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The constant report during a day of

on November 28, 2007. One day from Mischa`s life - 6 weeks from the birth.

8 of morning - Mischa on a stomach and in a frog pose on a big sofa, peed and began to complain, was sent to the father to hands while mother brushed Olesya (the oldest daughter, 7 years).

8 of h 10 min. - began to look for a breast in the father`s dressing gown. The father took off a dressing gown and bared a breast, searches of a breast continued until mother took Mischa to herself on hands and put a back to itself, excepting attempts to find and grab a breast.

8 of h 20 min. - Mischa with mother saw off the father and Olesya for work and in a kindergarten. Mischa lays down in carrying in kitchen waiting until mother makes to herself a breakfast. Discontentedly complains.

8 of h 30 min. - mother eats a breakfast in kitchen, Mischa eats the left breast of mother.

8 of h 40 min. - Mischa precisely and accurately, without having touched a diaper, pisat on a floor. Mischa eats the left breast and demands still. Receives 20 g of milk which just dropped from the right breast, from a small bottle. Eats, again asks to eat. As more nothing is necessary, was sent “to stand a column“ to srygnut and be forgotten about food.

9 of h - Mischa happy and full begins to do gymnastics on a pelenalny table.

9 of h 20 min. - Mischa was carried in a bathroom where at once peed, (even mother did not manage to include water, as usual).

9 of h 30 min. - mother went to check mail for the laptop and to write down couple of thoughts. Mischa, taking an opportunity, asked a breast.

9 of h 40 min. - podjev the left breast, strong fell asleep and it was shifted to a sofa.

- began to complain

10 of h 30 min. on a sofa, mother, taking an opportunity, decided to have a rest and lay down nearby, gave to Mischa the right breast and fell asleep to 11 h, then rose, began to prepare for walk.

of 11 h. 30 min. - Mischa in the sleeping look was dressed in pampers, 2 suits and 2 hats, left to sleep farther while mother dragged from a balcony a cradle from a carriage down.

11 of h 50 min. - Mischa in a fur envelope slept already in a carriage on the street and was transferred Marin for walk in park for a while until mother ran in a hairdressing salon and behind products.

13 of h 30 min. - in the sleeping look it was returned to the apartment; while mother sorted products, began to complain.

13 of h 40 min. - without opening eyes, began to eat the left breast, but it was quickly disconnected. It was put on a sofa until mother ran to have dinner.

13 of h 50 min. - began to complain again, received to eat up the left breast.

14 of h 00 min. - gorged on, woke up and began to examine mother with a new hairdress. Judging by a smile and an approving look, mother with a hairdress was pleasant to Mischa more, than shaggy and not brushed.

14 of h 30 min. - Mischa in a carriage went for a walk in park again, having reached to park, fell asleep.

Mother was engaged in sports walking on park with the carriage which is filled up by snow in attempt to stand on the place and to read the magazine more than 3 - x minutes Mischa began to complain and look for a breast in a carriage.

- was at home

16 of h 30 min.

16 of h 40 min. - 17. 30 - sucked the right breast, having deprived mother of the last forces. At mother at long feedings the breakdown, dizziness and feeling of the “drunk“ brain was observed. The situation was rescued by the instructor Olga to whom Mischa was transferred.

17 of h 40 min. - Olya began to do gymnastics and acrobatic numbers with Mischa. Mischa was full, slept therefore very much was positive to everything and did not object.

18 of h 10 min. - Olya passed with Mischa to water procedures. Dived, under water Mischa was on 3 - 4 with which to mother seemed eternity. Kept very well, almost did not cry and was not tired.

18 of h 40 min. - Mischa was pulled out from water. Long groaned and “stood a column“ since. swallowed air, and it prevented to breathe normally.

18 of h 50 min. - Olya carried Mischa in a bathtub and, having lifted and having drawn in legs, Mischa pokakat in a sink, than very much pleased mother since before Mischa did not crap 1,5 days. Then at once let out the air and began to look for a breast.

19 of h - Mischa sucked the left breast as to a nipple. Fell asleep quickly and it was shifted to a stomach in a cradle.

21 of h 30 min. - began to complain in the pool made in a cradle. Received a dry diaper and the left breast.

22 of h - after “standings by a column“ and full awakening went to a bathroom, tried to pee - it did not turn out.

22 of h 10 min. - Mischa lay in carrying in kitchen, mother brought the laptop, made tea and began to write these notes.

22 of h 25 min. - Mischa peed and began to complain, was taken on hands and received the left breast. Mother continued to write with the right hand these notes.

22 of h 55 min. - Mischa strong fell asleep and was shifted in carrying. In 5 minutes the father came from study, and to the 00th mother communicated with the father in kitchen - discussed plans for the weekend.

00 of h - at a rearrangement in a cradle Mischa began to complain, received a breast, calmed down, but in repeated attempt began to whimper again therefore he was put together with the father and mother on a big sofa. Nobody managed to sleep: all night long Mischa sucked a breast - one, another.

6 of morning - woke up, peed in a sink, lay down 20 minutes in carrying in kitchen, ate a breast and again peed in a sink.

7 of morning - returned on a big sofa, overslept till 8 in the morning.

the Sleepy and angry father went for work, the broken mother could not recover long and lay on the same sofa with Mischa to 14 o`clock in the afternoon, from time to time getting up for food and which - what put... But it already was absolutely other day...