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Three-wheeled children`s bicycles

As well as hundreds of other parents, we thought of need to buy the child the bicycle. In a carriage the one-and-a-half-year-old kid refused to sit flatly. But stared at the peers passing by by color three-wheeled cars with barefaced surprise. Having estimated possibilities of the budget and having fluently studied the offer of the market of children`s tricycles, we went behind new transport for the sonny!

Happy and happy at the beginning, already literally several days later, we began to come to a conclusion that to buy goods which we managed, can be a striking example of what should not be the bicycle of the kid. Actually, I also want to share the negative experience to save you from unnecessary purchases and unjustified monetary expenses.

So, several rules for those who want to buy the good bicycle to the child.

Rule 1. Communicate with people

of our mistake could be avoided, be not too lazy to communicate personally I to mummies rolling kids on tricycles. To “the direct driver“ as to nobody else, all shortcomings of the vehicle are obvious. Advertizing and recommendations of sellers will not always tell the truth about goods!

Rule 2. Trust the child

of the Child should be taken with itself. Perhaps, will carry it from one shop in another burdensome for you and it is tiresome for the kid. It is possible to conduct preliminary investigation independently, to choose 4 - 5 models arranging you, and to make purchase with the child. I will explain why. All admonitions of the seller on the subject “convenient bicycle“ - myths until you did not put in transport of the child and did not find to it evident confirmation! In a tricycle it has to be convenient to kid to sit on a seat and at the beginning (so far he is not able to twist pedals yet) to hold legs.

Rule 3. Estimate a seat

the Seat of a tricycle more convenient if it triangular shape, as by bicycles for adults (at our bicycle it rectangular, a small bench). The extended edge will not allow the child to slip forward and to hit the daddy against a frame. Besides, the child can change situation: to sit directly, to incline a little the case forward. Rectangular sitting does not give such chance. Slightly it is worth bending forward or back, and the child slides from a small bench! Also material of which the sitting established on a children`s tricycle is made is important. Most often it is plastic, slippery, certainly. Some producers consider this fact and supply plastic sitting with dot impregnations of rubber. The kid will hardly slide from such sitting even if will use certain efforts!


Many designs provide existence of so-called “pampers“.“ The pampers“ are a fabric cape which fastens on the handle - the limiter and a back of sitting and intercepts the child between legs that it did not “move down“ from sitting. The idea of “pampers“ is good, but in application it is not so convenient unless for absolutely little passengers who are not able to go yet and obediently sit in the bicycle throughout all walk. And if the kid surely goes, he is attracted by pools, sand, and during walk it alternates “jog“ and driving the bicycle, “pampers“ become a burden. It complicates process of landing and extraction of the child of the bicycle, and still is instantly soiled!

Rule 4. Pay attention to a footboard and pedals

the tricycle has pedals. If the child has some, he will hardly twist them. But literally in a year he will surely want to do it. Therefore it is worth paying attention to them already today. Pedals should not be tiny. It will be much easier for the grown-up kid to twist wide and long, but not massive pedals.

For now legs have a rest! And rest is necessary to them full! The footboard is for this purpose necessary. Footboards I am two types: in the form of a backet or an ordinary podstavochka. The support - option for children is more senior. It is convenient if it rises and falls. The child was tired to twist pedals - lowered a support, put legs and we go further.

For kids an optimal variant - a support - a backet. Sides of such design will not allow the equestrian to put legs in a forward wheel.

Rule 5. Walk has to be safe

the Handle - the limiter - a necessary detail of the children`s bicycle. As well as in a stroller, its existence exempts you from many troubles on the road. As a rule, the handle is made of plastic, fitted by the rubber roller. But not material is important for this detail. Important that the handle settled down slightly higher than the level of a belt of the child, but not at the level of his neck, or was adjusted on height.

Rule 6. The movement has to be convenient

2 details are responsible For quality the movement of the three-wheeled children`s bicycle: wheels and handle of management.

of the Wheel

The more and massivny wheels, the are higher passability of the bicycle and the bicycle is higher. It is convenient if wheels rubber or with a rubber covering. Plastic wheels not really well behave on the wet slippery or dirty road. Small - hard overcome obstacles in the form of stones and roughnesses of the road.

the Handle of management

It, actually, is also adaptation which allows the parent to steer the children`s bicycle. Be not ashamed and take for a drive the bicycle in shop. It has to be convenient to hold the handle. On walk you should not remind the bent nail, in other words, height of the handle has to correspond to your growth. Unfortunately, not at all models the handle can be adjusted (we were lucky to buy such bicycle!). The handle has to turn easily, forcing the bicycle to move in the necessary direction.

Pay also attention to whether it is possible to remove the handle without use of the tool (passatizhy, screw-drivers, etc.) . It is an important point for transportation of the bicycle in the car.


Accessories cannot be correct or not correct. Here to be necessary to trust in taste of the child. Tricycles for the smallest are, as a rule, decorated by heroes from animated films: ducks, mice, cats, hares, are equipped with the buttons forcing animals to sing different melodies.

Almost all children`s bicycles are equipped with a small basket for toys, purchases and other freights. Also protection against the sun or a rain in the form of a bolonyevy or oil-cloth peak is often provided.

Anyway, mothers and fathers will proceed from own preferences, the available range and financial opportunities (1300 - 2600 rubles cost an average of bicycles, there is, certainly, also more expensive transport). But I sincerely hope that this simple instruction will help you to buy the “correct“ bicycle! Successful to you purchases!