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At last we houses!

Well, here day of an extract also came! And those all 5 days after the delivery we saw each other only during feedings, and that, you always slept and almost did not want to eat. And your mother shed tears and asked not to feed you, and to bring to her that you, at last, ate a milk, but not some nonsense.

For us there arrived the father and the grandmother. With flowers, cakes (as it appeared, for medical staff, and I that dispersed...) and video camera. And here you wrapped up in two thick blankets, from - for whom you are not even visible, you watch closely that will occur further.

Ya hardly squeezed into the fact that brought to me, the jacket and remained not clasped (the inflated volumes did not hold). Well, here we are ready, so long! transferred You by everything to the father, for some reason very confused and uneasy. The good fellow, in the car you behaved very quietly, slept and snuffled, such small and favourite lump.

of the House obviously prepared very thoroughly for our arrival. In the room balls hung, everything was so solemnly and beautifully. Your clothes carefully were also carefully spread out on boxes, the bed and many flowers and gifts which did not concern you yet is prepared.

here we you developed

I, you did not resist at all, and attentively examined us. My God, really it is possible to be such a crumb! Well, in principle, that you wanted. Weight at an extract of 2580 gr!

Mother fed you with a milk - of course, you got hungry from such long travel! Also you eat very well not that in maternity hospital frightened mother by a small appetite! And now to sleep.

What you were

the obedient boy, slept 4 hours! Mother so was delighted that you will only sleep and eat. Oh, as I was mistaken!

Day began to flow absolutely ordinary. Only all the time there were disturbing thoughts, breathe or not? Really all children so long can sleep, can you it is necessary wake? I have absolutely absolutely nothing to be engaged, I missed you. Wake up, the grandfather will come soon, and you are not even familiar yet!

Nevertheless you are an obedient boy, mother will only think, and you already here. Well, hi, the kid as it was fallen down!? Oh, what you wet, it is necessary to swaddle you urgently. And as to make it, this a question! And the grandmother left somewhere. Well, nothing, we will cope now. Mother on a doll trained not to lose face.

Everything is very simple

: to curtail so, here to turn and it is ready. Aha, not so - that and simply. You why you pull legs? I cannot wrap edge! And now hands... There now, in practice I as it appeared, full lack of talent! Help somebody! Well, here and the grandmother, she - that precisely will rescue you. It at us the good fellow, we will study everything at it. She will not throw us at a difficult moment!

was eaten, have a sleep, again eaten. Here and day flew by. First day of life of the house. No, we will not bathe today, it is terrible. How to whom? To your parents - clumsies. But you do not worry, we will learn everything. We promise!

Good night to you, kid! Mother always nearby...