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To bathe? With pleasure!

Almost all children pass the period of sharp dislike for bathing. Do not help neither “soap fragrant“, nor “a fluffy towel“. The child breaks into bitter tears as soon as he understands that he is carried in a bathtub. And washing of the head turns into torture, and both for children, and for parents.

Why this, in general, pleasant process causes such storm of negative emotions? Someone from kids does not like feeling of drops on a face, to someone the water getting into eyes and foam pinch eyes, someone at the wrong time opened a mouth and swallowed water. The reasons can be different, and here result one. How to fight against this misfortune? Of course, playing!

the Hide-and-seek

Get a special towel of the small sizes, and it is better a couple. Let it will be special “pryatatelny“ adaptation. Then when washing the head the child will be able to get rid of opposite drops, having just put a towel to the person. It is very simple to turn it into game: the child can hide itself, can hide some small toy and protect this toy from the adult. While the child covers the face, it can manage to wash the head.

the Plane

the Child hides a face in a towel. At this time the adult will tell a story about night flight by plane. In flight the brave pilot gets to a zone of total absence of visibility, at it all devices refuse, in addition the strongest rain begins. But the fearless pilot all the same pilots the plane blindly, rescuing passengers, crew and the car. The role of a pouring rain with success will execute a shower. To make game it is more interesting, it is possible even to build a steering wheel from make-shifts. Only do not forget to tell the pilot that he has to conduct the plane one hand, another he has to press a towel to the person for creation of effect of impenetrable darkness.

the Spaceship

Actually this game is modification previous. The plane turns into the spaceship flying to a far-out planet. The usual rain turns in meteoric, the pilot becomes an astronaut. He is simply obliged to escape because there, behind stars, there is an alien civilization which distress signal he received and now hurries on revenue. From all overloads the case of the ship overheated, and the cooling system does not cope with maintenance of temperature in the pilot`s cabin. That devices, the computer steering the ship did not refuse included fire-prevention system, and now water together with foam flows to the astronaut totally, but he heroically does not pay attention to small inconveniences and is completely concentrated on management. Forward! Through thorns - to stars!

the Pearl diver

For this game to you toys will be necessary for p for a bathroom which do not emerge independently. It can be rubber animals or small fishes, toys on a sucker or any other things which it is possible to arrange at a bottom and sides of a bathtub. Hide several big beads among all this variety. Points or a mask for scuba diving have to become the most important element of this game. It is important that in a bathtub there was very few water that the child did not dive really. The child puts on glasses - and turns into the pearl diver who lives on the coast of the beautiful sea. Each pearl is in own way valuable to it because he sees that beauty which the sea usually hides from others eyes. For each found “pearl“ the child can award a small prize, for example, some sticker.

History from life. Pavlik

Pavlik did not like to bathe, but very much wanted to become the hero. Transformation of a bathroom into neutral ocean waters where for a minute military operations between aircraft carriers, submarines, ice breakers and other voyenno - sea equipment do not stop, made the business. The boy even too fell in love with water procedures. To mother Pavlika Yulya the research supervisor came to check the ready thesis. And as the elderly scientist understood the position “not eligible to travel abroad“ of mother, to Pavlik is strict - strictly it was told to be engaged in anything - but only quietly and not to lean out! Before drinking a cup of tea on the road, the scientific authority went to wash hands. In a dark corridor, at a bathroom door it faced a monster. The naked wet child in flippers, a mask, with primotanny an adhesive tape behind the back two plastic bottles and covered with the weapon of all calibers ominously whispered: “Scuba divers are not game!“ also let out to the scientist in a stomach the loud howling line of the automatic machine sparkling all sparks. Tea had to be replaced with Corvalol.


a beautiful jug or decorate a usual plastic bottle together with the child (important that jewelry was waterproof!) . It will also be our falls. The way to falls can be long and difficult, it can include crawling on - plastoon and hunting for wild animals. During a way the hunter turns into production because the terrible cave bear hunts for it. From - that the bear always lived in a lightproof cave he cannot see the child, but can scent. And here the ill luck - on the head of the hunter was showered just recently pollen of very odorous flower. The only way to rescue - to wash away this pollen under falls streams!

the Goldilocks

is required to


For this game a doll. It will execute a role of the kidnapped princess which all force in fine golden hair. Unfortunately, these hair became dirty, and only if to wash up them shampoo and to wash out in seven waters, the princess will find the force again. Certainly, the princess cannot make it - and needs the help. Let the child will act as the savior. Help it to throw back the head of a doll back and show that water in that case does not get it into a face. As gratitude the rescued princess has to wash up the head to the savior - or it will lose the magic qualities again (Someone from adults - best of all the one who usually bathes the child can become a goldilocks).


the Ship by which came up suffered ship-wreck. From all passengers only you could escape - and that in absolutely fragile lodchonka. On the horizon the island which would become rescue looms, but on the other hand pirates began to approach you. That they did not notice you, it is necessary to hide on a boat bottom. But how to hide and to choke, in the boat it is full of water? It can be made, only if to lay down on a back. Of course, the head appears input, but a nose outside and it is possible to breathe.

Chingachguk - the Pure Mohawk

the Real Indian himself cares for the hairdress, and such glorified soldier as Chingachguk - the Pure Mohawk - and even less so. Clean hair are a symbol of dignity of the leader, and he cannot entrust the treasure to anybody. Well, unless it is possible to give a good scolding to charge to the faithful companion. Suggest the child to water yourself. Get a small bucket or a toy tray. It will allow the kid to scoop water and to independently pour it to itself on the head.