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One day from life of the princess Milena and her mother Lena of

I Think, many mothers will agree with me - charming, fragile and such helpless baby instantly becomes the most important person in a family. The baby instantly and unconditionally subordinates herself all members of household and significantly changes their rhythm of life and habits. My family did not become an exception: the most important person in the house - Milena Borisovna, our two-month daughter. Not without reason grandmothers with grandfathers call her “princess“.

Morning at us begins

approximately from 8 o`clock, but till this time there is already several dozing having a snack a mother`s milk. I wash the daughter, I wipe with her eyes, and then we do gymnastics: we bend, we unbend and we cross handles, we lift and we lower legs, we do “bicycle“, we lie on a tummy, making a start from a mother`s hand, we part legs in the parties. I try that all exercises were to the baby in pleasure. If suddenly it has a bad mood then I stop everything and wait for more safe moment. Still I surely do plain massage of handles, legs and a tummy (it is useful to digestion), and also slightly I knead brushes (the first step in development of small motility) and a foot (preparation of legs for walking). Besides thus internals are stimulated. And I do such massage to myself, only more intensive.

Ya the convinced supporter of breastfeeding and very much I try to support a lactation. For this purpose daily I drink special teas, grass drinks loved the benefit earlier. I do not adhere to a special diet for the feeding mothers. Excluded from the food only a citrus, chocolate, coffee, sharp spices, fresh onions and garlic. And alcoholic beverages did not enter my diet earlier - our family for a healthy lifestyle!

Wants to tell many thanks to the Centers of support of breastfeeding - so fine that there it is possible to call at any time and to receive the developed and clear answer to your question.

From - for the fact that the baby always has an opportunity to satisfy the sosatelny reflex (I feed on demand), it is almost absolutely indifferent to a pacifier - only on walk can it is lazy to suck. I am glad to it, but when Milenka suddenly bursts into tears, we with the husband should look for every time a new way to calm her - old, as a rule, do not work! I want to notice that children very much stimulate a parental ingenuity. For example, I know one family where in bad weather mother with the father rolled the child in a carriage on the room and to simulate hummocks (many kids love driving on off road terrain), scattered on a slipper floor.

it is cool Now therefore we try to come for walk at midday - on two - three hours every day. We were very lucky that near the house there are a small square and two parks with pines, fir-trees, birches, oaks. At the beginning of walk the daughter always with surprise and a great interest considers everything around and attentively listens to a rustle of leaves, a rumble of cars and other sounds of the big city. And then, having gathered impressions, the baby with pleasure falls asleep. If Milena suddenly decides to complain, then it is impossible to stop not in which case - only long walking by a sports step. Thus the baby cares for a mother`s figure! Sometimes to me all - is possible to sit on a shop: to esteem or outline the plan of article.

Walking with the child, I understood that the city is badly adapted for mothers with carriages. Even near children`s policlinic there are no ramps, but there are several steps and the road with hummocks and cobble-stones. To go out for a walk with the baby for all my familiar mothers if there are no assistants nearby, is the whole problem. We bought the easiest carriage what could only be found and all the same without the aid of the husband or the family to me not to manage. And there are carriages weighing 17 kilograms and even more!

Every day we from Milenkaya surely are engaged in something useful to development of any skills. During pregnancy I learned so many various techniques for development of kids almost that since the birth. At first there was a wish to try both that, and another, and the third. But then I am a poostyla and understood that silly to try “to embrace immensity“. All children different and to someone one technique suits, to someone another. Also you should not hurry anywhere - occupations have to bring to both mother and the kid pleasure. And newborn remains, first of all, need mother`s love and care, but the developing games, of course, too will not prevent. We with Milena listen to classical music, I tell it Chukovsky`s verses, Marshak, I teach the daughter to touch a rattle, a mobile.

As by training I am an artist, of course, I do not forget also about esthetic development of the child. We with the baby consider accurate and big reproductions of the famous artists, and recently I showed to Milenke the batic - a bright, multi-colored still life. And what my surprise when she began to examine a panel with interest was!

At our Milena the clothes gradually become more, than at mother with the father. Sometimes it is very difficult to resist purchase of children`s clothes - it such darling, touching, amusing! Besides many things to us were presented. After a month I slowly ceased to swaddle the child and now the daughter very strongly is indignant if she is deprived suddenly of freedom by movements.

Diapers, by a doctor`s advice, I use

when we leave the house and for the night. In the rest of the time I try to do without them. The pediatrician explained that if the child constantly is in disposable diapers, then the kid does not learn discomfort from wet clothes, and it will be more difficult to it to control the desires then.

of Evening at us is passed as follows: bathing, the weakening massage, feeding and falling asleep. And the last two points can stretch at several o`clock - the baby likes to eat long and with small breaks. Now the child sleeps in our big bed. The baby so easier falls asleep and mother has an opportunity to sleep at night, having given a breast, the baby who hardly began to be indignant. I was a little disturbed how we will accustom later the daughter to her own bed, but read recently at once in several competent sources that the joint dream with the child about one year is very useful. So now I ceased to worry about it and I only rejoice to our joint dream!