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What books to read to boys?

would Seem, books - are books. To someone one books are interesting, to someone others. And what the person likes to read depends only on his character, intelligence and interests, but not on a floor in any way. That is approximately same children`s books are interesting to both boys and girls and to reflect especially, buying the Danish books to the sons, is not necessary.

In these statements, of course, the grain of truth is, however there is also other opinion that boys have the, special preferences in the choice of books based on assimilation of information, other than girls. And to neglect these features, wishing to impart boys the love to reading is impossible at all.

“Dyutyuktiva“ or “lubof“?

Boys treat reading books absolutely differently, than girls. Very well these distinctions are illustrated by the well-known sketch of the clown - the mime Polunin where heroes - she and he - choose on what to go the movie: detective or about love? To the choice of books for reading there is approximately the same. In a book plot boys look for actions, bright and strong emotions, clear and concrete information while girls read books just for fun and self-knowledge. Pre the choice of books of the girl listen to foreign councils, and boys do not suffer the similar management, preferring to act at own risk, but are tired quicker if they do not find the desirable at once.

At one of universities of Norway the Center of studying of reading exists. This center conducted researches of reader`s habits and preferences of boys. And though boys were studied Norwegian, no, the reasons not to trust this information as the boy - he both in Russia, and in Norway - the boy. And here what was found out by scientists:

the Best books for boys

So what children`s literature is capable to intrigue with

the boy and to completely satisfy his reader`s inquiries? Being guided by the above described results of research, it is possible to recommend the following: till three years children`s books will be identical both for boys and for girls. It can be both verses, and stories, and fairy tales, and books on animals, the main thing that it was qualitative literature. Since three years interests of boys are already focused towards man`s therefore literature on cars, tales of athletes and their feats will be close to them.

of Years from five, except magic fairy tales and stories of different writers about children of this age, can read to kids of a fantasy. To this genre as it is not strange, it is quite possible to carry Nosov`s book “Dunno and his friends“, “Dunno in the solar city“, and “Dunno on the moon“ can quite be considered as children`s fantastic work. Younger school students from books of the Russian authors like adventure children`s fairy tales of Sofya Prokofieva, Eduard Uspensky, fantastic stories and Cyrus Bulychyov`s stories.

to Boys of younger teenage age can be offered

Tolkien`s “Hobbit“ after which (at a little more advanced age) it is possible to pass to reading the world famous trilogy “Lord of the Rings“ of the same author. An important role in involvement of boys to the book there can be a viewing of the movie removed on it. So, after emergence of the movie, huge reader`s demand for books “Harry Potter“ of J. Rowling and “Chronicles of Narnia“ of Clive S. Lyyues was observed. Books are just equitable to reader`s interests of boys as their main characters are boys - teenagers, and the plot is sated with action, adventures and a detective intrigue. And both specified books - both Harry Potter and the Chronicle of Narnia are multivolume sagas where heroes grow up in the course of the narration, allowing the reader to mature together with them.

Usually children without particular interest read to

books according to the school program, however there are also among such books traditionally favourite and read by boys books. It, of course, “Robinson Crusoe`s Adventures“ of Daniel Defoe “, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer“ and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn“ of Mark Twain. From classical Russian authors of the boy usually with pleasure read Gogol, especially stories “Taras Bulba“, “Viy“ and other works, and also comic stories of Chekhov.

From world adventure literature mines of the tsar Solomon“ G. R. Haggard, “Frankenstein“ are stretch attractive by Mary Shelley to boys “Treasure island“ of Stephenson “. Fantastic stories of the favourite Russian writer A. Belyaev are also recommended to boys. Never numerous stories of Vladislav Krapivin will cease to please boys, their heroes only boys, and plots of all books are incredibly interesting.

for children can enter In the list of modern writers of books “The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy“ of Douglas Adams, “Polar lights“ of Philipp Pulman, from modern Russian writers - a children`s fantasy of Sergey Lukyanenko (the author of well-known “Night watch“) and the writer of fascinating comic detective stories for children Valery Ronshin. For certain your sons will like one of the latest books of Boris Akunin popular nowadays which and is called “The children`s book“ - it is surprisingly fascinating mix from a fantasy, adventures, the detective and the historical novel.

cannot Just list to

How to involve boys in reading books

all authors and all books which for certain will please your child. I think, at each sensitive parent is what to fill up such list, however it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to impose the interests to the boy. By the boy extremely important that their opinion was respected and it was not challenged.

Krom of parental lectures and persuasive councils also other ways to attract boys to the book are. The main thing to create them the most comfortable conditions for reading, that is to make available a wide range of books and information resources. It is very important that books were also in the house, in a class (and not just in library), lay directly on tables or at the computer and they could be taken at any time freely.

should not interfere with the child if he prefers to read books in electronic form. It is the same type of reading, there can be more modern therefore not always habitual for parents. Just track that the electronic library of your son comprised as much as possible good, qualitative children`s literature which diversifies their life, will add knowledge, will develop sense of humour and the positive relation to life. And, of course, you should not “mutter“ that “you read a little“ and to reproach the child with total absence of interest in the book, especially if you read a little, or the boy at all never saw the parents reading the book. The culture of reading books by the child begins with imitation, with an example, and here the main thing that this example was positive, then to attract children to reading books will not make special work.