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Green tea for the feeding mother of

U you was born the kid? I congratulate! Very often young mummies worry and ask themselves the same questions: Whether “Milk will come?“, “My kid lacks milk?“, “That to me to make that there was a lot of milk?“ .

do not worry! Remember that this temporary phenomenon. The main thing - not to panic and not to catch for bank with mix. There is a set of ways for increase in amount of milk and maintenance of a lactation. I know it from the experience.

It and frequent applyings to a breast, including at night, both the correct technology of feeding, and good mother`s rest and many other things. First of all, for increase and/or maintenance of a lactation it is necessary to increase the total amount of the drunk liquid. The feeding mother daily develops more than 900 ml of milk, therefore, she needs to drink in addition to usual volume not less than 1 liter of liquid.

the drink, Most suitable for the feeding mother, - green tea. And this not only my opinion.

In - the first, this lactogene drink strengthens development of breast milk. If just before feeding to drink hot freshly brewed green tea (it is possible with milk) and to think quietly about good, about milk and the child, it guarantees inflow of milk when feeding in the quantity necessary for the kid.

In - the second, this fine drink is very useful to health. It contains bioflavonoids - antioxidants! According to the conclusion of scientists if regularly to drink green tea several times a day, it is possible to prevent warmly - vascular diseases and to reduce risk of mortality. And recent researches of scientists from the USA showed that the people who are regularly using green tea have cancer diseases less often. Epigallokatekhin the galatian who is contained in green tea blocks effect of a certain enzyme necessary for division of cancer cells. Besides, leaves of green tea are vitamin-rich also the mineral substances strengthening own protective forces of an organism. And as now you, more than ever, need remaining healthy and to fully nurse the karapuzik, green tea - your drink! It should be noted that black tea, unlike green, does not possess such useful properties. In black tea which passes rigid heat treatment antioxidant substances almost completely are absent. Besides, green tea contains 2 - 3 times less caffeine, than in black.

B of the third, green tea will help you to grow thin! For half a year of the regular use of green tea the waist and hips will return to “doberemenny“ volumes because green tea contains the organic acids improving digestion. Its use reduces appetite and improves a metabolism.

Tea is recommended to be drunk regularly. Only in this case “the green doctor“ will be able to show the curative qualities fully. But not each green tea is panacea. In small cut (especially in packed into disposable bags) tea grades its curative properties are quickly lost as small parts of a tea leaf quicker and more actively interact with environment. Best of all useful qualities remain in the large-leaved grades collected manually, accurately twisted and containing only an ovary and two top leaflets of a tea-plant.

When you decide to drink a tea, follow the following rules not to receive useless light-yellow water of muffled taste and a doubtful smell.

do not make green tea boiled water - it will kill all vitamins which are contained in tea and taste, optimum temperature for tea leaves - 82 - 88 ° will spoil; C.

do not make green tea too long - it will taste bitter. Duration of the first tea leaves of fresh tea - about 30 seconds as Chinese - “tell three breaths, three exhalations“. Water from the first tea leaves needs to be merged, time of each subsequent tea leaves increases by 15 - 20 seconds. No more!

Green tea is ready to 4 times, but this process has to be continuous! The tea leaves of green tea for one minute left without water are oxidized under the influence of oxygen, and become useless. The cold tea which remained “with yesterday`s“ is also useless and tasteless.

do not use for a zavarivaniye of green tea plastic / metal teapots and devices for tea leaves from these materials, smack of metal and a smell of plastic will spoil to you all pleasure. Pottery - ideal option, at its absence glass and porcelain vessels with covers can approach. Do not take a thermos for this purpose at all - at long heating this useful product will turn into a bitter poison. If you want to take ready drink with yourself, make it in due form and pour in a thermos, having tracked that tea leaves did not get inside.

If you make green tea in a cold teapot, water will instantly cool down also all nutrients which are so necessary for you will remain in a leaf. Therefore warm up previously a teapot for tea leaves, several times rinse it with boiled water from within.

Remember that everything is good moderately! You should not drink strong tea on a hungry stomach, it is excessively frequent or in large numbers. Only 4 - 6 average cups made with a moderate fortress in due form will bring you benefit!

Care at the use of krepkozavarenny green tea should be shown to the people having gastritises and stomach ulcers of a gullet and stomach. Tart broth can irritate mucous a stomach, causing an exacerbation of a disease.

of Pleasant tea drinking!