marks on snow,
Then we will surely sit down in a swing.
“You are such cool!“ - I am direct I cannot.

Well, everything, were acquired a time and to the house
of Hot soup from frost to eat.
Deniska - in “car“ to crash into sofas,
A I to have dinner and though slightly to sit down.

Now and toys time has come,
to gambol, be washed, eat Again,
Having clung at a breast, it pochmokat wearily. With this happiness of emotions not to consider

I to breathe oxygen frosty again,
to Have a sleep, drive and to feed birds,
A little bit to communicate to the mummy of one.
Everything, an hour passed - to me to feed the little son.

Now a vegetable marrow we polopat

I again diapers (as on a Groundhog Day),
But sometimes to me it becomes sad,
That the share of cares and efforts is hard.

I again to us to be going to the street -
the Kid for some reason does not sleep at home.
Were washed away, ate, I tea took -
I here it in a carriage with pleasure snuffles.

Then even in the evening soup to boil

, Most to eat
, to the spouse to eat.
I “I escape“ by “car“ in kitchen again. without inventing
, I write everything as is.

our father has to approach Soon,
But gets stuck in a traffic jam - everything, as always,
A we read “Sorok - a raven“,
Still we will spread, we will stand sometimes.

was slapped Here by a door. “Who came to us, Deniska?“
costs to Squeal! And pleasures shout!
“The father arrived!“ - missed the Disk,
I rained kisses the kid at the very same time.

still quickly I set

Ya the table,
the Father rushes a horse ridiculous, Din`s
squeals on shoulders, driving!
Became it on the father bo - olshy - very big.

Well, everything, and our head of family is fed,
I plays with synuly in “snup again - snup“.
For mother is hour - to have a sleep or be washed,
to Turn on the TV? It is necessary to eat soup!

minutes of rest So quickly flew... “Clumps - clumps“ the kid does
with the father long ago,
pleskat, plays - a bath man`s there.
I am expelled by all of them equally.

of the Man leave, and I have a rest, Denis already asks
rather “nyam - nyam“.
Having embraced my lump, I clung to it,
Whispered: “I will give you to nobody!“

Then about an hour efforts on the house,
to Stack Hare and to sing a song,
I close Eyes. Rather days off! That the father us could warm
with care.

Here so we usually while away all days

Having been tired, without emotions, the head slightly hurts,
But at once fatigue a hand as removes, - Synul`s
will favor me a smile!

I Love more life! I am not sorry at all.
But are burdensome efforts, gray days -
Ya something became limp, is a little bit tired,
A so is happy with everything....
Mother, have a sleep...

morning Will come tomorrow - the palm will wake
of the Beloved son and again, again
to Raise, develop, love and bathe,
A schaz mother needs to have a sleep a little bit.