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Whether at the sea all family of

It is worth going to have a rest abroad with small children? The answer to this question is still ambiguous for our readers. Perhaps, will help to weigh all pros and cons and to make the decision to you the stories told by our authors who visited the resorts of Turkey.

When they will grow up...

Sheremetyevo - 2 Airport. Waiting list for registration. All this crowd of passengers expects a charter flight Moscow - Antalya. How many here is small children! Recently it is considered what to have a rest with such remains abroad - best of all. The example of parents - the Europeans who are freely traveling with the kids infects.

Here and we with the husband decided to go to Turkey together with the five-year-old son and the daughter of two and a half years.

We did not know

how will be there, in Turkey yet, but quickly understood: at the airport with the small child hard. The plane detained on an hour and a half (when we flew back - on two). On the plane - too it is quite tiresome.

But here we and on the place. In the middle of May in Turkey already real summer! Everything blossoms and smells sweet, already warm burns the sun, the sea. Paradise and only. But it for us, adults. And here children will acclimatize hardly. Ours in the first days were hurt by stomachs. At others, according to stories of parents, temperature increased.

the Quantity of dishes at restaurant as we were also told, stuns

. As there is a wish to try everyone! But children have absolutely other opinion. The majority of them prefers that food to which got used. And in Turkey do not know about what is milk porridge. There is neither cottage cheese, nor sour cream, nor kefir - only milk, very dense and very sour yogurt and ayran. In the first days our children did not touch food at all. Then chose sweet rolls, sausages, French fries and ice cream. Not the most healthy food, but other delicacy of the Turkish cooks resolutely was not pleasant to them.

the Remarkable invention - a children`s stool on wheels. Our children with delight rode it together while I, pushing it with one hand, in another bore plates and glasses with food and drink. But here to eat all this yum-yum quietly, with feeling and sense, it was not possible in any way. At home the sated child can put to be slept or sent to the room to play. And in what to it to be engaged at restaurant? It is boring for children, they begin to play pranks and be capricious.


Choosing five-stars hotel, we hoped that occasionally it will be possible to leave children on care of tutors (there they are called animators - that is voodushevitel, razvlekatel). Alas! In pass - club (a playground plus the game room) it was allowed without parents only of children to leave more senior than five years. So our daughter permanently was with us all two weeks.

of Toys in pass - club there was very little, and it worked only with 10 to 12 and from 14 to 17 o`clock. So most of parents were forced to drag the children with themselves both to the bar, and on evening shows. Of course, the personnel belonged to it with understanding, but with some difficulty to derive pleasure from contemplation of a comic pantomime or belly dance if your child asks juice, wants in a toilet, tries to escape in the unknown direction.

it was most difficult than

, probably, for one German - the father of two one-and-a-half-year-old “red-skinned leaders“. During evening representation it had to catch constantly one of the running-away children while his wife was engaged in the second. And still several times a day it carried to itself(himself) in number on the second floor and children, and two strollers. This father was very patient, is always smiling and friendly, but it is difficult to assume that his holiday proceeded in blissful relaxation.

generally, rest with small children can be valid rest, only if you have ideal children - absolutely healthy, absolutely quiet, always obedient and absolutely unpretentious in food. Actually both in a modest domestic dispensary, and in smart hotel on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea we have a rest only from purchase of products, cooking, washing of ware, cleaning and washing of linen. Nevertheless the difficulties connected with children remain with us.

We with the husband, as well as houses on the days off, in turn released each other in restaurant, in a gym, in a sauna, to the bar, to the city behind purchases. Of course, my turn came a little less than turn of the husband. But on that I and mother. We tried to treat all problems philosophically. Rejoiced to the sun, the sea, colors, purity of the beach and toilets and often dreamed aloud of how we will have a rest when our children grow up.

How to have a rest with children and at the same time not to be tired

One of supervision which we made, having a rest in Turkey with the son and the daughter, concerns some “features of national rest“. The Russian parents it is visible at once. They are too serious, are anxious on trifles, they raise children 24 hours a day as though want to resolve all issues of education in 15 days.


remembered the Russian grandmother who tried to push every morning into the five-year-old grandson nearly all buffet, and also the father who decided to teach the little son in one day to float. He just threw him in a life jacket into the pool, and minutes ten all heard deafening and desperate “To tone - at - at - at!“ .

A the German parents seemed very quiet and weakened. It seemed, they do not worry for the future not able to float at all and to eat children properly. Sometimes they told something strict to the child, but seldom and, probably, therefore neatly.

I them the fact that they play with children all the time still significantly distinguishes from us. With kids build the sand cities, play with big children cards, a backgammon, chess. With children dance, walk, go on small restaurants late. In the evenings it was possible to observe crowd of the kids rushing after the district. The later was hour, the less among them remained our children.

In our hotel had a rest as well the Turkish families. They made very pleasant impression too. For them the child is a source of pleasure, but not concern. It seemed, they indulged in everything to children and absolutely them did not bring up this word in our understanding.

All aforesaid does not mean at all that the Russian parents should not have a rest together with children abroad. Just that rest turned out really successful, it is necessary to relax, on the one hand, and with another - to work a little over itself. It seems to me, at us it turned out, and I want to share which - what experience.

Airport . This huge space and the number of people very much frightens small children. Therefore in the car I told the two-year-old daughter about planes, baggage, passengers, pilots and stewardesses a little bit to prepare for those adventures which expect it. It is worth putting in a delicacy bag which the child loves and which it is possible to distract it if necessary.

On the plane read to

books, verses, sing. If the child does not rock to sleep, it is possible to draw or play finger-type games. When bring food, the probability that someone from your family will be poured by juice is high. Not to be upset, to take with itself clothes on a disguise case better. Still to you the pot suddenly can be useful to the child it will not be pleasant to do the things in a toilet or there will be a turn.

Restaurant . We understood that it is better not to put before the child several dishes at once, and to offer something one and essential: soup, either meat, or omelet, or French fries. When the kid is sated, it is possible to give him something from fruit or to put before him salatik. While our daughter dealt with corn and investigated olives, we managed to have supper quietly.

It is time for p to sleep . Perhaps, everything will turn out at all not as usually there are houses. The kid has too many impressions and fall asleep can be difficult for him. When you come back home, your order of withdrawal will return to a dream into place too. For now I took shouting “I do not want to sleep!“ the daughter on hands, came to a balcony and told how in the sea small fishes sleep, sparks, boats and the ships... Then laid down with the baby and her favourite toy and sang infinite “To Bai - I bayushkibat“. When the child falls asleep, it is possible to sit on a balcony and to drink beer. It is not less pleasant, than to sit in the bar where you cannot leave.

Beach . It is the best of all not to stick to the child with bathing, and to take with itself a bucket, sovochka and molds and to be engaged in production of a Kulichiki and other construction from sand. Our kulichikodelaniye the father and the eleven-year-old son were engaged generally, and I managed to swim for a while meanwhile.

Through some time to the kid will want to water sand, and then it is possible to go with it to the sea “behind water“. You wanted that the child lapped in water? You reached it without noise and peep. One more irreplaceable thing on the beach - plastic bottles: from them it is possible to splash and have a shower bath water that very much amuses children.

I one more; when our daughter found existence of the pool, at her sea was not to drag. But in the pool is what too to be engaged: the main thing is more than inflatable and sinking toys and children`s watercrafts.

So, you make of everything light, allow the child that you can, play with it as small, and having come back home, you will notice that you learned to think out and tell tall tales, moved much, were not overzealous with food and drinks, observed the mode, slept much, did not manage to burn down on the sun - that is have fully a rest and got healthier.