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At the crossroads

“There`s nothing to be done, off-season!“ - parents sigh, having noticed that the kid began to be tired quicker, eats worse and sleeps, looks sluggish and sleepy. Why there are these problems and how to help the baby to cope with them?

what happens on spring to many kids doctors call

external fatigue. It is caused at least by two important reasons. The first of them - influence of the nature: there is a change of seasons, day is extended, solar activity and intensity of a magnetic field of Earth changes. The organism of the kid does not remain to it indifferent: in off-season work of adrenal glands, gonads, a hypophysis amplifies, activity of nervous system increases. Such reorganization of an organism - some kind of transition to summertime. And so far it will not come to the end, that is so far the child will not adapt to izmeniye in the nature, they will affect his health.

Khe - a kha! It is known that the throat of the kid more often than other bodies should suffer from harmful microbes and viruses. Not incidentally 90% of all children`s infections are the share of a SARS.
Besides at the end of winter - the beginning of spring kids eat with

less fresh vegetables, fruit, greens, and as a result receive one more reason for not too good health. And for seasonal (and in our case - interseasonal) reorganizations of processes of a metabolism many vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids and other substances which we can receive with vegetable food are necessary especially.

All these circumstances lead

not only to the fact that the baby feels sluggish and tired, - protective forces of its organism decrease. The immune system copes with an impact of microbes and allergens, influence of the polluted air, weather disorders worse (for example, differences of atmospheric pressure). If to take into account and the fact that during a slushy time with a temperature about 0 ° With various viruses perfectly breed, it will become clear why at this time children catch a cold more often and gripput.

And behind a window a rain, snow

In off-season children especially sharply react to inconstancy of the nature. The child is younger, the more sensitive he to weather changes, at the smallest protective mechanisms of an organism are not debugged yet, and nervous and vascular systems did not learn to adapt to changes of temperature, humidity and other natural indicators quickly yet.

The one who is ill has to be masked - it all who should go during cold to work should follow the rule and to go in transport.
kids till 6 months are Especially vulnerable

and from 1 year to 2 years - important stages in immunity formation fall on these periods. The baby can react to weather disorders crying, concern, whims, and sometimes and intestinal gripes. Unstable weather can affect also biological rhythms of the kid: for example, little “lark“ who usually already at 9 in the evening easily fell asleep suddenly begins to brawl till midnight.

a protection Complex

we cannot Affect the nature, but parents can quite soften its influence on an organism of the kid. There are several ways thanks to which the baby will be able easier to transfer a time of off-season and to enter summer vigorous and full of strength.

  1. of Vitamins B to a tablet. it is especially important to em to supply an organism of the kid with biologically active agents in the Spring: vitamins, mineral elements, organic acids and other substances of a phytogenesis. As we already spoke, at this time they are necessary to an organism more, than usually therefore not to do the baby without special preparations even if it seems to you that you give it enough vegetables and fruit. Besides vitamins will help meteosensitive children easier to transfer weather changing. What vitaminno - the mineral complex will suit your kid better, you will be prompted by the pediatrician.
  2. Vitamins B to a plate. you Monitor food of the of the baby; every day give it fresh greens and seasonal vegetables: parsley, fennel, salad, spinach, garden radish, green onions. In them there are more vitamins, than in vegetables which worried winter in storages. Besides, do not forget about the children`s enriched products, for example dairy drinks with vitamins and calcium.
  3. How to temper the kid?

    • For a start, changing clothes of the baby, leave it golenky, at first for 5 minutes, and then to a quarter of hour (at the same time the room has to be well aired, and temperature there - not higher than 20 - 22 ° Ń). At this time skin of the child can be pounded dry flannel or woolen fabric until it does not turn pink.
    • you will be able to pass
    • In 1,5 - 2 weeks to damp rubdowns: during a morning toilet within 1 - 2 minutes you pound hands, legs, a breast, a stomach and a back of the kid a damp terry mitten, moving from below up (water temperature should not be lower than 30 ° Ń).
    • If to the kid such procedures are to the taste to
    • , in few months try to pass to douches. Begin with douches of feet and shins: put the child on a small bench, put his legs in a basin and pour cool water. Begin with 28 ° With and every week reduce temperature on 1 ° With, but do not fall lower than 20 ° With
    • In a month - another start douches of all body. First of all pour over a back, then a breast and a stomach of the kid, and finish with the left and right shoulder (you should not touch the head). Water temperature for children of 1 - 3 years has to be not higher than 34 ° With, and every week it needs to be reduced on 1 ° With to finish to 28 ° With a winter and to 25 ° With a summer.
    Olga Konova, doctor of recovery medicine
  4. of Walk. Try to catch each spring ray and to walk longer with the child on the sun (at least one or one and a half hours a day), it allows an organism to produce vitamin D. On walk you steer clear of brisk roads, and best of all choose parks with reservoirs (water reduces concentration of carbon monoxide in air). Dress the kid so that on the street he did not freeze and at the same time did not sweat. Having come home, you watch that the baby did not get under draft - the stream of cold air sharply cools skin, and if at the child immunity is reduced, the infection living in an organism can get down to business. By the way, the same occurs if the child after walk drinks cold (lower than 18 ° C) water.
  5. Day regimen. That weather changing did not bring down control of internal clocks of the kid, accurately follow a day regimen, habitual for the child, especially a dream and feeding. It will help to protect its nervous system from overloads and to prevent failures in work zheludochno - an intestinal path.
  6. Hardening. That the organism of the kid adapted to seasonal disorders easier, temper it by means of air bathtubs and cool douches. That they strengthened health of the child for many years, they need to be made a daily habit. You enter the tempering procedures gradually and surely discuss the action plan with the pediatrician.