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Dairy basis for favourite porridge

Mother`s lullaby, first toy and first squash... The light and cozy world of the childhood cannot be presented without plateau of warm porridge. This tradition of food originates in depth of centuries: so still our great-great-grandmothers fed children...

Today anybody has

no doubts that breast milk - the best food of the kid on the first year of life. Milk of mother differs in optimum composition of the mineral substances necessary for the normal growth and development of the child. Salts of calcium and phosphorus are in a ratio, ideal for the baby, 2:1 (in cow - 1:1). On the content of iron, copper, zinc and other minerals necessary for normal development of the child, breast milk is much richer cow, and degree of comprehensibility is higher than them. Mother`s milk is created by the nature for this baby and wonderfully meets all his requirements, providing life and health of the kid, protecting it from many illnesses.

But the child grows, and there comes time of introduction of a feeding up. Now pediatricians and nutritionists recommend to the first to enter into a diet of the baby vegetable purees, and then, approximately in a month - porridge. But what has to be this the first in life of the baby porridge?

the First porridge of the kid has to be, strangely enough it sounds, without milk and gluten. Gluten is the vegetable protein which is a part of covers of such cereals as wheat, rye, oats, barley. It quite difficult is digested, can cause violations in work zheludochno - an intestinal path of the kid. The porridges which are not containing gluten it is rice, buckwheat, corn. Them still call bezglyutenovy or low allergy.

So, we dealt with gluten. But why porridge have to be without milk? Milk - the main product in life of the kid. Yes, main. But this milk - mother`s. The organism of the kid approximately to the 3rd summer age is not adapted for digestion of cow`s or any other milk. It seems, all remember it and know, but when the speech comes about porridge, forget these common truths. And in vain. Even many producers do not use the adapted mixes by production of porridges though by pediatricians it is proved that use in food of the baby of cow`s milk leads to development of an allergy, to dehydration of an organism, iron deficiency anemia and even the risk of diabetes increases in more advanced age.“ Superfluous“ the proteins and mineral salts which are a part of cow`s milk force still insufficiently developed bodies of the baby to work with an overload.

So on what milk needs to cook for

porridge for kids?

At first - on breast milk. The mother`s milk will help a vulnerable children`s tummy to digest new food, to acquire all nutrients. If mother does not have milk, it is necessary to use substitutes of breast milk. But it is even better to use the porridges of industrial production which are specially created for children. These porridges share on nonmilk and dairy, mono - and the multicomponent, bezglyutenovy and gluten, incorporating various additives, lechebno - preventive.

B than their advantages?


For children`s porridges selects best quality raw materials.


In porridges maintains stable structure which does not change from a portion by the portion.

All ingredients of porridges have optimum extent of crushing which carefully is selected depending on that for what children of age the product is intended.


uses the big range of raw materials which is not available or difficult for processing in house conditions.

are in addition enriched with

of Kashi necessary micro - and the macrocells necessary for the kid depending on age. This requirement of WHO, and producers consider that in food of the child other products of a feeding up of industrial production containing vitamins and minerals in the structure are used.

What to choose on the shelf of shop? The most important - porridge for the kid should not contain milk. Mothers are obliged to learn to read attentively structure of porridges on a label. It is necessary to choose the porridges created on the basis of full or partial substitute of breast milk (the adapted dairy mix).

Adaptation of dairy mix consists in partial replacement of milk fats on vegetable which are a valuable source of vitamin E and irreplaceable fatty acids of which it is not enough in cow`s milk.

Only using the porridges created on such basis as close as possible to composition of maternal milk it is possible to be sure that the child will receive the product meeting all requirements imposed to porridges for children.

of Porridges, meeting such requirements, it is not enough, but they are. For example, Baby porridge of the Nutricia company. At its preparation instead of cow`s milk partially adapted dairy mix is used. It raises a nutrition value of porridge, reduces metabolic load of the child`s organism, facilitates transition from breast milk and its substitutes to a new type of food, reducing probability of allergic reactions, gradually preparing a stomach and intestines of the kid for other types of food.

Today “Baby“ is 4 look nonmilk (3 of them - bezglyutenovy) and 12 types of milk porridges. They are made on special technology which allows to keep natural taste of all components that very much is pleasant to children. And that is important, allows to avoid difficulties upon transition to “adult“ porridges.

All products contain a special complex of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which help the growing organism, loading it with energy.