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You Want to learn to cook a kitchen arsenal of

rather well? Begin with the choice of the correct ware! You have a huge number of ware in a case, but at the same time there is neither good frying pan, nor a convenient form for an oven. Think whether all these saucepans and buckets are necessary to you? We are sure that we are not present. Get rid of all superfluous and spare no expense for qualitative and durable ware which is really irreplaceable in kitchen.

the Cauldron (an utyatnitsa, a poultry roaster)

Than is good

: perfectly copes with tough meat and is ideally suited for all dishes demanding long suppression. It long keeps heat, and the food is cooked in it evenly, keeping nutritious properties. It is convenient to cook soup or to stew vegetables because it is not necessary to stir slowly constantly a dish.

What to choose: pig-iron cauldrons which are it is opaque - black or enameled. The food in them will not burn. Pilaf, vegetable stew or various porridges can be not brought to full readiness on fire, and to leave to pine in a cauldron, as in an oven. Antiprigarny properties of cast iron only improve over time.

Is recommended: a pig-iron cauldron Le Creuset (France) - Williams & Oliver shop; the pig-iron Staub cocotte (France) with the enamel covering which is not oxidized when cooking.

the Form for an oven

Than is good

: it is convenient for roasting and suppression of any dishes: meat, vegetables, fish, bird, pies, lasagna etc. It is at the same time possible to prepare a hot dish with a garnish or with a sauce and to feed a big family.

What to choose: a baking sheet with the rounded edges. It is simpler to wash it, and it will be easier for you to check readiness of a dish, without damaging its appearance. Strong and convenient handles which it is possible to grasp easily in mittens. Form with a removable lattice which allows to flow down to excess fat in a baking sheet. Height of walls is not less than 7 - 8 cm. At the choice consider the size of your oven: that the dish prepared evenly, in an oven there has to be an empty seat (4 - 5 cm from each party).

Is recommended: a baking sheet for frying from the anodized Calphalon aluminum (USA); a big griller with two Zepter handles.

Multilayered ware

the Enameled ware Is made by

of iron on which vitreous enamel is applied. In the enameled ware the food needs to be mixed constantly, otherwise it will burn. Therefore before beginning to prepare, it is recommended to rinse ware cold water. Also enamel has property to break away from blows.
Ware about a sandwich - a bottom was available Recently for sale a lot of ware (pans, frying pans) with multilayered structure of a bottom. It consists of two layers of stainless steel between which the thick layer of aluminum as the last possesses good heat conductivity is located. Layers stick together among themselves with special glue. Such bottom favourably conceals shortcomings of aluminum and stainless steel. As a result the bottom heats up evenly, and ware walls slowly. The ware accumulates heat, gradually transferring it to a product. The difference of temperatures creates the closed steam formation cycle that allows to prepare dishes with the minimum quantity of water or oil. The plate can be switched off even before the end of process of preparation as the saved-up thermal energy will continue to arrive in a pan.

the Stewpan

Than is good

: the stewpan is the universal subject combining in itself functions of a pan and a frying pan. It is suitable practically for everything - since a warming up of a small amount of soup and cooking of eggs and finishing with preparation of sauce or a dessert.

What to choose: the stewpan should not be neither too easy, nor too heavy. Optimum weight of 700 - 900. The handle has to be strong, screwed or welded on the case (that it is more preferable). Surely fire-resistant. It is better to choose the long handle (about 24 cm) not to burn a hand, removing a stewpan from a plate. Stewpans with the edges extending up are convenient. In them water quicker begins to boil quicker sauces prepare.

Is recommended: Concavo stewpan - BergHOFF (Belgium), 2,5 l, diameter is 24 cm, stainless steel, for healthy frying - without vegetable and butter.

the Pan for spaghetti

Than is good

: usually happens to very high walls in order that long pasta did not break. However it is possible to use a high pan for cooking of any soup, compote or a fruit drink.

What to choose: do not save on purchase of a pan. As a rule, reasonable price is caused by metal thickness. And optimum thickness gives a guarantee of good heat conductivity and durability. It is better if the bottom of a pan is thicker than walls. It will prevent a podgoraniye and will allow you not to stand at a plate, expecting the moment of boiling of a dish. We recommend to choose a high pan from stainless steel: they are strong, reliable and easier other materials.

we Recommend

: a pan with double walls Durotherm Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland) - “Evrod“ a pan from stainless surgical steel with a threefold bottom Rondell (Germany).

How to look after kitchen ware?

Copper. Wash the dishes from copper with soap or detergent in hot water. That the copper surface remained brilliant, regularly clean it, using one of our recipes: wipe walls with the half of a lemon shipped in salt or cover ware with a thin layer of ketchup. Leave for 5 - 30 minutes, and then wash away water.
Stainless steel. Wash with hot soap water. If on walls smudges and stains were formed, wipe them with the soft rag moistened in vinegar.
Antiprigarny covering. Wash with a soft sponge in hot soap water. Put strongly burned ware in the freezer for 30 minutes, then it will be easy to be washed.
the Anodized aluminum. High temperature can leave on it dark “burns“. That to move away them, add 2 tablespoons of the Tartar sauce to 1 liter of water and you boil mix 10 - 15 minutes. And smear external walls with this mix.
Cast iron. If dirt and fat are not washed by warm water with soap, use mix of salt and sunflower oil, having rubbed with it ware.
the Frying pan

Than is good

: the wide surface of this ware allows to roast food and to make an appetizing crust. It is practically possible to train all: fish, pancakes, vegetables, meat, a bird etc.

What to choose: in economy two options will be useful: a frying pan with a smooth surface which is suitable for frying of meat and onions, and with antiprigarny which will allow to prepare dishes, without using too much oil. The Antiprigarny covering happens smooth or in the form of honeycombs. Honeycombs are steadier against damages and more evenly warm up food. Choose a frying pan of 25 - 30 cm in the diameter that products easily and evenly in it found room.

Is recommended: frying pans Durotherm Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland) with “puff“ (with an inside layer of aluminum), a wavy bottom for especially fast heating and uniform distribution of heat - “Evrod“.

with What to cover


Covers often are on sale separately so it is optional to have the cover on each pan or a frying pan. The main thing that it adjoined most densely. For these purposes use covers of thought more over form and special laying. When developing ware producers try to reduce cover weight. On many there are openings for removal of steam. It is better if handles of covers are made of heat-resistant material which allows them to remain cold in the course of preparation of dishes and to cover the ware standing in an oven.
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