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For the fifteenth day of

We are familiar long ago, and met quite recently. My daughter is only 15 days old. It is little, but incredibly beautiful girl. Every morning I wake up slightly before it and quietly I look at the miracle. She a little sekundochek sleeps peacefully, and then, feeling that someone looks at it, wakes up. Without having managed to open properly eyes yet, begins to frown brows. Me it is every time makes laugh and touches. To her Bor on hands. I change clothes. Also I begin to feed. The breast is already hard, milk is ready to flow out and feed any, but my beauty gets everything. She sucks well, without distracting and smacking the lips. Our red cat sits next and with envy looks at the daughter. Earlier he was an absolute master of my hands.

After a tasty breakfast we go for a walk on the apartment. Such walks recommended to us in maternity hospital that vomiting was not. And at the same time we get acquainted with a situation around. The daughter claps eyes, but where she looks, it is still impossible to understand. Having passed a circle across the apartment, its treasure in a bed. Let itself podrygat handles and legs a little. And I go to have breakfast meanwhile. I need to be supported too that there were both forces and milk.

Very much wants to be eaten something sweet, but it is impossible. The tummy begins to hurt my baby, and from her shouts of a shower hurts me. Therefore in the house there are no forbidden products. Without having managed to drink up tea, I run on call of the child. To it it became boring or sad one. Or still something. We only learn to understand each other.

After a while it fills up

. At this age kids sleep much, and my daughter not an exception. While she sleeps, I manage to make a set of household chores: to iron it belyishko, to make a lunch and to communicate to the girlfriend.

that it is time for child to have dinner to me is reminded by the filled breast. Hurts so that that look will burst. I go to check the baby - and precisely: she does not sleep any more. Claps eyes and groans. It turned out that groaned not for nothing. We eat. I do not undertake to judge any more that it is a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner (as in our adult understanding). She sucks, and on my body the wave of pleasure and a pacification is rolled. There comes such relaxation that else slightly - slightly and I will fall asleep. I put the baby nearby and I fall asleep. My light sleep, and through it I hear that my baby does not sleep, and is busy with the affairs.

Having woken up, I see that my baby sleeps again, and it dreams sweet dreams. We do not go outside yet, and “we walk“ on a balcony. The balcony of our apartment leaves to the yard.

In the second half of day we wait for the nurse from children`s policlinic. She comes to us on a visit not the first time and gives pieces of good advice on leaving. And we planned one official action for evening - we wait for the girlfriend who will sit with the child until we with the husband go officially to name the baby.

Time on care of the kid passes

quickly. You will not manage to look back - evening. Only this evening at our family special. Get acquainted: our daughter - Annushka.

Bathing the child in a bathtub, I try on it a name: Anechka, Annushka, Anyuta, Anna. She likes to bathe. Floats as a young frog, awkwardly moving handles and legs. And here to put on after this procedure - no. And no rattles distract. But then it gets a long-awaited award - a tasty mother`s milk.