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of the Frame and Montessori`s inserts

of the Second of games which Nikitin offers for the smallest is “A framework and Montessori`s inserts“. The author of this game is Maria Montessori whose outstanding teacher and the innovator of idea were popular in Russia the beginnings of the century, but were for many years inaccessible to general public and endure new rise of popularity presently. Thanks to Nikitin`s books some of our compatriots had an opportunity to use this small part of heritage of Montessori in development of the children. B. P. Nikitin recommends to begin acquaintance to this game since one and a half years. The aims which she pursues are formulated as follows:“ development of technology of possession of a pencil, ability to lead round and paint, acquaintance to geometrical figures“. Game represents 16 frames of one color and as much inserts to them another. Simple geometrical figures enter a set: a circle, a square etc.

Why such game, but not a cube for pushing through? Yes because you will not make many of those tasks which can be made with a framework and inserts with this cube.

But before to pass to tasks which are offered by B. P. Nikitin it is necessary to acquaint and interest in game. Acquaintance should be begun with two - three frames which are in advance prepared by you for this joyful instant. For the first time the circle, an ellipse and a square as the simplest figures will approach. You spread before the child these frames with inserts to them and at the same time tell the fairy tale which is thought up by you:“ Once upon a time there were circle, an ellipse and a square (at the same time you show to the child of a figure). The square in a lodge had square windows, the square went for a walk and got lost. What to do to it? Let`s help a square to find its lodge. Time - and we try to push a square in a round opening, but not here - that was, is not its lodge. Let`s go further to look for its lodge … Here it! Look how to it it is good in the lodge“. At first you will make all actions, to comment on them, to draw attention of the kid, and he can touch the detalk offered by you at this time, gnaw them etc. After you several times showed it to the kid, you can do these actions by his handle and it is obligatory to praise him to fix in it a positive emotional spirit on game.

Can play game on the contrary: you insert an insert into the corresponding opening, and the child takes out it, at the same time you speak to it:“ It is a circle, it is a square. Well done! Got a circle! There`s a good lad! Opened a square!“ Here to you acquaintance to geometrical figures and geometrical terminology and mutual pleasure. It is possible to add one more set further or to replace with it one of available. So gradually you will master game with all geometrical figures. It is possible that at some stage the child will lose interest in game. It is better to move away her on the place, well visible, but inaccessible for the child, and to return to her in one or two months. And further you can diversify occupations: it is possible to lead round contours of figures on a framework, complicating a task, to do it on inserts, to create a double contour, to shade and paint the received image, to draw figures into the account (three circles, two small squares), to finish drawing them, to create subject drawings (for example, from three isosceles triangles it is possible to draw a fir-tree, the circle is the sun etc.) to spread ornaments, to play a magic sack (to put several figures in a sack and to the touch to define what figure got), it is possible to play games on attention (to put 3 - 4 figures on a table, then or to move away one of them, or to trade places and to ask what changed).

can think up

of Games much, the main thing that you liked to these to be engaged. At the beginning you will show and to repeatedly repeat the actions. But do not think that all this is vain. Anything similar. Your actions will only maintain interest in game, throwing up all new and new options of its use. Only surely for some time “forget“ about this game then to test pleasure of a meeting with it again and to open its new opportunities.