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Our day from Sashenkaya in verses of

Mother - Lena, the daughter - Sasha and history here ours!
All how we live as we will spend day.
That was more clear all, Sasha than months seven!
B 8 of morning we wake up and we gather for a pot!
we Wash then, we wash eyes, we smear cream.
we Clean a nose, and then we “go“ on charging!
of the Leg is higher, handles are wider, time both two, and three, four!
Have a rest minutes five and let`s chew mashed potatoes. we eat
On a floor of a jar, we wash down everything with a milk.
the Milk at us chest, very tasty it!
Lay down, played, two hours we passed away. Sasha began to fill up
, hour will have a sleep also in a system again!
we Go on walkers, we jump in prygunka! we eat with
A mashed potatoes or soup on a table during the lunchtime,
we drink a tea from fennel, well without milk in any way! We play
, we read, and then we go we walk.
of Hour two, and even three, how is the weather will resolve.
Well, on the small street we sleep, sometimes we look hour or so,
Without support we sit!
Already hours 17, there is a wish to eat again! we Eat with
only a milk, it is good when the!
we Gnaw apple, banana, crackers and drying!
In walkers we walk again, ears on the top!
On a visit the grandmother came, occupied the granddaughter. They pat-a-cake play
, the songs sing, mother Lena quickly cooks
, vanishes in the Internet, cleans
and apartment, is in time here!
we Wait for the father from work with the daughter, we will sometimes take a nap hour or so.
Sikayem sometimes in panties, sometimes and on a pot!
Very much likes to bathe our Sasha in a tray,
but not in the nursery, already adult, there is a wish to lap!
Together with the daughter I bathe, my hare,
a nose we clean, we smear with cream, we put on an undershirt!
20. 30 - time of a squash rice or buckwheat, we eat
of a half-glass, it is more or less. we Begin to sing
a milk, we sink into a sleep.
Sleeps Sashulya till the morning, but all night long sucks me!
Can even each hour, it should take a nap at least once!
I throughout the day when wants a milk, I for a while do not watch
when asks, I feed! to sikat
two times at Night I carry it.
So much in a day occurs, not to describe everything.
is more and more interesting as the kid grows, to write Every day.
Smiles, laughs, loudly “mother“ speaks,
Already creeps a little bit, everything gnaws and so babbles!
generally, cheerfully is to us with the daughter,
here approximately described our one of life day!